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  1. This sounds fun. I think I will give it a shot
  2. Imo I just think the baggy pants look cool but, tucking the pants legs into the socks looks cool too.
  3. This never should have happened. He was viking and should have retired as one.
  4. I guess I am part of the very small camp of people who prefer the long "pajama" pants
  5. True dat. Management can do what they want with the color red but, their usage of it is overbearing to the point of where their uniforms look kind of ugly (especially their alts). The point I am making is that I think they should use more blue or add in gold to make it a little more unique
  6. Good point but, whenever people think of angels they don't exactly think of red. they think of like powder blue or gold. Red imo fits more with demons or the devil.
  7. Just gonna rag on a division rival. Sorry but, I always thought these looked incredibly stupid. People may like them A lot but, I despise the number on the front, the fact that they look like pajamas (though that's a problem I have with unis around this time) and I just don't like that blue and red are the colors when the black and red they had was much cooler. I am glad they at least kept these as alts and went to their current awesome unis
  8. These darker revamps of familiar looks, actually are kind of cool
  9. I love this look too and I think they should either go back to this look or add more blue to their uniforms. It adds a lot to their look and makes sense. A team called the angels shouldn't wear so much red.
  10. Here we go since a new season is beginning
  11. Stupid spellcheck put it as Stephen. I see him more as a knick. That was the team he was on when his best seasons happened. And that ray allen mistake was just a brain fart
  12. Two Dc teams that make a call back to their 70s roots at the expense of already awesome looks.
  13. Chauncey Billups and Stephen Marbury who both end up becoming superstars outside of Minnesota
  14. I actually don't think these are too bad. They have an awesome color scheme,simple but effective design and just better than their 2000s look imo.
  15. Ugh. It is the only blemish on the rox, otherwise awesome uniform set. And speaking of ugly vests
  16. I actually like these variants of the lions uniforms. Was the addition of black unnecessary? Yes. But did it ruin the uniform? No. It was a solid look during a period where the lions were at their worst (believe it or not)
  17. I think they would have made great home uniforms
  18. I am with you on that though, I actually thought the previous wasn't half bad. I felt they should own navy and red since the nets abandoned it. Imo I think red and black is used too much. it is the new red and blue.
  19. Percy Harvin is going to retire again...
  20. So anybody got a pick for the hart trophy? Imo I think Crosby is going to win it.
  21. Same problem as Tampa original looks that were simple but, had its own unique elements to make it stand out as its own identity. Instead of piggy backing on already established, I would of liked to see the canes go further with the hurricane theme without going stupid with it.
  22. In my opinion the best the brewers ever looked. A shame the same could not be said about the on-field product around the times these were worn then maybe, these would be remembered more fondly rather than that lame BIG look.
  23. They do look better than what people make then out to be but, I think these look better
  24. You could say that but, that where the fun of this thread comes from.