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  1. I love the gradient design on the Pickles uniform. Can't wait to see you do my (almost) hometown Charlotte Knights!
  2. I've been following these series for quite a while. I have to say that I really hope this happens when Under Armour takes over MLB.
  3. So, I've fallen for my best friend. She's this amazing, beautiful, and dorky girl. We spend every day talking to each other like every second. Reason why we can't date? She got a boyfriend this January. She never talks about him unless I ask how they're doing. The response is usually how he's a typical, confusing guy. One day, I joked saying I wasn't the typical guy. She replied with "that's true. You're caring and nice and know how to make me smile. And you're always here for me." She often tells me that I make her day especially on the bad ones. The other night I went to Dave and Busters and she joked and asked if I could win her a stuffed animal. I had just enough points to buy her the biggest one there. I'm supposed to give it to her soon (she lives 30 minutes from my town). Would it be right to tell her then and there that I've fallen for her? Or should I hold on and see how things go with her and her boyfriend?
  4. Sounds like a slippery slope argument.
  5. Since you've had several teams with yellow, you should keep up the streak with UNCG
  6. Clemson-Alabama
  7. How about UNC-Greensboro?
  8. nfl2 update

    I gotta say, Sioux Falls is by far my favorite in this now. The next team will certainly have trouble topping it.
  9. Yeah like to me I think college players are actually playing because they love the sport. NFL most of the time just seems like they're in it for the money. Also, the rivalries are really intense in college. NFL not really.
  10. Unpopular opinion:I think college football is heads above the NFL
  11. nfl2 update

    What is your schedule of teams being released? Just curious.
  12. How about Gaffney High in South Carolina?
  13. That is awesome. So we got 8 other teams in our conference. Here they are: -Highland Tech Rams -Piedmont Community Charter Pioneers?(new team in the conference) -Pine Lake Prep Pride -Cherryville Ironmen -Mountain Island Charter Raptors -Bessemer City Yellowjackets -Community School of Davidson Spartans -Lincoln Charter Eagles I certainly love that set for my Gryphons thank you
  14. Awesome! Maybe after this I can request the 7 other teams in our conference.
  15. How about the Thomas Jefferson Academy Gryphons from North Carolina?