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  1. Brass

    2018 NFL Season

    Thank god Mike Tomlin is incompetent because the Steelers should be up by at least 17 right now.
  2. Brass

    2018 NFL Season

    Not shocking when you remember the Patriots defense is horrible.
  3. Brass

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Tom Wilson or Zach Hyman? Not sure who is who.
  4. Brass

    HFBoards Bad Comment Aggregator Thread

    OOTGHFB: Only On The Goddamned HF Boards
  5. Brass

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    Not only did I once see a guy in a John Rocker jersey, but it was also on a New York City subway. True story.
  6. Brass

    2018 NFL Season

    Also, Fouts and Eagle absolutely suck.
  7. Brass

    2018 NFL Season

    Patriots can otherwise contain Aaron Rodgers, but get their :censored: pushed back by Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariota. LOL
  8. Brass

    Bad Jersey Sightings

    So, some of you here might remember a remarkable Tumblr page called Straight Cash Homey which specialized in bad jerseys. The website, unfortunately, is no longer around, but their content is still available via their Twitter page. It was without a doubt one of my favorite websites for a good while and I was bummed when it was not updated anymore. I believe someone here discovered it. Since they can't continue the tradition, I say we do it. So what exactly is a bad jersey? I'm not talking horrible customization or a counterfeit jersey from China, but rather jerseys that are of just bad players. Jerseys such as... Jerseys that make you question why in God's name anyone would either A.) pay money for it or B.) own it. We've all been to sports games and seen bad jerseys. Got any?
  9. Brass

    2018 NFL Season

    Suprisingly, UrinatingTree on YouTube had a pretty good take on why exactly Kaep was never signed. I remember hearing it and it made the most sense of everything I had heard. I’ll try to dig it up.
  10. Brass

    2018 NFL Season

    BUT TYROD CAN'T THROW THE BALL MORE THAN 20 YARDS or whatever crap Bills fans convinced themselves was true so they could justify starting Nathan Peterman over him.
  11. If Nomar Garciaparra got a ring in 2004, then Brandon Phillips deserves one in 2018.
  12. As I've always said after a big Boston win, very blessed to be able to witness what I've witnessed and I truly wish everyone could capture the feeling of seeing their favorite ball club or sports franchise win a big one. I was hoping this series would go seven, but it was still great seeing the Red Sox pull it out. Congratulations to the Dodgers fans here as well and hopefully we can all have a repeat next season as well!
  13. Slutty Mary Hart is gonna be the go-to costume for Halloween.
  14. So much for not watching the World Series.
  15. Dave Roberts could go to centerfield and take a :censored: on a picture of Ted Williams and I will still applaud the man. He's a legend.