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  1. Tams, baby!!! ALWAYS respect the ABA!!!! And probably more likely the Sounds?!?!
  2. My bad, backing off:)
  3. Exactly, I have a pair of 2006 Mizzou basketball shorts with the swoosh on the the upper left corner, about 7/8ths of an inch wide, perfect!!!
  4. Pumped Nike got the NBA deal? They ruined the NFL (Rebook was far superior!!)
  5. As a baseball player in the mid to late eighties, this is the look we rocked! And to my opinion, the best!
  6. I'm the same way, grew up fifty miles northeast of Columbia, Mo and didn't go to Mizzou, but I love them. Went to a junior college in Missouri, moved to New Mexico and finished my degree. I will always bleed black and gold, though! Especially here in north Georgia, surrounded by Dawg fans!!
  7. I just think the Sun's original uniform looks better than their 92 redesign. I agree though that people tend to associate Barkley with the nineties set.
  8. My opinion, all three of these players are in the right uniform.
  9. Hey, nice catch!!! BTW, as a kid, I would have killed for Cameron's Gordie Howe Jersey.
  10. Hands down, any Blazers set.
  11. Oh man, I'm selling my kids!!! They now seem threatening!!
  12. And no mention of the Bengals? The tiger striped "B" is atrostious!!!
  13. MLB: Cardinals???????
  14. That is a terrible uniform matchup!!
  15. I pray the Bengals are reading this post!!!!! Go back to the tiger head!!!!