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  1. That DP logo is all kinds of bad...
  2. They sell them at the Team store in Miami.
  3. I do agree with you there, that green would be so much better. But Nike loves neon accent colors...
  4. Technically yes, their color scheme is a total rip lol however by Hawks I meant Atlanta Hawks .
  5. I really hate that yoga pant / leggings look... awful... Get some stripes on there, different color socks, something!
  6. I like the green and I'd say it's pretty different from the hawks color because thats just highlighter yellow.
  7. more like the $$$ fairy
  8. Looks great! but the font of the abs look a little off to me
  9. Interesting.
  10. They had a taste of a good uniform, and their hope was quickly shattered as is Padres tradition.
  11. Those are beautiful, what a shame
  12. Would be an upgrade but still so boring. I hope one day the Padres with have a decent uniform, hell last years with the yellow trim was a step in the right direction.
  13. I didn't even see any fans wearing them. I visited the team store and they didn't have much in those colors.
  14. I think he means the general layout. Nike symbol, crest and large wordmark
  15. Marlins did not hold up their end of the bargain by a long shot. You cant control winning but things like parking, vip entrance and all that comes with paying 29k should be held up. I would've done the same thing. What really felt scummy to me was going after the guy while in the hospital, really?