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  1. It's still there
  2. I can live with the walls, but the sculpture is just...terrible lol Some fountains or a large fish tank would be pretty unique out there
  3. Black is definitely a Loria thing, once he took over the Marlins the Florida Marlins lost more and more teal each year until they basically became the white sox by the end.
  4. I noticed during last night's game the board was green instead of blue. Looks so much better then the black. Now... just get rid of the bright green walls and the sculpture....
  5. This would be beautiful, I'd love to see a return of this logo
  6. Just as it should be.
  7. I'd be perfectly fine with a touch up of this, with green and the roundel. Any word on time of the reveal?
  8. Those were dark times indeed
  9. Looks ok for a banner around the stadium but its too long for a patch. I'd want them to incorporate the ACTUAL Ray, not that awkward shine thing
  10. Unfortunately the Marlins are a terrible organization and have shunned away nearly any sense of history. That only areas named after past players/championships are club level areas. Outside that there is only the bobbleheads and one concession area and has some photos.
  11. Doesn't look so much like a different green but a different, shinier material used. The current mess is green, brown, sweat and all around awful.
  12. No shoulder stripe on the left blue jersey? (Stafford)
  13. Reds? They are one of if not the oldest team.