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  1. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Sooooo the new Ghostbusters trailer is one of the most disliked videos in the history of YouTube. The answer; OBVIOUSLY sexism and not the fact that is just looks like a really bad movie.
  2. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    I voted in the CT Democratic primary a few days ago. "Uncommitted" got my vote. I like his policies.
  3. Kansas City Bulls (NHL)

    Chicago might not be cool with another professional sports franchise using their logo. Try to come up with your own.
  4. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    I was an idiot and didn't really see what exactly he was being charged with. Seems like most of his awfulness was, unfortunately, past the statue of limitations. Makes your blood boil, but would open a slippery slope if he was indeed charged for those crimes.
  5. The Sports Media Thread

    Sooooo did Mike Tirico use his white privilege to get his new gig at Fox Sports or how does that work?
  6. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    A judge refers to Dennis Hastert as a "serious child molester" and then proceeds to sentence him to only fifteen months in prison.
  7. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    The "shocking" part isn't attributed to the fact that this happened in Chicago, but rather used in a sarcastic sense against Black Lives Matter and their overall hypocrisy. Nothing about this tragedy on their official media feeds and that's to be expected since none of them were shot by cops.
  8. 2016 WWE Payback

    Crowd is dead tonight. I'm glad I didn't spring for tickets.
  9. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Over 30 people shot over the weekend in Chicago. Black Lives Matter "shockingly" quiet about this...
  10. 2016 WWE Payback

    I believe so? I don't know a ton about Andrade, but he impressed the hell out of me. Great wrestler! Ciampa was great, too. Nakamura and him would absolutely kill each other! Ciampa works stiff. Biff Busick (now known as Chris Girard) was also impressive in his win over Mojo Rawley.
  11. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    True, but there's a better chance that state governments will allow actual teachers to have a say in curriculum, planning, etc. than if the federal government and their infinite wisdom did it. No system is perfect, except for allowing teachers to do what they're trained to do.