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  1. That picture is the perfect manifestation of what I figured every Barstool reader to look like.
  2. The hat logo coming back for the eliminated Blue Jackets. Nice choice. I would expect nothing less from you, McCarthy.
  3. That was Brittanie Cecil, and if I remember correctly, it was a deflected shot that found itself into the stands.
  4. If he doesn't, he should. Don't wanna break that Happy Days kayfabe.
  5. It was a dumb rule designed to solve a problem that didn't exist. Was intentionally throwing it over the glass ever really a problem for the NHL? No, it wasn't. You know what's a better rule? Call a penalty on a guy for sticking another man in the balls or mutilating a defenseman's figure regardless of whether they are a "face of the league" or not. Anyway, who would have thought you could lose a series by going 0-3 at home? Ugh. Bruins played way too inconsistently. Many are blaming the injuries on defense, but when your top players fail to show up in key moments, maybe it's time to look at the players who were playing and scrutinize that. I didn't catch the OT goal (had a men's league game tonight) but I figured Pastrnak factored into it through a dumb move in the offensive zone. I was half right. What an awful penalty to take in overtime. I wish Peter Chiraelli was around to send Pastrnak to Vancouver for a gallon of yak milk and some ECHL character guys. I certainly didn't expect the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup, but I was very excited about the prospect of a Rangers/Bruins series; they always have fantastic games with each other. I think out of the last 25 games they've played against each other, 22 or 23 of those games were decided by one goal.
  6. The delay of game penalty for flipping the puck over the glass is dddduuuummmmmbbbbbbbbb.
  7. Just in case nobody has ever seen this. Recorded by a young Corazon de Leon. Be warned; language is NSFW. Pretty sure this was Cornette's first shoot promo.
  8. I rarely complain about officiating, and I like to think I don't fall into that "homer" New England sports fan stereotype, but dear Jesus the officials in this series have B B & S.
  9. The Bruins are playing like this is a regular season game in the middle of November. If they keep this up, they're toast. And Wideman goes absolute knee-to-knee with Krejci. No call. #OTTAWATYPICAL.
  10. Or maybe he just works out really hard and is obsessed with nutrition. I know some wrestling fans are out of shape and allergic to exercise equipment, but this is not true for everyone.
  11. I like David Pastrnak's need to only do toe drags and fancy crap. It's really helping the Bruins.
  12. Also, I went to an indie show this weekend. Donovan Dijak is a name to watch. Guy has the look and every single show I've seen him at, he's stolen the show. I can only assume that the WWE has their eye on him.
  13. To be fair, Jinder has never really been in a position to capture our attention or be anything other than boring; he's been given nothing to work with. What was his big feud/moment so far? Feuding with The Great Khali when he first came up? He was entertaining enough with 3MB, especially the early "I'm the kind of the funny one" promos they shot. Plus, it's cool seeing a guy like him win the match to become the #1 Contender. No one was picking Jinder to win that 6-man match. I like that.
  14. I was very much sports entertained by the Big Show/Braun match. Well done, fellas.
  15. April 17th, 2017 - The day I finally agreed on something with Regis Pierre McGuire