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  1. Speaking of which I just got back from seeing Kevin Nash at an indie show in Connecticut. Pretty cool how he still comes to small events to meet and greet with fans. Didn't wrestle, but did cut a shoot promo about not drinking and driving on Labor Day weekend.
  2. I'm the guy whose posts make sense. You must be the other guy.
  3. Who gives a :censored:? Another fine of example of "What the hell does dfwabel's post have to do with the topic being discussed?"
  4. Report: Bo Dallas Kept Off Plane for Being Drunk New favorite wrestler.
  5. Florida trades David Bolland and Lawson Crouse to Arizona for 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2017. Isn't/wasn't Crouse a pretty solid prospect?
  6. Huge pop for the GTS. People were chanting for it the moment he started attacking Aries. I've been to a lot of shows but this was the loudest one by far. Every guy was over as hell with the crowd (with the exception of Wesley Blake and the Authors of Pain in the dark matches.)
  7. Just got back from the Barclays. Rewatching parts right now on the Network and they did not do Nakamuras entrance any justice. It was a million times better in person.
  8. I don't trust anybody from Charlestown anymore. Thanks, Jimmy Hayes.
  9. Just scored tickets to NXT in Brooklyn on Saturday night. I could not be anymore excited for it!
  10. I saw the video that someone posted on Reddit of it. Seems entirely inconclusive. Nothing really glaring other than anecdotal evidence. A few users, who claimed to be at the event, also chimed in and said the audio was consistent, at least to them.
  11. If anybody is friends with Tank on Facebook, do me a favor and post the Snopes articles that debunk all the anti-Democrat memes he posts. kthxbi
  12. It's indie wrestler turned WWE costume designer Mikaze. Was amazing in the Northeast US indie scene and now designs costume stuff for the WWE. He also appeared as an enhancement talent in 2012 in a handicap match against Ryback with fellow Northeast indie guy Scottie Slade.
  13. Learned today that sporting the Gadsden flag can be considered racial harassment. Ok.
  14. I guess "not killing other people" is just way too difficult a concept for some human beings...