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  1. It looks like the Calgary Flames 2000-2003 look, but with Jaguars colors. It still looks good though.
  2. I feel like the White C would be a whole lot more effective than the Yellow C. Maybe because it's more traditional. For Anaheim, you used the original color scheme for LA, why not Anaheim it would really complete the matchups. Otherwise, these uniforms are great!
  3. Looks nice! Might be my computer, but the eggplant looks more red than purple. I like the emphasis on Orange than Black.
  4. With most Kings set that use the current colours, I always find it too bland and boring. I think purple should be added in some way, shape, or form, it really would bring the set together.
  5. Hmm...the Keystone Classic is good, especially Pittsburgh, but I'm not a huge fan of the Orange Logo for Philadelphia, it But both are really great sets.
  6. All of these are very clean. My favourites so far would be Pittsburgh, Edmonton, Columbus, and Minnesota.
  7. It's so bad, but it's so 90s! Great Job, I guess?
  8. Oh man, the quintuple striping works very well for the Flames, but it is kinda different for the Flames. Good Job!
  9. This is nice, but another team in the Atlantic with a chest stripe? You did give the chest stripe its own original pattern, unlike the Panthers.
  10. The team swap works nicely, especially Cheevers mask!
  11. You executed the 90s Penguins look amazingly, this looks like something they would wear in the 90s!
  12. nhl

    Welp, that sucks. I hope to see it. What even was it?
  13. nhl

    I guess that surprise is never coming out...
  14. nfl

    Oh boy, Double Green looks great on the Jets!
  15. Wow. That blues jersey look amazing. Just wow.