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  1. this version is much improved and cleaner. good job!
  2. New York Knicks!!
  3. pretty sure that's Sean Elliot behind him too.
  4. these are cool, but is there a white set?
  5. then they'd become the LA Giants, lol.
  6. this is perfect. identity crisis fixed.[/thumbs up]
  7. in no particular order these are my ten off the top (I'm accounting for both home and away sets): 1) 80's/90's Seahawks 2) 80's/90's Houston Oilers 3) AFL era Raiders: 4) 70's Bills: 5) 70's/90's Rams: 6) 80's/90's Patriots: 7) early 90's Falcons: 8) "powder blue" Chargers: 9) "silver and honolulu blue" Lions: 10) due to my homerism, i have to honor these:
  8. looks too similar to the Raptors court, but still an upgrade.
  9. these are fire!! the white helmet logo pops out more than the current silver helmet.
  10. the grizzlies are the best ones to me, and the spurs reminds me of the nets.
  11. the second concept is nicer and cleaner, good job.