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  1. Cant wait to see rest of teams, especially Ottawa Fury FC
  2. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    Chelsea 17/18 jerseys concept Home Away Third
  3. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    i'm thinking about add a ear of grain around badge, like it's on original crest. Maybe this will made it looks better.
  4. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    Śląsk Wrocław badge concept beta
  5. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    I found pretty nice jerseys template, where i have new adidas, puma and nike template. It's hard to edit this so i need re-edit this template for myself, and need to do shorts and socks. I dont know author/authors unfortunately so i cant give credits. Adidas Liverpool Home and Away
  6. Champions League 16/17 Team designs

    I was waiting for Spurs. Home kit is nice clean, but in away kit you could go into dark grey with nice purple elements and monochromatic badge but still very nice design.
  7. MLS Redesign (4/9, Minnesota United added)

    I love your template. Designs are also decent
  8. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

  9. 2016-17 Soccer/fotball Concepts (Tottenham added)

    Cities Home and Third kit is really nice, but i dont like stripes, i think you could go with clean jersey. Away kit could be more third kit according to me, i would do there with black and red stripes finished with gold nike and monochrome badge
  10. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    I have just made a little redesign of US National Soccer Badge I just dont like curves in badge so i redesign it to straight shape, this is part one of my second project "US Soccer Redesgin", now i need to make jerseys, but with real mockup - so need to do one I'm thinking about adding 3 stars like on old badge.
  11. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    Yeah, third kit is supposed to look like firefighter uniform. I will edit tomorrow both away kits. Regarding home kit, i wanted to use different color than base color of jersey, but i will make with red shorts as a alternative home kit. Next team will be Colorado Rapids. Now i'm going to watch Legia's match against Sporting - please no more 6-0...
  12. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

  13. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    For Away kit i will do this in 30 minutes. Alternate kit colors are crazy, but i dont want to make colors like Roma and Internazionale - both 3rd kits looks like Sprite and Fanta. I almost end Chicago Fire, but i have to do 3rd kit.
  14. Soccer Kits Concepts by mkay

    MLS in 2018 by Nike Series So maybe a little story. Contract Adidas - MLS ends in 2018. Nike sign better contract with MLS and from now they are doing kits for MLS. I will do a better graphic design along with history of the club etc. I'm going with clubs alphabetically. HOME AWAY THIRD