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  1. Or as we know it in Boston, a quintessential Peter Chiarelli trade.
  2. Continuing the theme of the Original Six comes Detroit.
  3. To be honest, I'm not going to be adding hemstripes to the Color Rush series. As someone who is a hockey sweater traditionalist, I thought hemstripes really took away something from the color in this project. With that said, adding Montreal.
  4. I'm the same at first. Though, my problem is that I usually only watch one show at a time with large breaks in between. This was the first show that I've watched continuously since House of Cards. That includes both Netflix and network shows. And you know what else is great about Stranger Things? No gratuitous violence or gore. For a show that could have this stuff, it didn't. I like that.
  5. Starting with the champs, the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  6. For the 2016-17 season, the National Hockey League has launched their NHL Color Rush promotion, in partnership with Reebok. All 30 teams will take part in this league-wide initiative. Teams will be unveiled throughout the next few weeks. Teams will combine elements of past, present, and future, to present their identities in a way to spotlight particular colors that make each team pop. ============================================================ Eastern Conference Atlantic Division Boston | Buffalo | Detroit | Florida | Montreal | Ottawa | Tampa Bay | Toronto Metropolitan Division Carolina | Columbus | New Jersey | NY Islanders | NY Rangers | Philadelphia | Pittsburgh | Washington Western Conference Central Division Chicago | Colorado | Dallas | Minnesota | Nashville | St. Louis | Winnipeg Pacific Division Anaheim | Arizona | Calgary | Edmonton | Los Angeles | San Jose | Vancouver
  7. Yup. That's exactly what I want. Please reward me for my brilliance or GTFO. #BrillianceOutForHarambe It was more or less a generalization of the diehards. Relax, stallion.
  8. I think one of the most frustrating parts of any sect of presidential supporter this year has been the absolute unwillingness for any side to concede a point regarding the candidates. I have yet to meet a committed Trump/Clinton (and hell, throw in Sanders) supporter who has said something along the lines of "you know, I don't know enough about that. Fair point." That is never the final sentence they say, but rather they replace it with "WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT TRUMP/CLINTON INSTEAD?!" How the can we expect any sort of meaningful dialogue when every supporter has their heads buried firmly in the sand and refuse to listen to the other side? Why not discuss differing views and then come to some sort of resolu...NO WE CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE TRUMP IS A RACIST/HILLARY FOR PRISON. Yuck.
  9. Did You Know?: Before embarking on a career in shoot promos, Jim Cornette had a semi-successful career in the professional wrestling industry.
  10. Hooray beer.
  11. mod edit
  12. Can Hillary please bring up how Donald Trump is part of the WWE Hall of Fame so that the media can talk out their ass about what professional wrestling is. I love when they pretend to understand things they don't. "Wrestlers in 1987 admitted to steroid use SO ALL PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND DO STEROIDS EVERYDAY."
  13. I started Stranger Things on Saturday with the idea of watching one show per night. Yeah, that last until Monday when I watched two more and then binge watched the last four episodes. What a phenomenal show. I'm not a fan of sci-fi outside of Star Wars, but this Netflix wonder has me hooked. I haven't been this excited about a show returning since being hooked on Breaking Bad. The pacing for ST is out of goddamned control. It's perfect. Every scene means something, and not in the way of "I'll miss something big if I don't watch" but rather "I need to see every detail in every science because it's a masterpiece."
  14. Meh. It's ok. It honestly looks like one of the jerseys you can buy for $49.99 at Sears or something, though. Thank Christ they didn't go with red though.
  15. That's why house shows live events are so much fun. I honestly almost prefer them to RAWs and Smackdowns. Match after match with very little big-time bull :censored: in between.