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  1. I want that Flyers jersey. Like right f****** now!!!
  2. builtbymachines

    High School Logo Redesign

    i like the right, he looks more like he's not to be messed with!!! The left, in my opinion is like he's telling someone to stop right where they are. But it's ultimately your decision.
  3. builtbymachines

    AAF Concepts by Logofan

    The Orlando Dragons is by far my favorite!!!
  4. builtbymachines

    High School Logo Redesign

    Yes, exactly what I had in mind. I still don't like the football logo's left hand though. I feel like it the palm should be facing away and we should see the back of the hand instead. Something like the picture I'm adding. BUT.... keep your guy's arm outstretched the way it already is, don't change that: Other than that, these are really cool and I love all the different variations!
  5. builtbymachines

    High School Logo Redesign

    I think the football and hockey logos need some fine-tuning. For the football guy: - I think the white patch between the arm holding the football and the chest/body should be turned into a white outline so there is a jersey colored space in-between. - Overall I like the design, but I think he should be leaning forward in an aggressive manner. Right now he just seems to be casually walking with a football instead of getting ready to stiff-arm a defender. The hockey guy: - Same as with the football one regarding the over-abundance of white on the left side, turn the white patches into even outlines. - I feel the right shoulder doesn't mimic the yellow logo used as the source material. Notice on that one how the shoulder is separated from the head, I think you need to do that with your version. Create some kind of gap there because the shoulder looks way out of place to me.
  6. builtbymachines

    NY Jets

    I love this. You were going for white and green in the dark jersey right? Well whatever image effects you're using make the white look like a really light silver, and I'd have to say that I actually like that sooooo much better than if it was just white. It would give them a fresh upgrade in my opinion. Definitely that new green, and a light silver would be perfect for the Jets to make a statement that they're ready to be a relevant team in the league.
  7. builtbymachines

    NBA G-League by Nike (First 5 Courts)

    These are all really good. The Mad Ants is amazing compared to the real-life one. Yours is actually mad, while the real-life one looks sad lmao. My thoughts on the Toros: Remove that lower horn on the bull, it's out of proportion and looks off, you really don't need it there and I think that would improve the look 10 fold. Also I think the white underneath the head could be filled in with the grey, just my personal preference.
  8. builtbymachines

    NFL to NBA (#20 Panthers updated on 10/13)

    I can't pick a favorite anymore. I love the gradient on the Ravens one, don't ever take it away!!! And the Raiders with the bold grey outline, it just works perfectly. I'd like to see the actual lion primary logo on the Detroit ones, maybe....I don't know, they look so good without it, but I feel like it's such a nice logo that maybe it could work? They grey set is incredible. I'm all over the place here because these are so cool, keep it up!
  9. builtbymachines

    Winnipeg Jets - Concepts

    Are there two posts with this same concept? Honestly, I don't like the main logo at all. I can't tell that it's a plane. I first see a mountain, then I see like a "V", then a "J", then I think I'm looking at a knockoff of the Nike logo, then i say to myself that it looks splattered on the jersey.......That's just too many things my mind tries to figure out when looking at something that should be bold and have a sense of balance. There is no balance here besides the red circle. I'm sorry but it's just way too abstract for my liking. And the colors and jerseys just say "New York Rangers" to me. Then you have a grey outline over the "Jets" shoulder patches, but nowhere else is there any hint of grey. Like I said in the other post with the same stuff. Get rid of everything except the wordmark and start over. I wouldn't even worry about the jersey at all yet. I'm just being honest here. I love the "WINNIPEG" as I said before, but that grey, cloudy outline should be removed in my opinion. I like the "ETS" part from the "JETS" wordmark, but the "J" just seems too wide and doesn't compliment the other letters very well. Also, the fonts aren't the same for "WINNIPEG" or the "JETS". A sports team should have a recognizable identity, but having two different fonts for the city name, and the team name really doesn't represent a profession organization to me.
  10. builtbymachines

    Winnipeg Jets Concept

    The best thing you have going for you here is the WINNIPEG wordmark. Take away all the effects though, like the shadow, seems like there is a blur applied, and some kind of outline. Either way just strip the wordmark all the way down to a flat font in blue, with the red streak. Then let's go from there. Put all other idea to the side IMO.
  11. builtbymachines

    NFL to NBA (#20 Panthers updated on 10/13)

    Glad you're back with these! Steelers are great, the throwbacks are so good, curious how they'd look with a tad bit of yellow on the bottom of the jerseys or shorts. Love the orange Miami one!
  12. builtbymachines

    Milwaukee Braves Logo

    I think the tomahawk looks a but too long, and should end right where you have the gold band placed right now. The feathers IMO should be evenly sized, or at least alternate in thickness, and the top part I think would look better if it continued to be rounded off at the part where you gave it a concave look. Definitely cover the neck up some more because like the post above me said, it does seem a little long.
  13. builtbymachines

    Rhino Logo - C&C Needed

    Good progress here, this will look really nice when all is said and done. I like the white highlights on the top, and the dark grey shading underneath.
  14. builtbymachines

    Buccaneers Concept Revision (Cannon Ball Set Update 5/12/18)

    I like the original cannon ball lines that represent them flying through the air. Seems like you are overthinking yourself here. This stuff is top notch work so go with your first instincts!
  15. builtbymachines

    Rhino Logo - C&C Needed

    I agree with this. So for starters, I'd say move the ear back to the top left.