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  1. From the Yahoo Sports article on the subject. "The Devils have been one of the most intriguing names on this list, and Creamer punted on offering details because he knows too much. Everything we’ve heard was that the logo is safe, the colors are still black and red, and that the biggest change might be the black “belt” coming off the bottom part of the sweater." If this is true what a terrible change for change sake move.
  2. Simply removing the apron striping is a huge improvement. Besides that I've always liked the Preds current set.
  3. Wow it's crazy how such a small detail when fixed can make such a big difference!
  4. Can somebody mock up and post a corrected version of the script?
  5. I believe it was an intentional change to keep the connecting line from M to the E from overlapping. Also regarding the cap logo this was Casey Stengel's game worn cap from 62 the style changed slightly in 63 to the what was worn until 93.
  6. Two more shots of the Jets jersey from Jets Twitter.
  7. They changed the number font to match the font of the logo. I agree they look so much better with block numbers.
  8. It has everything to do with Nike. All they have to do is cut the 3 stripe down to two stripes one green one white or take the existing 3 stripes and change the pattern from white green white to green white green and you have a major improvement. Pardon my poor illustration but here's and idea of what I'm talking about.
  9. It's an improvement but still not great the cut off shoulder stripes still look terrible.
  10. So does this mean the Jets will finally have one consistent shade of green this year?
  11. One can dream!
  12. In my opinion this would be the perfect look for the Jets
  13. The cutoff shoulder stripes happened when the Jets switched to Reebok in 2000. 1998's jerseys were made by Starter and 1999's were Nike. Also the shade of green did change slightly in 2002. In either 2004 or 2005 the jersey was changed where the back underarm color of the sleeves did not match the rest of the sleeve.
  14. Modern Classic vs. Modern Mess