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  1. Hands down, any Blazers set.
  2. Oh man, I'm selling my kids!!! They now seem threatening!!
  3. And no mention of the Bengals? The tiger striped "B" is atrostious!!!
  4. MLB: Cardinals???????
  5. That is a terrible uniform matchup!!
  6. I pray the Bengals are reading this post!!!!! Go back to the tiger head!!!!
  7. Although orange and maroon is a horrible color combination. So is Clemson's orange and purple.
  8. Maybe the Hoxie PD received permission from Cal Poly?
  9. Unseld's afro is beautiful!!
  10. Huh, didn't know George Karl played. Only ABA?
  11. The most disturbing aspect of this logo is that his eyeball is bent.
  12. So, based on Los Angeles' past history with supporting NFL teams, any predictions on what having at least two teams will look like in five years?
  13. I agree with LMU, it's gotta be that Seals logo. Stare at it for a little while, what the hell is that thing?
  14. I don't like the powder blue uniforms, but I believe the Royals could still pull it of today.
  15. Agreed, the SF Giants font is beautifully proportioned.