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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions, and they're excellent, but that's a bridge I'll cross when I get to it. I've been busier than expected the past day or so and it looks like I might be occupied for another day or two, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get the next team up, but it shouldn't be too much longer. Thanks for your patience.
  2. So we have the Russian Connection in Chicago and now we have the Cosmonauts in Cleveland. Interesting.
  3. That's not a bad idea. I'll definitely think about it. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you're jumping the gun quite a bit. Feel free to keep that bio on the back burner, but please wait until I actually open an expansion counsel to submit it. Also, I will be picking the candidate cities, and I would ask that your bio not show bias towards one of those cities (even if you will be biased in your voting).
  4. It depends on the team, the colors, and the design. Some teams will even do both (California has two uniforms where the shorts and shirt clash and two that don't). As for location identifiers, I don't have any like that planned, but I can't rule it out.
  5. I’m a bit of a history nerd, so when I’m trying to find a name for a team, I like to start with the history of the city or the region. When I came to Dallas, a lot of what I found was cowboys, guns, and oil, all of which have probably been overdone. However, in case you haven’t heard, Texas used to be its own country (and if you haven’t heard that, you’ve never been to Texas). The currency of the Republic of Texas was the Texas dollar (no clue how they came up with that one), and due to the color of the ink on the back, the bills quickly became known as “redbacks.” I figured if the Ottawa CFL team can be called the RedBlacks, I can name a team the Redbacks (there are also a few teams around Australia called the Redbacks named after the spider native to the continent). With that in mind, here are the Texas Redbacks: This is apparently what the back of the bills looked like. There was no way I was trying to make sense of that pattern on the inside of the star, so I opted for a similarly Texan star with an R inside. For the secondary, I made one in the shape of Texas with the same pattern (I tried centering it around Dallas, but it didn’t work, so I centered it around Brady, Texas, which has absolutely no significance, except that the city is in the geographical center of the state). I also made a cool little TR logo. The colors are taken from the Texan flag, which takes its colors from the American flag. The uniforms are a bit of a mixed bag: No, I didn’t make a mistake. Yes, that is actually what that uniform is supposed to look like. No, you’re not seeing things. Let me explain: I figured with a name like Redbacks, I had to try a uniform with a red back. I mean, come on. But then I thought, if the back is red and the front is white, which it should be to make focus on the red part, what if I made a blue yoke-like-thing and put a star on the shoulders and made it look like the Texas flag? Of course, I had to do it now. Both stars are facing the front because otherwise, it would be backwards on one side (technically, only the left sleeve shows proper vertical display of the flag, but I can’t fix that). No words on the front because, let’s face it, if you can’t figure out what team this is by looking at this uniform, then one of us has done something wrong. As cool as the primary uniform is, I figured a team with red in its name should have uniforms that were actually red, not just partly red. It’s based on this flag, supposedly the first Texas lone star flag. I put Texas on the front because it’s based on a flag, so I figured I should put the location on there. Also, for the logo on the shorts, I didn’t think the blue belonged, so the R is red. The tertiary originally didn’t exist, but when I was making what was the tertiary and was now the quaternary, I noticed it looked really good in blue and white, so it stayed like that. It is also inspired by a couple different flags. The quaternary is, surprise, based off another flag. Once I found this flag, I was like hey, this would be cool to make a jersey out of, so I did, but I made yellow the primary color because they already have a blue uniform and plus the yellow looks cooler. Again, the shorts logo has been recolored to yellow and blue because consistency. Lotta red here, as to be expected. I put the Texas logo at midcourt because I liked how it looked and I thought that was what a team from Texas would do, especially this one. The apron reads “Come and Take It,” a popular slogan from the Texan Revolution at the Battle of Gonzales (and yes, there’s a flag to go with it). C&C appreciated.
  6. Unfortunately, I can't do that because spoilers, but I'm glad you're that excited for the rest of the series. I'll have the next team up tomorrow, so you can look forward to that for now. I do have owners and players for all the teams lined up already, but if you want to get involved, I will be running expansion counsels similar to the AFA and PHL (links will take you to the most recent EC from each), so you can create characters for those. Thanks everyone for the support so far.
  7. The reverse pinstripes jersey was another I didn't see the team using much, but I did want to make some "bad" decisions. Hopefully, that'll be the end of those . As for the purple, I totally agree; now that I took a closer look at it, it was way too dark. I lightened it up a shade and I think it helps a lot. I also updated Chicago across the board with thicker strokes.
  8. Four is the maximum number of uniforms for each team, at least for now. That said, most teams will have four uniforms this season, though some will only have three. Hopefully, the remaining teams will be interesting enough to justify four uniform sets. Honestly, I'm not sure how I missed that, given that I've been following the AFA for over a year now. If you or @Veras would like me to change it or remove it, I will. As for the wordmark, that's definitely one of my favorite things I've done, so I'm glad you like it! Thanks! I haven't gone into too much detail, but I can say there will be some interesting things in store for the future. I can't say I'll be predicting where teams are located, as that will be largely determined by expansion counsels, but my preparation for expansion counsels will likely involve a fair amount of prediction/extrapolation. Like I mentioned earlier, I tried to spread the teams out geographically as much as possible. I know not everyone will like where the teams ended up, but that's why we have expansion.
  9. I figured a team from the Bay Area was a must, but there are so many big cities there that I didn’t want to leave any out, and plus, I didn’t know where I was putting the team yet. When I looked into what I would name the team, though, it figured itself out for me. The team is the Sea Lions, based on the sea lions at San Francisco’s Pier 39. The species of sea lion that lives there is the California sea lion. Now the team is the California Sea Lions. Very Florida Panthers-y, but I like it. As you may have figured out, I like to use city symbols to get color inspiration for my teams. I originally had the sea lions as a dark blue team, but when I looked at the seal of San Francisco (seal? sea lion? ok), I figured, “why not purple?” Having such a simple logo, I figured they could be a classic, two-color team, and I used cream because I could. Purple and cream is pretty unique; certainly today, and especially in this league, so why not? The sea lion has nine whiskers, one for each county in the Bay Area, and is always purple, because a cream sea lion just didn’t work. The secondary logo is designed to look like a sea lion as well as an S, and an L when flipped so I could use it in the wordmark (I almost made those purple-on-purple too but it seemed impractical). I decided to make California in a modern font to make this a concept that belongs in 2017, although it doesn’t make it on any of the team’s uniforms. Overall, this is probably my favorite look in the league so far. The Sea Lions have fairly simple uniforms, because I wanted them to look classic and let the unique color scheme do the talking. Their primary uniform is pretty ordinary, the only notable feature being the nine stripes on the shorts, which references the nine whiskers, which references the nine counties. The secondary is simply a reversal of the primary. For the tertiary and quaternary, I wanted to do pinstripes, because pinstripes are cool, so one is cream with purple pinstripes and the other is purple with cream pinstripes. The Sea Lions are also the only team to have numbers on their shorts, which I figured seems like a quirky thing they would do. Mostly purple on the court, although the stain is the same cream color, it’s just harder to tell. The tertiary logo and that square-looking font finally get some use outside the logo sheet, in the end zone and along the top, respectively. Also, they’ve colored in the space between the 3-point and 5-point lines purple, which looks like a C for California. Let me know if any of this works or doesn’t work. Part of me kinda feels like I overdid the whole fauxback thing, but the other part of me likes it too much to do anything else.
  10. Thanks for the kind words! Now that you mention it, that jersey probably won't see much use, and the team will probably drop it after a season or two because of that. Honestly, though, I like that one better than the primary, so you might see it again later on. I could've sworn I saw that somewhere. Oh well. Anyway, thanks for the high praise!
  11. How does this look?
  12. Thanks for the kind words, and for the questions. It's nice to see that people are interested. You basically read my thought process exactly in regards to timing of the season. I wanted to make sure the beginning and end of the season weren't overshadowed by other major sports as much as possible, and that seemed like the best place to fit it in. The roster size will be 20 players for now, as most players that don't find a place in the starting 12 won't see much playing time. Because each player has both an offensive and a defensive position, the starting lineups can be difficult to move around; I thought 8 reserves would give teams enough flexibility without having to pay too many players. I do think the league will see expansion relatively quickly. I definitely plan to increase the number of games in a season as the league expands and interest in the league grows. 3-4 games a week definitely seems feasible down the line, but there is probably also room for the season to start earlier and/or run longer. Chicago is in the East. I wanted to spread teams around as much as I could initially, which may have sacrificed some larger markets for the sake of geographic diversity, but the goal was to get as many people engaged with the sport as possible with the first round of teams. I'd like to get some more C&C on the Frost before the next team, which should be up tomorrow.
  13. MLB Redesigns Series (36/36 Washington Senators)

    Maybe make the bat white on the road?
  14. MLB Redesigns Series (36/36 Washington Senators)

    Personally, I'd like to see the red and tan scheme revisited. I think your mistake there was trying to reduce the team to those two colors (plus yellow), which forced you to change the color of the bird away from red, and the red outlines disappear on the red uniform in that set (though your current alternate would eliminate that problem). If you use the tan instead of yellow and re-introduce navy as an outline color, you could still make tan and red the dominant colors while still giving them a unique color scheme. If nothing else, think of it as a kind of "alternate take." The concept you presented was excellent, of course; I'd just like to see something a little different.
  15. Dashball as I presented here only exists on paper, but as I mentioned, I based it heavily on a physical education game called speedball. There are a lot of different variations on the game that I've seen, some of which look almost nothing like what I played or the sport of dashball. This video explains a very similar rule set to what I have used, and there's also some game footage so you can see what it looks like. The main differences are the lack of offensive and defensive squads, the lack of an end zone, the restrictions on where you can score from, and the points system. Also, in that video, he mentions that you are not allowed to kick the ball up to yourself, which is allowed in dashball. Let me know if that helps, and definitely keep asking questions if you have them. The game can definitely be confusing if you've never seen or played it. Thanks! I must admit, I don't know a whole lot about Gaelic football, but there are definitely some similarities.