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  1. And that post just got me flipped off!! Gonna just roll over here and stare at this wall
  2. I feel your pain, brother Since we moved to the Atlanta area in 2011, l have taken my wife to several Atlanta Gladiators' games to get her into hockey, doesn't click with her?!?! Mainly, l just end up with a designated driver!!!
  3. Well, this September 6th, my wife and I will celebrate sixteen years of marital bliss. I, despite all my efforts, cannot get her to give two sh**s about sports in any fashion. She grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts and mildly backs only two teams: the New York Yankees (l love their uniforms) and the New England Patriots (Tom Brady is pretty fricking hot!!) Zero tangible thought put into either decision, but I otherwise love her to death What makes things worse is that my mother's family is from Philadelphia, so this February was pretty brutal for my clueless wife. She was getting lotsa grief from my obnoxious Eagle-backing family without truly understanding what was going on. To be honest, it was mildly funny
  4. verno

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    As a high school defensive end, l can attest that the three point stance isn't more dangerous. Was just talking with my twenty nine year old brother who was a RT, and he can see that the three point stance could lead to more head injuries. His theory is that the three point stance sorta loosens up the thrust movement quicker, which he believes can lead a lineman to be more likely to decide to utilize the head. I personally don't buy that theory. I ran weak side defensive end, opposed to LTs and optional TEs. Rarely saw any TE set in any other stance than two-point. And that LT, generally set three-point. I actually loved LTs in three-point, l would look at the top of their set hands to see their "lean." Left forearm to side of LT's helmet followed very quickly with right forearm to the base of his neck!!! It didn't always work, l weighed 195lbs, but I had 3% body fat and was very strong!! A little more red on the inside of LT's hand, l'm thinking inside draw or counter. But l never thought a lineman in the four-point stance was going to block more "fundamentally sound." Human nature doesn't work that perfectly
  5. verno

    What is the interest for new sports?

    Ahhhhhh, the sun bin sounds relaxing!!!!!! Grab a margarita, maybe some shrimp cocktail, brilliant!!! And who, BTW, is tired of The Big Four? They are absolutely perfect!!! Good luck!!!!
  6. verno

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    How about the early to mid nineties Blues. We have Brett Hull, get Gretzky, and nothing except those hideous jerseys!!! We did get outta The Arena, though. I once went to a Blues' game in like 1987 in The Arena. Had to knock a rat off my seat. God Bless that old Checker Dome, yuck!!
  7. I'm bumping this topic. As of June 10, 2018, we already know the Caps have hoisted the Cup. But adimiral's point on 2WC is why at 44 years old l am still eternally disappointed with my Blues!!! We get so close........damn!!!!
  8. As a life long Blues fan, l have always disliked the addition of navy blue. Stick with royal and yellow (and don't even think of adding the red back.) I believe the original Blues' set had it right.
  9. Oh, Kentucky reminds me that I don't like black and blue together.
  10. Haha, l don't like red and green together, but I instantly thought of the Devils when l punched in the topic. I see your point with purple and black. Do the Rockies' use of it also bother you?
  11. So, the Ford Mustang traces its roots probably and realistically back to 1955 with the Thunderbird. I own a 2011 Mustang GT, and l really like its looks!!! But........ I believe the 1969 Boss 302 is possibly the best proportioned Mustang ever. Thoughts?
  12. verno

    Lost Sports Logos?

    Potential Memphis logo, with some tweaks of course?
  13. Has this been done? I dunno, let's go!! I really dislike red and green as any team's primary, too Christmasy!! And l will also state that l may prefer the New Jersey Devils in red and green, it is unique in the NHL (aside from the Wild) to red and black.
  14. verno

    NFL 2018 changes

    Damn it, that edit went unwell?!?!?!