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  1. Habs'ing the NHL (Edmonton added)

    I like Rangers, but it feels off to not have the “RANGERS” on the crest, but at least you tried to make it happen. Great job overall!
  2. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    I really love the Senators! They look amazing and the color scheme is just genius.
  3. Nashville Predators concept

    This is what they should’ve done.
  4. Habs'ing the NHL (Edmonton added)

    In their current uniforms, orange is very underused, it’s like they should remove it entirely. In these uniforms, Orange is more prominent, the chest stripe wraps around and it’s on the collar.
  5. Habs'ing the NHL (Edmonton added)

    San Jose looks really good, and I think it has the perfect amount of orange to solidify that color as what it is supposed to be, an accent color
  6. A Few Hockey Concepts

    All of these are very nice, I really like the Pens, Jackets, and Islanders. The addition of teal to the Islanders looks very good.
  7. MLB: Project 32 - New York Mets, Pt. I Added

    Both Mariners sets are absolutely beautiful, great job.
  8. Lycan38 Presents: NHL by Adidas (Predators 8/1)

    The two logos should be swapped the Mighty Duck is a far superior logo compared to the Webbed-D. Everything else looks great though.
  9. AOA's Football Tweaks - Los Angeles Rams 7/25

    I think blue pants would look better with the yellow alt.
  10. 2017 NHL Refresh (21/31 PHI Added)

    I hate to say it, but the Flyers look good
  11. 2017 NHL Refresh (21/31 PHI Added)

    Looks better, great job
  12. 2017 NHL Refresh (21/31 PHI Added)

    Oh man, that navy is so dark, almost black, but it’s overall classic look for a O6 team.
  13. NHL Adidas Refresh - *New Matchups*

    He already posted it.
  14. 2017 NHL Refresh (21/31 PHI Added)

    Looks good, but I think it needs a bit more of a hem stripe, maybe an orange stripe above the white stripe.
  15. Habs'ing the NHL (Edmonton added)

    Looks good, it’s what I expected from the Islanders.