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  1. Reds? They are one of if not the oldest team.
  2. New Spring training jersey in action
  3. I went to highschool with one of the guys on the boat that night. It was apparently the first night, or one of, he met Fernandez. The other two weren't experienced boaters. The real experienced boaters was not with them that day, he's an older friend or family member of Jose, he always told Jose not to go out on his own especially at night. I read a report that Jose may have even had traces of cocaine in his system. Just a sad night for all involved.
  4. Welcome to soccer!
  5. I thought they looked pretty nice.
  6. Yeah, I figured it was just a fad, i really wanted the plaid brim hat, couldn't find it tho It would make a great addition to their identity for sure They should really bring back the actual ray and dumb that awkward yellow spike ball they call a "ray of light." Navy, Powder Blue, with Yellow and maybe even a Dark Blue/Green accent would be great for the team I think.
  7. I remember the Rays were a little plaid/argyle crazy a few years ago. It didn't look awful, would definitely make an interesting/unique sock pattern
  8. New Spring Training/BP Uniforms officially out in the wild at the team store
  9. Swap the Black for Royal Blue and I'd love to the the Mets rock these style socks
  10. Why do the braves have an obsession with Navy on Navy on Navy. Terrible cap.
  11. Pleeeease be the Jets, the mix-matched Green-Brown looks awful!
  12. Holy :censored: youre right lol
  13. And I thought the WS Dark blue vs Royal Blue was bad lol
  14. Love that!
  15. Not sure I like the sleeve number placement...