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  1. All these uniform ideas look great, I might go with a dark green pant with the white jersey. Looking forward to Dallas...hope there's a sharp navy or even a wild black!
  2. probably were thinking they got the best of both...with the hat and the sleeve.
  3. But if I am a big fan and I'm spending the money to buy an authentic hat like the players wear on-field, then I want the New Era logo on mine. I want it just like the teams' hats and I'm sure that is what NE knows. Some fans walk into the sporting goods store/hat store and buy anything with the team logo and it's good enough...others want the actual hat with the real stuff on it. If it's what is across the board, it won't look'll look standard.
  4. I think Alabama should play in fedora hats...and their Pony sponsorship!!!
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers go back to the beautiful original orange and white with the original great logo!!! Pittsburgh Pirates go back to stove top hats with some stars on them (seasons on the team)!!! Texas Rangers mix in the old logo with the baseball wearing the cowboy hat (greatness - their best)!!! Go with a two color hat - Expo-ish!!! I second the mention of getting the Houston Oilers name/likeness back to the city of Houston (aka Texans no more) was definitely an amazing team name.
  6. You should have sent this to Ren1969 for a massive cleanup and save. It's a cool logo for sure and I'm not even a Indiana fan!
  7. Oh. it would be nice to think that the "buy in" were that easy for most kids...some yes, but they live in a society where they have been taught that Nike, Adidas, Under Armor rule...not Bike or Eastbay, etc despite what cool creativity we may be able to put to those items. Don't get me wrong, you can overwhelm most and get them flipped over to your thinking, but there's a reason USC and the Lakers aren't sporting Eastbay brand gear prior to their embroidery being put on it.
  8. When it comes to the New Era hat logo or things like this (company brands on basketball jerseys) or other things coming down the's marketing dollars and it has to be accepted. It's strange to hear people fuss about NE, when people don't really complain about Nike or Adidas. Is it because you feel those brands have brought something to the table? This is the same thing. It will be seen in the same light...status quo...a non-topic really. As a college coach for many years, you'd hear your players happy about Nike or Adidas uni's, but if the uniform budget wasn't there in a certain year and you went a lesser route (even looking sharp)...then the players were disappointed because THAT NAME/LOGO wasn't somewhere on the uniform. A baseball player will feel that way about the NE.
  9. This old school Buccs uniform is primo great...I miss the orange and the buccanear logo!!! One of the last posts with the Broncos old school, with the old full Bronco helmet and nice sleeve...thumbs up!!! All the Chargers uniforms that are heavy on lightening bolts are great, but I like the baby blue.
  10. This is WAAAYYY cool!!! Makes me want to sing, "Harry the Hairy Ape...made his escape from...Pittsburg, Kansas???"
  11. Man, I like your taste in the way you design brother!!!
  12. I like the!!! That could be a cool side shot on these --- kinda retro pennants
  13. Nice work!!! Always like old Southwest Conference teams and logos!!!
  14. Love the Hurricane logo...I enjoy these that are kinda "out there" a bit!!!
  15. Oh Lord, I grew up going to SMU football games and you did amazing on that Mustang logo!!! I may have had a t-shirt back in the day with that on it!!! Gosh, great memories!!! Nearly bringing me to tears!!! That's what it's all about!!!