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  1. Suspenders > Merch. And I should have written "modern day" champion, but that's just some buzz word somebody in the back came up with. They probably want to put it on a t-shirt.
  2. Is this the first WWE Champion in history to not currently have any active merchandise on WWE Shop?
  3. And ya'll used to laugh at 3MB...
  5. Bad News: Jinder might not win. Good News: This exists.
  6. Let's simplify this: has there ever been a bad match at an NXT Takeover? I can't think of one. And with that said, YOU ALL READY FOR JINDER MAHAL TO BECOME THE MOTHER:censored:ING WWE CHAMPION?!
  7. That Bate/Dunne match is how you make a championship title mean something.
  8. DIY is just too good.
  9. Is that the PPV which opened with a ":censored: YOU D-VON" chant? Or am I thinking of Barely Legal?
  10. I don't know. I think I blame Nabokov for that goal a lot more than I do Boyle. It actually wasn't a bad play by Boyle since he had both his defensive parter behind the net and a wing on the far side. Now, some will argue "but Boyle is a professional and should be able to make passes like that better" but honestly, I can say that while speed and overall puck skill has evolved in the last few decades of hockey, passing has gone down hill. At least in my eyes. But Sharks, so it was bound to happen.
  11. You mean Aubrey?
  12. Please don't OD.
  13. This isn't as much of a gear grinder as it is a heartbreaking bummer. I have a student who is a very sweet and intelligent girl. Quiet, but great. Her work is always on time and her effort is extraordinary. Unfortunately, her mother can only be described as a "paranoid mess." The lengths she will go to protect the privacy of her daughter are out of this world. Among them are: - Requesting her daughter's picture not be taken at school or any school-related function. Ever. - Requesting her daughter's full name not appear in our online grade book, which is only accessible by teachers. - Requesting that all in-school documents that have her daughters name be shredded and disposed when no longer needed. - Requesting that during any and all e-mail correspondence her daughter's first name not be used because of "potential hackers." - Requesting her daughter's name not appear on the Honor Roll list in the hallway at school. The mother told administration that in her "line of work", we would be able to better understand her concerns...whatever that means. While I can certainly understand wanting to protect a 13-year old's privacy (especially in this day and age of social media), some of the lengths she wanted to go to seemed a bit excessive. I've voiced concerns to administration regarding this numerous times, but I'm told their hands are tied as this doesn't qualify as "abuse" or anything like that. We recently had field trips to New York City, a local retreat center, and a few plays at the local high schools. This girl was allowed to join for a grand total of zero of them. I feel as if most of this girl's 8th grade year (a "culminating year," since our school is K-8) has been robbed from her by her mother. Last night, we had our annual banquet night for our 8th graders, and I left the night feeling absolutely heartbroken for this girl. Every year, one of the highlights of the night are the 8th graders reading "Thank You" speeches, in which they can thank anybody that has helped them get to where they are today. Most of these students have been in the school since kindergarten, so it's an emotional and important time for them to thank parents, friends, teachers, etc. They work on these speeches in Language Arts for a few weeks, perfecting them and practicing them. The mother of the aforementioned girl, however, would not permit her daughter to create and publicly read her speech. When all the 8th graders lined up on stage to read their speeches, she was stuck in the audience. When the speeches were over, a routine class picture was taken of all the students. Obviously, paranoid mom wouldn't let her daughter in because most parents were taking pictures of the group. The mother started taking pictures of the group (I guess it's ok for her to have pictures of everyone else's kids, but nobody can have a picture with her child in it, which might be the most infuriating part) and then made her daughter take the rest of the pictures. You could read the sadness on this girl's face and it was utterly heartbreaking. About 30 minutes later when everybody was on the dance floor having a great time, a boy wanted to take a picture of everyone having fun. That was until Mommy dearest rushed over, grabbed the boy's arm and told him no; all because her daughter was on the dance floor and might have appeared in the picture if the boy had taken it. As stated, the girls is very bright and a great student. In four years though see this going one of two ways: - The daughter going to college, rebelling, and falling into drugs/alcohol simply because mother isn't around anymore. I've seen this happen with very strict parents before and can only imagine this will happen for this particular girl as well. - The daughter not being allowed to go to college and being robbed of a higher level of education she rightfully deserves. While there is no shame in going to a local community college, this girl would no doubt get a high rate scholarship to a school like Boston College, UConn, or NYU. Neither route is very comforting. My heart just breaks for this poor girl and wish her mother would just let her daughter enjoy life before the daughter inevitably snaps and resents her for the rest of her life.
  14. You might want to contact the real person that made the logo, which can be seen right above your first comment.