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  1. Yeah Madden 13 if I am not mistaken. For some odd reason, they were the default pants but, they were never worn in real life. Maybe the fans didn't like them
  2. Speaking of legends in Marlins uniforms, Expo and Cubs legend Andre Dawson
  3. My bad gonna fix that
  4. Huh thought I was the only one. I much prefer their 70s set. But hey, that tired old twins throwback at least looks better than their current set
  5. LT2 himself (I personally associate him with their previous set)
  6. NFL: Panthers and Jaguars (fun fact: panthers are not real they are technically either leopards or jaguars) MLB: Marlins and Rays ( sea creature themed teams based in florida) NHL: Hurricanes and Lightning ( weather themed teams) NBA: Knicks and Spurs ( clothing based teams)
  7. Would have loved to see them matched with mavs when they were wearing the trash bag unis
  8. I would like to see nfl teams like the bears or the patriots, experiment with secondary colored pants
  9. Reggie collier and pete gonzalez wearing big Ben's number
  10. Daunte Culpepper wearing the number 12 of all things
  11. I really don't like these but then again, I have never liked cream uniforms
  12. Before brees there was jake delhomme ( not really a scrub but...) and happy feller ( I picked him because of his name)
  13. This sounds fun. I think I will give it a shot
  14. Imo I just think the baggy pants look cool but, tucking the pants legs into the socks looks cool too.