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  1. So, l love your Cowboy concept, but, are those baby blue secondary stripes on the sleeves? Or, does my phone operate on the Flintstone plan? Obviously, silver secondary stripes are better, but...
  2. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! This!!!!! Kelly green is back, baby!!!! Cries of joy from my family in Bucks!!!
  3. verno

    NFL by infernoqueso

    For the Cardinals, lose the Flywire also. Solid otherwise!! Reincorporating the Arizona flag is a concept l could get behind, 1988 all over again, and that's a good thing
  4. verno

    MLB changes I'd love to see

    I like the way you think!!!! Colorado is PERFECT!!!!!! Simplifying their logo is spot-on. How about the Padres in gold and white in your proposed template, perfect!!!!
  5. verno

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    I thought Denver, too!! Keep current font, but this overall Bears concept is nice!! Heck, l like all three of these concepts. Probably go black numerals on the Saints road, though, nice contrast!
  6. verno

    Slapshot's NHL

    And how about my Blues minus the navy, a huge problem I have with my beloved NHL team!!!!! Your concepts are spot-on!!!!
  7. verno

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    We have a winner!!!! This uniform is beautiful!!!!
  8. verno

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    That road set is perfect for the Buccos!!!
  9. verno

    Popular Defunct Teams

    I was thinking the same thing, leopard. The Baltimore Colts were a structural core of the original NFL!!
  10. Guessing Cubbies and Bulls for you, admiral. Are you also a Patriots fan?!
  11. So, the title explains it, professional or college. Starting with my favorite professional teams: St. Louis Blues, despite some recent playoff beef, l don't really have an issue with Nashville, maybe because they are now rather close to me (we live in the Atlanta area.) St. Louis Cardinals, l would say the Pirates, l HATE every other team in the NL Central!!! Pittsburgh Steelers, l guess the Browns? I despise the Ravens at such deep level and the dirty Bengals aren't much better!! Atlanta Hawks, uffff, l dunno!!! In college sports, l'm a Mizzou fan. In the SEC East, l guess Vandy bothers me the least, both teams stink!!
  12. verno

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Hold on a sec!!!! The state bird of Utah is the seagull? No way!!!!!
  13. verno

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I am by no means a Spurs fan, but this image is hard to digest!