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  1. Mets have one too coming up...
  2. Nothing the current marlins management does amazes me at this point. I hope they sell soon, I'm a Mets fan but living in Miami, I would love for their baseball experience to grow and be what it could be. Seems like Loria and his peeps restrict the team in the weirdest ways keeping them down...
  3. Marlins have an extra button for no reason, look at the Mets Jersey, theres a lot of space similarly to the MIAMI script and no need for a 3rd button
  4. Yeah, I'd love them to go a few shades lighter. Maybe not all the way Kelly Green but a happy medium would be nice
  5. Looks like it first appeared in 1993 as per the mothership
  6. Could also be that NFL sleeves have gotten so small they's rather sacrifice the 3rd stripe instead of chop it in half like Addias atrociously did
  7. They probably dont have the new ones yet
  8. Beveling done right! ... *looking at you 2017 World Series logo designer*
  9. Jets uniforms ...not looking terrible with the new cut. Let's see how it holds up with sweat.
  10. Mets jerseys as well do not have that 3rd button, someone screwed up there
  11. Thats awful... why the hell is that jersey style even available for a team with a wordmark. With a chest patch, like Detroit or Washington sure but come on, common sense anyone? How can they treat Ichiro like that lol
  12. Well...then it looks like Fanatics wants to push up the release to boost sales
  13. I wonder if Majestic is having financial or manufacturing troubles or something
  14. Why is the NFL so terrible... if its about the money you'd think new WANTED jerseys would sell 100x more then the abomination they have now