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  1. Boston Bruins Logo Redesign Concept

    I agree with others on the triangle, but I do like the look of the B. Would the B work with the circle and spokes to keep the "hub" look?
  2. MLB in 2020 - Arizona Diamondbacks (26/30)

    Just an idea , but how about something space based for Cleveland, due to the states ties to NASA/ space exploration. Perhaps something like the Cleveland Cosmos or Comets?
  3. MLB in 2020 - Arizona Diamondbacks (26/30)

    Love the Rays concept, especially the stirrups. not sure if they would do something like this, but I hope they do.
  4. MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)

    I really love the use of the GW bridge on the Red Bull's kit. It looks great and it has meaning behind it, and really adds to the kit.
  5. Bizarre/Unusual Numbers on Jerseys

    Amir Johnson wears #90 for the Celtics, even though he wore 15 last year in Toronto. As a general rule, I don't think basketball players should wear numbers above the 50's (with a few possible exceptions for numbers like 99)
  6. United North Gridiron Alliance (Please Join In!)

    @Mikey_Meatballs I saw your concept of the loggers and really liked it. Because there isn't another spot open, I was wondering if you wanted to help me with the Boston Beacons, seeing as this is my first concept. This is what I have so far;
  7. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    "It's Next Year", Cubs
  8. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    One hell of an end to a great series.
  9. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    Davis is clutch, man
  10. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    1 out away
  11. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    2 more outs!
  12. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    Whatever you do, just don't leave Chapman in!
  13. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

  14. 2016 MLB Post Season Thread

    Just Short