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  1. I apologize in advance for the incredibly long post ahead. If you are actually going to read through it, you’re probably in the minority. If you want to skip to the really exciting stuff for now, go to the last paragraph; there’s plenty of bold text, so you shouldn’t be able to miss it. Either way, I’ll see you at the finish line. I have always liked the threads on these boards, such as the AFA and the PHL, that documented and simulated the history of a fictional sports league. Even before I joined the forums, I had thought of doing this myself, and had, for a very brief time, simulated a baseball league with my brother (we ended up stopping because we kept making it way too detailed to the point where it took forever to simulate even one game). Reading those threads further inspired me to make my own league, and gave me a better idea of how to do it. However, every major sport has been done at this point to some extent, so I decided to make my own sport. I present: dashball. Dashball is a sport I based heavily on a game I played in gym class called speedball. I would have kept that name, but after some research, there’s already a sport with that name with similar, but slightly different, rules. I decided I should name it something different, and the game I came up with was different enough from the version of speedball I played and the ones I found online, so I felt a different name was justified. Rules (and a basic court) are spoilered below: The name of the league will be the National Dashball League, which isn’t very creative, but I was going for realism on this one. The league logo and division logos are shown below: There’s a lot of weird, abstract, fluffy meaning to this one, but you probably don’t care very much about that. If you do, here’s a spoiler. The league logo will be recolored on each team’s uniforms. I’ll be using raysox’s soccer template for the uniforms because they look the same. The uniforms will be made by SandStorm Sports, a fictional company, which is mostly because I wanted to have my own ideas without having them be constricted by a real life designer. Here are some all-star uniforms so you can see what they look like: Initially, the league will be composed of eight teams, split into East and West Divisions. As there so often is with start up leagues, there will be a bit of drama concerning the first batch of teams to enter the league, so stay tuned for that. I will also, of course, be simulating seasons, keeping track of players, relocating/renaming/rebranding teams as necessary, expanding, etc. I will probably do expansion counsels because those are fun, but I sort of have a direction I want the league to go, so they might not start from the beginning. The league will run a 40-game schedule in which each team plays 8 games against each team in its division and 4 games against each team in the other division (split equally home and away). The season will run from mid-March to late June, immediately followed by the postseason. The winner of each division will make the playoffs along with two wildcard teams, which will be seeded from 1 to 4 based solely on record. Now here are the things that should make you excited about this thread. First, since it’s a fictional sport, it takes place in our timeline (technically, the point of divergence would probably be a few years ago, so that the sport and the manufacturer can gain enough footing to create a professional sports league, but who’s counting). There is no dashball league in this universe (at least as far as I know of), so there’s no need to replace anything. Second, the league’s first season will be in 2017. Yes, this league and its storyline will take place almost entirely in the future (assuming I can keep things moving faster than time itself), and if you’re smart enough to put two and two together and get five, you’ve figured out that that means I am attempting to predict real life future logo and uniform trends. In no way do I expect to be right about this, but I figured it would be a fun path to take, and I like to be unique. I won’t announce these either; you’ll just have to come along for the ride. It should be a fun one. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, critiques, or general excitement. The first team should be up ... soon.
  2. After all the drama leading up to the season, everyone was relieved to watch some dashball. (OK, maybe not everyone, the sport doesn’t have much of a following, but it certainly got some publicity, and as they say, all publicity is good publicity.) The first game took place on April 20, 2017, and featured the Sea Lions hosting the Sabertooths in what seemed destined to become a rivalry. It certainly lived up to the hype, with California mounting a comeback in the final minutes to win 141-139 on a last-second goal from W/ZB Justin Smith. It was believed at the beginning of the season that those two teams were the frontrunners of the West, and those beliefs were confirmed very quickly. Led by Offensive Player of the Year B/C Thomas Notz and 21-year-old standout B/ZB Steve Gibson, California’s offense was nearly unstoppable at times. The Blueberries and Cream, as they came to be affectionately called, would go on to win their first 10 games before falling to Chicago 191-185 in the first ever overtime game in NDL history. After that, they slipped a little, losing home games to Seattle and Philadelphia, but recovered, finishing 33-7 and locking up the first seed and home-field advantage. The Tooths, meanwhile, didn’t get off to the same hot start as their upstate counterparts, but over the course of the season, it didn’t take them long for them to find their stride. Their defense, led by ZBs Dwight McCann (W), Scott Hoffman (B), and Omaro Rubio (F), gelled into the best in the league by far, holding opponents to just 110.7 points per game, over 10 ppg better than second-place Philly. While they weren’t able to catch the Sea Lions, they finished at 29-11, which tied them for the second-best record in the league. Phoenix overachieved, though they still finished the season with the worst offense in the league by far, and Seattle wound up in the cellar of the West with only 11 wins. However, neither of those teams were near the worst in the league. Toronto finished at an abysmal 3-37, only beating Philly, Phoenix, and Texas (their only road win). Rumors have already begun circulating that the team is likely to fold or be sold and move to New York instead of the league expanding, but so far there has been no word from the league. Regardless, they will get the top pick unless a New York team joins the league next year, which is still up in the air. The rest of the East Division was much more entertaining. Chicago, Philadelphia, and Texas were expected to be in a dogfight from day 1, and they did not disappoint. Thanks in part to a blockbuster three-team deal which saw them pick up B/ZB Ed Maxwell from Philly and F/C Robby Wheeler from Phoenix, Chicago was able to gradually pull away from the other two teams and clinch the division, but the race between the Row and Redbacks would come down to the final game of the season. Fortunately for the Row, they had a game advantage over the ‘Backs. Unfortunately for the Row, they drew Chicago, who would still be playing to clinch the second seed over LA, while Texas would be playing the lowly Hogs. Predictably, Texas and Chicago both won, with the Redbacks taking the 4 seed on tiebreakers.
  3. NFL Alternate Universe - 2009 Offseason

    took em long enough
  4. I'm gonna go ahead with the copper version of the Palms as the final. For those of you who are too lazy to click the link above (myself included), they're spoilered below: I also have some signatures to show off. I've only created generic league ones right now, but I can make team-specific ones if any of you would like one. In general, I'll be keeping all the signatures I create in this folder, but I'll typically post them here as well. Here are the first three: Opening these up in a new tab should take you to a URL you can link into your signature. If that doesn't work, let me know, preferably in a PM.
  5. Sunday Champions League (#6 New York Lobsterbacks)

    This looks really good. A few minor complaints: 1. The green that you've used for the uniform is different from the green you used elsewhere in the presentation. 2. The cleats look different on the forward and backward templates. 3. The secondary logo reminds me of either the Cubs or Colorado. I know there are only so many ways you can render a C, but I can't see anything else. 4. Is there a road uniform? I'm also kinda confused as to what 06, 10, and 15 mean. Everything else about this is excellent, though. Looking forward to more!
  6. Yeah, I've definitely warmed up to it. I put together a full version of it, and it's my favorite option so far. It still focuses primarily on yellow and feels big and bold while maintaining what I feel is a much better color balance than the other versions I've presented had. I've updated the original post, and you can also see it here. I also played around with the color scheme a bit, namely replacing the green with a reddish-orange color (modeled here with the copper color from the Arizona flag). It definitely solves the Mardi Gras problem and looks a lot more Arizona to me. My main concern is that the copper seems a little dark, but I'm worried if I make it too much lighter, it'll make the orange clash/bleed with the yellow and/or make the team start to look a lot like the Suns. Then again, green/orange is very much third on the color hierarchy so I don't think I should be worrying this much about it . I'd love to hear what you all think.
  7. I've looked into both of those, and I really want to add more purple to the court, but the problem with filling anything in purple is that the lines on the court are purple. I also tried dropping the yellow inside the 5-point line, but I felt like that was too much green. I think if I'm going to do something other than the two courts above, it'll look something like the two options below (to be clear, this is two court concepts in one, not a single court). On the right is my contrived way of filling in the 3-point area purple, and on the left is me totally giving up and ditching paint entirely for purple stain. I'm not sure the latter is what I want, and I think the former is really freakin' complicated, but I figured I'd show them off. You know, it occurred to me after I posted the team that I had basically put a Mardi Gras team in Arizona. Again, I'm not completely sold on the colors, but I'm not sure what direction I would go instead. I still like what I have, but I'll keep throwing things around, and if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to shoot them my way.
  8. Those were both thoughts that crossed my mind. I think both were caused by trying to make the team stand out and be bright. I think I'm going to stick with the color scheme for now, unless anyone has any good suggestions on how to change it, and I think the court is justified by the Warriors, but you inspired me to play around a bit more. I think this might work better, but it might also be too crowded.
  9. Well, we’ve made it through seven of eight teams without any of that drama I mentioned. Buckle your seatbelts, kids, it’s about to get juicy. (Please bear with me and my strange sense of humor.) You’ve probably noticed that, while a lot of the major North American cities have been checked off, there’s a pretty big one left. The league was all set to go with an alignment that featured Seattle, Cali, LA, and Texas in the West and Chicago, Philly, Toronto, and New York in the East. Just days before the official press conference where the teams would be announced, however, the New York team’s ownership group pulled out, citing “the loss of a major financial backer.” Exactly what happened in New York is unclear, but rather than go ahead with a 7-team league, Commissioner Justin Ross decided to reach out to previous ownership candidates to find a replacement team, and promised New York a team whenever they were prepared to field one. The first owner to respond was Arizona native Larry Rodriquez, who wanted to put his team in Phoenix. Phoenix was not the most desirable city for league alignment, but ultimately, it was decided that playing as soon as possible was more important. The league did have to postpone the start of the season and was reportedly very close to moving ahead with a shortened season but will play a full 40-game season this year starting in late April. All that aside, here are the Phoenix Palms: Phoenix has a great flag, and it uses a really cool color. Since this is a team that really shouldn’t be here in the first place, I thought I’d give them a color scheme that stood out, so I used that purple (if you talk to Phoenicians, it’s maroon, but it looks purple to me and most other people) along with a bright green and gold. For the primary logo, I made a palm tree in front of the sun, and it kinda looks like a P too if you’re willing to use your imagination a little. I separated the palm tree and the sun for the remaining logos and added a PHX wordmark to the latter because it had to show up somewhere, right? Finally, I think you fans of the previous few wordmarks I’ve created will appreciate this one, which uses the tree as both the i in Phoenix and the l in Palms. I went purple with the primary and gold for the secondary, both with a chest number, since I felt like that fit well with the wordmark. The stripe on the shorts is taken from the tree trunk. I decided to forgo a “greenout” uniform for the tertiary in favor of a “blackout” one, which uses the PHX as well as having the tree sticking out the bottom of the uniform. It is a bit busy, but I think a team like the Palms can get away with that. Their wordmark is kind of large and unwieldy, so I tried sticking the tree out the top of the end zone. I’m not sure how well it works, but other than putting in a normal letter l, I don’t know what else to do. I also did something kind of unique with the center court logo, related to what I did on the tertiary uniform and inspired by the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto last year. I’d say this is definitely the loudest court in the league, which is what I was going for. I wanted this to be a flashy team, and I think I did that. Let me know what y’all think, and the season should be up shortly.
  10. MLB: Project 32 - Los Angeles Dodgers, Pt. I Added

    That still includes purple and green . I may have overstated that a bit, and I definitely agree that it looks good on the mountains. It just loses a lot of its purple-ness when placed next to the brighter purple used in the rest of the set, and looks a lot more maroon-ish in comparison.
  11. MLB: Project 32 - Los Angeles Dodgers, Pt. I Added

    Says the Krewe fan. I would agree with all of these points, though; I just don't think those two shades of purple work very well with each other, and the mountain purple ends up looking like a reddish-brown up close and is indistinguishable from the main color from far away. A dark gray, green, or maybe even a blue or red to tie into the Colorado theme might work better, or maybe even just ditch the second purple and make the mountains the same color as the rest of the logo. It worked pretty well on the Colorado Day logo. Otherwise, you've done an incredible job on this series so far. There's very little I would change about anything else you've done, and the alternate takes have been especially cool. Nice work.
  12. I'm gonna have to veto that one. Pink and brown seem pretty popular with everyone else, and if I make the hog red, it looks like it's about to explode. It's definitely a direction I thought about going, but I'm gonna keep it as is. Thanks to both of you! I definitely feel like I might've married myself to the O-snout idea and that a more aggressive-looking wordmark might've suited the team better, but I also like what I came up with, so I'm hesitant to change it. As for the color scheme, I absolutely wanted to try some more interesting combinations that we haven't really seen before, and this felt like an excellent opportunity to do just that, without the bounds that any history would have imposed (even a fictional one; @chrisCLEMENT made a Toronto Hogs concept for his short-lived but excellent NFA in just blue and white, and while I won't say mine was better than his, I think it's safe to say mine is more exciting). @JD1500, I flipped the colors on the court, but I didn't particularly like the way it looked. It felt too dark and way too brown-heavy for the Hogs, whom I see as a pink-dominant team. Here it is anyway if you want to take a look.
  13. "Colosseum Blue" might be the most underrated part of this series thus far . Loving the jerseys too, especially the Cosmos, which is out-of-this-world (pun absolutely intended). I think your wife did a great job on the plaid jersey, but it feels a bit overbearing; maybe if there was a yoke or some stripes or something to break it up and add a little extra flavor, it could be added to their set in a few years.
  14. Happy Labor Labour Day! Toronto has many nicknames; according to Alan Rayburn, "no place in Canada has as many sobriquets as Toronto." (If you’re impressed, I stole that directly from Wikipedia.) One of those nicknames is “Hogtown,” referring mostly to the pork processing plants that were common in Toronto in the early 20th century. It also refers to “a 10-cent-per-pig fine on anyone allowing pigs to run in the street” (I swear, I didn’t make that up), and the fact that the Anglo-Saxon word for York (the former name of the city), Eoforwic, translates to “wild boar village.” Other than a few assorted concepts floating around the internet, it doesn’t seem like anybody has called a team the Toronto Hogs, so I did. I went pink and brown because pigs, and because name another pink and brown team ever. That’s what I thought. I tried to balance the hog between your average chubby pork pig and your angry, aggressive wild boar. I used the hog’s snout as a standalone logo and as the O in the wordmark, and included the obligatory maple leaf logo (and yes, it's similar to some Leafs concepts. Oh well). I went with a pretty simple uniform set for the Hogs because I wanted to let the color scheme shine. That being said, I felt like I hadn’t used much striping in this series, so I put them on the sleeves as well as the shorts in a 2-1-2 ratio which is rare if not unique. White shorts and pink socks on each of the main uniforms because I thought it looked good. While I don’t dislike the look of the brown uniforms, I thought the Hogs would probably wear the whites more. Finally, I included a “Canadian Pride” uniform since 2017 is the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation (though it will probably still see some use after this season). This is more brown-heavy since I thought the red and brown looked better than the red and pink. The wordmark didn’t really lend itself well to the end zone, so there was a lot of empty space to fill. To contrast that, there’s not a whole lot else going on on the court. I did feel like the maple leaf logo should be on there somewhere, though. Just one more team to go, and then we can get things rolling with this season. How’d I do on the Hogs?
  15. Now that I'm through my first few days of classes, I've got an update for LA to show y'all. I adjusted quite a bit on the primary logo, and totally reworked the wordmark to make it more primitive and caveman-y. I think it looks a lot better, but I'd love to hear what you guys think: Other things of note: leaving the old text on the court was a conscious decision because 1) readability and 2) I just didn't think it looked very good there. I also slightly increased the NOB outline on the secondary uniform, which should solve the visibility problem.
  16. Hey, I'll take your criticism any day of the week. All of it is totally valid, and I also appreciate the compliments. I'll try to get some more work in on the primary over the next few days. The "X" you're seeing is actually caused by a stripe on the ear, which is separate from the top of the head. That stripe was sort of an afterthought; I put it there because 1) I thought it looked kind of empty and 2) it helped make the A in the ear more prominent (although it didn't seem to help much in that regard). I see how that would be visually confusing, though. I totally agree with you on the secondary. The only other thing I thought of would be to interrupt the sash completely, but that doesn't make much sense at all. As for the wordmark, I thought about doing something like that, probably with the A and the H, but I felt like I would be copying the D-backs a little too much, and I didn't want to take too much attention away from the T's. I'll definitely look into changing it, but on the other hand, I don't want it to look too crazy.
  17. I can totally relate to the struggles of trying to make a hexagon-based font. I tried making a wordmark for my league's Chicago team based on the C from their logo, but I couldn't get it to work out. Yours looks really good considering. </shamelessplug> I would also totally agree with @ChicagoOakland that that W could easily be a standalone logo, but I could definitely imagine that the rest of the letters wouldn't work well. I would say keep what you have for now, and maybe it will make a transition to that logo in the future.
  18. Wow. The league logo looks so much better. I guess third time was the charm. I love the merch, especially the Cub Club. The Lions feel like a bit of a lateral move to me; while I like the charcoal, I think I liked them better in just blue and white. The Jacks look great as well. The one complaint I have with them is that the sunburst pattern looks a little unbalanced. It looks like you just took a slice out of the Arizona flag, but the stripes are all different widths and it doesn't quite look right. I'm not sure how to fix that, though. Keep up the good work!
  19. I've updated the original post with some quick updates to LA. I tweaked the jawline on the primary logo, and I upped the opacity of the sublimation and surrounded it with piping, which should increase the visibility significantly. Let me know if these are any better.
  20. I made the blackout uniform because I liked the way the orange popped off the black, which is why the sublimation is still close to black. I'll play around with it later once I get access to a computer again. I knew that (I think), but I've never heard anyone say "sabertooth lion." I figured focusing on a tiger for the identity would make more sense to most people, myself included, and plus, I didn't have an orange team yet. I'll see if I can work on the jawline, but the letters were supposed to be subtle (honestly, they were kind of an afterthought; the shape of the logo just worked really well for it). The reason I didn't put logos or wordmarks on any of the jerseys was because I thought the identity was strong enough that it didn't need them and simple enough that they would look out of place. Again, I'll be without a computer for a few days, and I'm also starting school up soon, but I'll be sure to keep this up as soon as I can.
  21. I struggled a little with LA. There’s a lot of distinct history and culture there, and it was hard to pick just one name from all that. That being said, I kind of ignored most of it and went to prehistory. I’m referring to the La Brea Tar Pits and their fossils. Sure, tigers have been done before, but not many teams have done sabertooth tigers. Thus, the Los Angeles Sabertooths. Sure, it’s a long and kinda clunky name, but it’s not that much different from say, the Toronto Maple Leafs (even the pluralization matches!). I also like the idea of calling them the Tooths for short, just because you would get to say Tooths. Go Tooths! The color scheme is orange and black, because, well, it’s a tiger, and I wanted to keep the black black to represent the tar pits. I put together a tiger logo inspired by the logo of the George C. Page Museum, with hints toward the letters L and A along the left-hand side. The secondary logo is a modern take on the LA monogram that every team seems to need to have, and I used fangs as the two T’s in the wordmark. I’m not totally sold on either, but I like them, so let me know if I should tweak anything or if I should just try again. Speaking of tigers, they have stripes. Lots of ‘em. So does this uniform. I figured keeping the shorts white would be smart so as not to overwhelm anybody. Fang-looking stripes on the shorts, too, which makes it more modern and less rugby (nothing against rugby though). For the two-th Tooth uniform (okay, I’ll stop), a clean, white uniform seemed like a good idea, and I included a sash to get some color in. It even wraps around to the back, because that’s what real sashes do. Black shorts and the same orange socks finish it off. The third goes blackout with no white and a sublimated stripe reminiscent of the LA flag down the middle of the front and back. Really the only feature of the court is the diagonal-striped end zones, which were inspired by old football end zones (or Notre Dame’s current end zones). Let me know what you like and what you don’t.
  22. Looks like green and brown is the clear winner, so that will be Seattle's look in 2017 and beyond. Thanks everyone for your input. Thanks for the compliments! I can't believe this thread is already an hour long but hey, I'm glad you're interested. 1. The offensive and defensive players will not look any different (although your armband idea is a good one). The defense is confined to a defensive zone (the end zone and inside the 3-point line) that offensive players cannot enter. The referees and official scorers will have lists of which player is on which squad, and if someone switches in the middle of an inning, they will be penalized. 2. The referees will have uniforms. I didn't really think about that, but I might put some together if there's enough demand. 3. That's another thing I didn't really think about. That's definitely something I'll consider if I can find/create a good template.
  23. I've mocked up some color options for Seattle. The first is the original; the second is the green I already showed you. The middle two are double-teal and double-green, as requested by @TekkogsSteve. The fifth one is teal and green, similar to what @nick_crenshaw82 did above, but with the darker green used in the scheme to its left, since the original shades of teal and green bleed into each other a lot. I'm also considering using all three colors with the brown (yes, it's brown, not maroon) as more of an accent color, which might look something like the far right. The numbers and wordmarks are both Righteous.
  24. I should've mentioned before, the teal was taken from the city flag. I definitely thought of using green, especially when I first made up the tree; after all, Seattle is known as the Emerald City. I made up a version of the Sawyers using the green from the state flag (did I mention I'm into vexillology?). I think it loses something in application, but man, does it look sexy on the logo sheet: EDIT: this is now the official identity of the Sawyers for 2017.
  25. EDIT: the identity has been updated a few posts below. I’ve never been to Seattle, but although I hate their football team with a passion, it seems like a pretty cool place. That being said, I wasn’t sure where to go with the name. Turns out, forestry was and is pretty big, and Sawyers sounds cool and alliterative, so there you have it. I had had the circular saw idea in my head pretty early on, and originally wanted to do a roundel kind of thing, but I wasn’t sure how to make it interesting enough and different enough from Philly. I eventually moved in a simpler direction, and what you see here is pretty minimalistic. The saw has 52 points (geometric points, not sharp points; 52 sharp points was way too many) because the first sawmill in Seattle was founded in 1852. I also made a secondary pine tree logo inspired by the saw. I turned to a more traditional saw for the wordmark, and I really like how that came out. I took the saw and turned it into a chest stripe. That happened on all three uniforms, but the uniforms are all otherwise different colors. The stripe is still silver on the silver uniform, because it’s a saw, and I couldn’t decide which color to outline it with, so I did both. The stripes on the shorts mimic the one on the chest, and always silver socks because silver is cool. The saw goes around the apron, too. I thought that would be pretty cool, and I still think that. I feel like I’ve been reading too much Jon Bois lately. How does everything look?