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  1. nfl2 update

    All team reveals are complete. Moving forward, I will do a self-critique of all team identities. Some will stay and some will be tweaked. Final team slicks will begin to roll out soon. The goal is to get NFL 2 through it's inaugural season and establish NFL 3. Much more to come. Thanks for following along.
  2. Neat idea.
  3. The more that I study that Cat, the more brilliant it becomes. Just gorgeous line work sparky. Have you considered opening up some space between the fangs?
  4. nfl2 update

    @darkpiranha All very good suggestions dp. The biggest reason that I didn't go with a "Howler" is the fact that Grand Rapids already claimed the Howling Coyote. As you stated, there's so many angry wolf logos out there. That's why I went with a friendly approach for this one. It's also why I opted for Grays instead of other over-used monikers. Billies is minor league to the core. No question.
  5. Maybe we should change the thread title?
  6. Stellar as usual. The PuckDucks...PuckPerfect. The shape of the A with the wings is great. Mascots?
  7. nfl2 update

    Might as well tip my hand. #TeamBillies
  8. nfl2 update

    The work is complete...for now. #teamgrays or #teambillies?
  9. Beyond subtle changes in the blues and the addition of silver green pants, not much has changed in my opinion.
  10. Read the article that I posted. Has nothing to do with the moniker.
  11. 002244....see just how many teams have it. It sells.