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  3. Thanks guys, I appericat it. Means a lot. I won't let you down. This proves you guys are alright in my book and others well, you got some learning to do.
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  5. Most states are already decided. It's the swinging states that really worry me.
  6. Kerry CA 54 CT 8 DC 2 DE 3 HI 4 IA 7 IL 22 MA 12 MD 10 ME 4 MI 18 MN 10 NJ 15 NM 5 NY 33 OR 7 PA 23 RI 4 VT 3 WA 11 WI 11 CO 8 TN 11 NH 4 NV 4 OH 21 Total: 322 Bush AK 3 AL 9 AR 6 AZ 8 FL 25 GA 13 ID 4 IN 12 KS 6 KY 8 LA 9 MO 11 MS 7 MT 3 NC 14 ND 3 NE 5 OK 8 SC 8 SD 3 TX 32 UT 5 VA 13 WV 5 WY 3 Total: 215 States Lost by Gore that will be won by Kerry this time: NH, NV, OH, TN, CO = 56 votes gained by Kerry which will give him 322. I strongly believe Kerry will win all the states Gore did along with NH, NV, OH, TN, CO states won by Bush last time. I don't understand why people make fun of the way, people look. I mean grow up. Go Kerry!
  7. These guys were much better -
  8. I think Barcelona had the '92 Games
  9. File a lawsuit? I highly doubt that. The owners can do whatever they want. They don't have to own an team in the NHL so they pick up and start over in an new hockey league, nothing wrong with that. New league hasn't nothing to do with the NHLPA. Players will play where the money is. They want to get paid and stay in the US. So they would go to the new league. Hockey Attitudes Boards is great place to get your rumors from since half of the info on those boards is untrue.
  10. More like Capitals
  11. Exactly, why this is very believable and an great idea. They can change the rules from the start and bring the Stanley Cup with them. The players have nowhere else to play thus why they would need to play in this league.
  12. Now, does this have anything to do with high school sports because anywhere you go a team will be using an NFL logo in any high school football league. I can name a couple just in my area. Why are they allowed and not semi-pro team?
  13. Let it go, Mr I relocated to non-hockey market from hockey market or atleast have an name about an hockey market Kidding of course