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  1. Don't know much about intergender wrestling, but I'm a huge fan of Interspecies Wrestling for sure.
  2. I wish that was my biggest problem since updating my MacBook. My computer has run horribly slow since the update earlier this month to macOS.
  3. No, because I'm not ready for Gurv to die at 45 nor ready for Harv 3:16.
  4. How dare a 74 year old not sound the exact same as he did in 1988.
  5. I did not watch wrestling from late 2001 until about 2007. What Lesnar initially rejected and something just clicked or was he loved since day one?
  6. I'll take The Revival feuding with guys like American Alpha on Smackdown any day over them being the butt of elementary school jokes on Raw.
  7. This makes me ashamed of at one point living in the same city as the knob who wrote this article. Would it really? Is there some guy sitting in his house in Mattapan who is unsure on whether to send a "Sorry about your strained quad" or "Please rest your injured wrist" card to Zdeno Chara and he's losing a good nights sleep about it? The problem with being "truthful" is that it usually means a timeframe for injury accompanies it, or "expert" journalists assume a recovery period and then get their underwear in a knot (along with fans) when said player exceeds that timeframe. Who gives a :censored: about reporting accurate injury news to the fans? He's injured/hurt. That's enough information. Yuck.
  8. Agreed. Mockba has never stumbled into a Protestant or Catholic neighborhood in Northern Ireland, I see. I'd say we're on par with just about any country in the world.
  9. I feel like Angle will be back in due time. At least for a one-off. I would not be surprised to see him have an "indie retirement tour", come back to the WWE for his retirement match, and then die in the ring when he tries to make his inevitable "comeback." I mean, he has to.
  10. Yeah, that was my first thought as well. I hope other teams don't follow suit. I'd prefer not having to watch the 'Jose Sharks. I look forward to the next six years of concepts on here that are miles better than whatever they release tomorrow.
  11. You know what; I'm cool with this. I love Brock Lesnar coming out and throwing people around, but honestly, you can only do that for so long. This loss actually adds a dynamic to the Brock Lesnar character. A character that really has no depth besides "I will kill you." Making the Beast Incarnate look weak can lead to some interesting storylines, and the ability to elevate some other guys on the roster if it's done correctly.
  12. I count ten dead. That's not terrible considering this video is from 1989.
  13. I went to the Bruins/Jets game last night. The Winter Classic/third jerseys for the Bruins are fantastic to see live. Very classy. Also, it might have to do more with the fact that the Winter Classic was so recent, but their alternate branded wear is very popular. Hats, jerseys, shirts, etc.
  14. Can we call up Bryan Trottier and invite him to Toronto to heckle Mitch?
  15. The one night I stack Penguins players on DraftKings...