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  1. Like make the shield a different shape than a square
  2. It pretty good Only thing I dislike is that the league logo is a bit to simple
  3. Umm what going on here?
  4. Nice hidden n in the scarecrow mouth
  5. This guy makes the best match card graphics! WWE should hire this guy right now!
  6. I like it only thing I found weird is the nameplate
  7. Umm these courts look famialur
  8. Umm I think somebody stole somebody super bowl logo from this site
  9. Whoops sorry for double post
  10. nfl

    Well these jerseys are better with the gray facemask helmet than the yellow ones
  11. nfl

    Wow! Are really you that childish?
  12. Well they could call it "Raw and Uncut" or "Rated Raw" Personaly i like "keeping it raw" cuz of the non-scripted way of the show plus it sounds good with talking smack "Keeping it RAW" vs "Talking Smack"