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  1. Biggest Downgrades in History

    My bad, me just being lazy, something I'm great at😀 I just call it the Picasso Coyote because that's what I usually hear it referred as.
  2. Biggest Downgrades in History

    The exact opposite!! I hated the Picasso Coyote look!!
  3. Biggest Downgrades in History

    And what was the Elway era Bronco blue? I always loved that shade of blue, kinda between royal and sky.
  4. Outlandish yet restrained designs

    The Mets did it perfectly!
  5. Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    Condor? Ufffff😊
  6. My beloved Cardinals against my hated Cubbies. Either venue is simply beautiful!!!
  7. Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Good point, this league needs to strike a stellar TV deal to succeed. But in a vacuum, football doesn't NEED acceptable weather, hell, growing up in northern Missouri, I played better the worse winter got!
  8. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    Harass your boss for a raise, buy a large Team USA jersey, and make sure those jorts are fringed at the bottom! Dump the Canada jersey on E-Bay. Win-win.
  9. Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Aside from the fan experience, what affect does weather have on the play of football?
  10. This Is The Alliance Of American Football

    I must watch this movie!!!
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    Uffff, and everyone had a dark green car in the 90s!!!!! So bland, bring back some liveliness!!!!!
  12. As strange as the logo is, I kinda like the old Steeler logo with the steel worker punting a football on an I beam. I have a jacket with that logo, and it's pretty sweet!!
  13. Nah, the navy bugs me! Royal and athletic yellow.
  14. As a Cardinals and Blues fan like you, I agree. But what if the Blues ditched the navy...........
  15. Pittsburgh Steeler Jersey Numbers

    Maybe a little bias, Jim😄 I see your point on the road set, but I don't mind it. Any road set thoughts?