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  1. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    New Era to close its Derby, NY plant

    They've always had issues since I've been collecting, which goes back to the early 2000s. However, their caps used to be much better quality and a lot of the issues regarding sizing could easily be fixed once a cap was broken in, especially back in the wool cap days.
  2. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    This is a pretty good rundown of some of the things that make up a brand. However, this is a pretty bad argument. You're really overestimating how much branding affects the finances of a team. There's no way that the Sabres' $13 million loss last season should be completely or even mostly attributed to their branding. Likely from a more tangible standpoint, the Sabres were able to increase merchandise sales as a result of changing their logo and uniform to something the fans approved of. It also probably helped their branding if anything since it give off the appearance that ownership cares about what the fans have to say as well as help reinforce the idea of owner Terry Pegula being a local guy who understands the fanbase. Additionally, with how important local TV ratings are in determining prospective value of sports franchise it's not really a surprise that the Canucks would be valued a lot higher than the Jets. Not only is Vancouver the third largest metropolitan area in Canada, British Columbia is about four times the size of Manitoba. You also have to add in the fact there isn't any other team in the Pacific Northwest, so they might even be able to draw fans from Washington and Oregon as well. I'm going to have to disagree here. In my opinion, the Jets have a much stronger brand due to their ability to market the team as sort of the NHL's answer to the Green Bay Packers. From what I've seen, they've done a very good job leveraging the strong fan support they received upon their move to Winnipeg and creating a brand around it. As a fan of neither team, I'd be much more likely to want to attend a Jets game then I would to attend a Sabres game. If I were to rate them just on their logos and uniforms, I'd rate them pretty similar.
  3. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    While it's true that a brand is a lot more than just the team's uniform, the uniform is either the biggest or second biggest visual component of the brand after the team's logo. As a result, it definitely hurts a team's brand when they don't have at least some consistency in their uniforms. Not only is it more difficult to identify the team quickly for the average fan. It also has an effect on the affective relationship a fan has towards his or her team due to the fact a major part of the visual stimulus that triggers these feelings is missing. Most team's brands are built upon the positive feelings that come from memories of watching the team whether it's going to your first game, watching your team win a championship, etc. Due to this, fans will have a much stronger visual association with uniforms and logos that have been used for a long time since there will be more memories associated with these visuals. A good example of this would be a comparison between the brands of the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. Both teams came into the league at roughly the same time and have similar success. However, the Mariners I would say have the stronger brand of the two. A major component of this is the fact the Mariners have kept a similar visual identity since the '90s, which means when you watch them play it invokes memories of watching Ken Griffey, Jr., Ichiro, Randy Johnson, and other past greats play as well as big moments in the team's history such as their ALDS victory in 1995 and the 2001 team. The Padres on the other hand wear uniforms that are pretty generic looking and don't look anything like uniforms they wore during the past when they had success, so when you're just watching them play you don't get those same kind of fond feelings you do when watching the Mariners. Another area where having a consistent visual identity is important is when it comes to creating a sense of feeling or belonging that goes along with supporting a team. As @Ice_Cap touched on you feel much more a part of the crowd when you're wearing similar colors as everyone else in the stands as well as the players on the field. It's much easier for a Cubs fan to feel a part of the team while wearing the team's traditional blue and red than it is for a Padres fan when there is such a mix mash of colors in the stands. Finally, speaking specifically about some of the NBA alternates this year, a lot of the alternates that teams were wearing didn't fit their brand at all. This can be especially problematic if the alternates clash with the team's brand. For example, the Cubs brand is based on having fun in the sun and watching a baseball game. The brand is further emphasized by the team's typical bright blue and red colors. However, if they were to wear a black alternate jersey because the people at Nike thought it would be a popular seller, it would create a weird juxtaposition that would dilute the team's overall brand that they've worked hard to achieve.
  4. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Is anyone else confused by how they chose what flag to put on the draft hats? The Minnesota Timberwolves have the Minnesota state flag, but the Utah Jazz have the Salt Lake City flag and the Indiana Pacers have the Indianapolis flag. Also, all four California teams have the California state flag rather than their respective city flags, which make some sense for Golden State I guess, and the Raptors have the Canadian flag instead of the Toronto flag or the Ontario flag.
  5. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    Unpopular Opinions

    I feel like this version makes more sense since the web is usually the same color as the rest of the glove. That said I somewhat prefer the original version.
  6. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    Your favorite color combinations

    Royal Blue and Orange (Mets and Knicks) is probably my favorite. Although, I like purple and athletic gold like the Vikings use a lot too.
  7. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    MLB changes 2018?

    It seems like the Brewers have been wearing the M logo for the most part from what I've seen. I wonder if they're doing that because they promoted that logo to the primary.
  8. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    New Nike WNBA jerseys

    Honestly, if I just saw some of the jerseys by themselves, I wouldn't be able to tell which team it was.
  9. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    From this to this to this and finally to this
  10. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    MLB changes 2018?

    @DiePerske is right the Twins TC cap with the gold outline is designated as an alternate, while the TC cap with a navy crown and bill and no outline is the team's designated home cap. It's weird, but it's the way it it is. Just check MLB Shop and see how they're listed. Also, the Twins wear all navy batting helmets both at home and on the road, so I guess they went with a TC logo without the gold outline since it matches both the road cap as well as their home caps, which are worn with their alternate cream uniforms.
  11. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    MLB changes 2018?

    I have to disagree. I prefer the wool and actually like how they would shrink and shape to my head. After a while an older wool cap would fit like a glove. I also didn't mind having to replace them every so often since that's what I do with pretty much every clothing item.
  12. I'm more than fine with getting rid of Wahoo and definitely think it's been time to do so for a while, but I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness for some reason.
  13. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    MLB changes 2018?

    I'm not sure how much what it's listed as on MLB Shop matters since the Twins list their cap with the gold outline as an alternate yet it's the one they use with the designated home uniform. The one without an outline that is worn with their throwback alternates is listed as their home cap on MLB Shop.
  14. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    Unpopular Opinions

    Generally speaking, you're either a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan. There really aren't too many people who are serious fans of both teams. Lots of diehard fans may follow both teams, but they don't typically root for both. It seems most Sox fans hate the Cubs, and Cubs fans either hate the Sox or are indifferent towards them. Sox fans tend to have stronger feeling against the Cubs due to the disparity in media coverage between the two teams as well as the overall dynamic between the South Side and North Side.
  15. Stu-BallsOmnicorp

    Unpopular Opinions

    I like the look of this jersey. I just don't like it as a Celtics uniform since it feels like a big downgrade from their traditional uniform.