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  1. uniform design

    I don't think the bat wings on the dark green background work very well. It's sort of getting lost in the end zones and on the alt helmet to the point where it's hard to tell what it is. Other than that though, this series is pretty close to perfect. Keep it up.
  2. Congrats on three years. That's a lot of time to put in to something that doesn't exist, but trust me when I say I've enjoyed reading it all. I was really pulling for Zeke and the Ghosts there, but props to Minnesota for outplaying them. Looking forward to next year - hopefully the Caps can be a tiebreaker or two more relevant....
  3. You can tell Cincinnati hasn't been in the playoffs recently; you must be out of practice typing them into the playoff picture. Good to see them get the win, even if their name was misspelled. Also, LaDell Throckmorton might be my new favorite player just because of that name. Kinda sucks that he's a Miner though....
  4. Man, that white helmet looks good. Maybe it belongs further down the line, but don't give up on that idea. Beautiful.
  5. hettinger_rl

    I think you could make the T work if it was more of a shape and less of a block letter, if that makes sense. Kinda like that patch of white on Bevo's forehead. I don't like the star at all, but I do think it looks good blank and it might sit better with people if it was simpler and didn't have as much going on.
  6. hettinger_rl

    I would agree that the T seems too obvious and overstated. Maybe if you made it a little smaller, thinner, etc. it would work better. Otherwise, this looks really good. I think the cream works well for Texas.
  7. I found that on the teams' Wikipedia pages, which in turn linked me to this Encyclopedia Britannica Article about the NFL team and the MLB team's official history page.
  8. These all look really nice. I especially like what you did with the Cowboys, and the Ravens, Bills, and Packers logos look really cool. I had to look it up, but it turns out both teams were named after their shade of cardinal red.
  9. Great round of playoffs and great work as always. Nice to see teams like Nova Scotia, Long Island, and Milwaukee making deep runs. However, you forgot to mention one of the greatest comebacks ever: Seattle lost 4 games in the first round but still managed to win their series against Chicago. All kidding aside, I love what you're doing here. Keep it up.
  10. I really like the winged helmet idea; I thought that's where you might have been going for the Krewe. I do think the yellow on the helmet is a bit understated, but I don't think the lack of yellow overall is a problem. I think I'd rather see them embrace the green and purple given how unique of a color scheme that is. Looking good as always.
  11. It definitely looks a lot more like a racquetball player this time around. However, I think it could still use some work. First, I know the player is supposed to be in an athletic stance, but at first glance, he looked more hunched-over than anything. Maybe taking the size down a notch and having him stand up a little straighter would help. Also, I know fingers are hard, but his fingers (on the racket hand especially) don't look right. Finally, and this is minor, the silhouette overlaps the text a little bit, and I think it muddies up the look of the logo. Overall, I think it's an improvement over the first logo, at least conceptually; it just needs a little more work.
  12. This is looking really good so far. I would echo @Steelman on all of his points, especially that the front of the uniform is cluttered and the back feels really empty. As for the conference logos, I think they're fine if you want to keep them, but I do think those could work better as a league logo, maybe even the primary. If you do keep those, I would suggest doing something to differentiate between the two conferences, even if it's just swapping the colors on one of them, but if you're going to be recoloring those, I'd suggest going a different direction. (Also, you managed to misspell conference in both of your revised wordmarks.) The Lions look great, really no complaints there (other than the layout of the uniform). I'm excited to see where you take this.
  13. Maybe if you took down the striping on the rest of the design by a notch, the state would feel a little less empty by comparison. Just a thought. These are pretty amazing, though. Props.
  14. You're right, the navy does look better on the helmets. I don't think the navy pops on the royal like the royal does on the navy, and something about the most recent one just seems off. I'd stick with the navy helmet, even if it doesn't fit the mold.
  15. These all look really good; I would say they're better than the real thing. One thing I noticed though: you have kept the helmet color consistent with the rest of the uniform except for the Cowboys, who have a royal uniform but a navy helmet. Is there a reason for that or was it just an "it looks better" kind of thing? Either way, it looks great, just seems inconsistent.
  16. 1981

    Alexander Page was born May 23, 1954 in Lewiston, ME. His family moved to Saint John, NB when he was 7 years old, and he holds dual Canadian and American citizenship. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of New Brunswick, and when he saw the first arcade games and video game consoles starting to gain traction, he decided to try it out. In 1977, he founded Fundy Games, which has quickly become one of the biggest names in the video game industry thanks in large part to the DreaMaster console and its first game, ROQ. He has fond memories of rooting for the Captains back in Maine, and has rooted for the both the Captains and the Maroons since he moved north. Page's selections: 1. Halifax - With a huge fan base and a stadium already built, the Maritimes can deal with Irving if it means football. 2. Québec - Great sports town, and the rivalry with Montréal is too good to pass up in Page's opinion. 3. Hamilton - Again, the rivalry with Toronto is right there, and Hamilton is too big not to have a team. 4. Regina - Everything seems in place, including yet another instant rivalry. Page loves his rivalries.
  17. I don't think the topic was dead, just on hiatus. Anyway, I think Houston looks great as is, but just for comparison's sake, what if you extended the left stem of the top H and the right stem of the bottom H to give it more of a hurricane-y, spinny feel? Not sure what it would do to the outline, but it would certainly help connect it to their previous identity.
  18. nhl

    Wow. Incredible. It's so ugly that it's beautiful.
  19. Brown and powder blue is probably one of my favorite color schemes out there. Never thought to do it for the Padres, though. I would echo @ahowe6464 in that the numbers on the brown need to be either white (or maybe outlined), and the home script looks a little dated compared to the rest of the set. Other than that, I really like this.
  20. 7 5 4
  21. Atlanta's home looks great, and while I'm not sure the Hawks kit would fly (get it?), I definitely like that you thought outside the box. Well done. Resurgens is "spelled wrong" because it's Latin, as many mottos are.
  22. These are definitely simplistic, and I think you've accomplished that nicely. What I think you've lost from your original goal is the team. Every NBA team has its own style and personality. You've given us six logo sets, five of which are black and white. While it works for Brooklyn, I can't imagine the Celtics not wearing green or the Bulls not wearing red. Another thing that is lacking here is consistency. You've used three different fonts each for the Bulls and Celtics and three different deer for the Bucks. On the other hand, you seem to be using that same font in all your designs; maybe it's just part of your presentation, but it's factored in to the secondary identities for the Jazz and Nets as well. Some more individual critiques: the Bulls logo is great as a minimalist design, but doesn't read very easily as a bull; the Celtics seem to have been reduced to letters (other than the basketball/clover in the middle, which assuming it is that, looks great); I like your take on the Jazz note, but with two notes, it no longer reads as a J; the Bucks seem to lack a coherent identity due to so many deer (and the one on the right looks like it's about to get crushed by that giant block M on its head); I know there's not many different directions you can go with the name Nets, but it seems very repetitive, though the hoop integrated into the N in the primary is creative; and as @officeglenn mentioned, the T in Timberwolves looks like an r, and I don't think what you tried to do with the eyes on the wolf works very well. Overall, these are good designs, and for the most part accomplished what you wanted to accomplish, just your perspective might have been off. With a few tweaks (and a few colors), these could be a lot better.
  23. 4 1 13
  24. 16 21 8
  25. I can't help you with what conference you're in, but I think this spreadsheet is still accurate regarding the current conferences and what teams are in which (although it doesn't look like UP-Hershey has been added yet - they are in the Continental Conference).