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  1. That Lightning 25th anniversary patch bears a striking resemblance to the Devils 25th anniversary patch.
  2. Excuse my poor drawing but I think the new Devils design would look 1000 times better with the hem stripe. I moved it down to the bottom just like the Colorado Rockies where the new striping pattern was inspired by.
  3. Higher quality image of the new Devils jersey Edit: Fonz beat me
  4. Second leak of the day!
  5. Via Icethetics Twitter Edit. Beaten to it
  6. Bingo. It's either that or the Devils had planned a major overhaul but when word got out the overwhelming negative reaction from the fans caused management to reconsider and settled as you said making just enough changes to make fans purchase a new one.
  7. I know right? Change for change sake. I'd rather a full redesign or no changes at all.
  8. I love that Chicago kept the chain stitching. So classy. I wish more teams besides them and the St. Louis Cardinals used it.
  9. I heard a rumor a while back that they had a new logo designed for a shoulder patch.
  10. Where the sleeve stripes similar to their old home jersey like this? And did they have any shoulder logos?
  11. I believe he means the black yoke won't be extending onto the tops of the sleeves. I'm guessing it will be similar to last years team USA's yoke.
  12. Wild shoulder patch
  13. He said the weird grey lines seem to have been removed so I was assuming that meant the piping on the front. The leaked draft hat still showed silver in the stripes.
  14. Does Buffalo look like this mock up?