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  1. I can't wait their logo package to not be half as good as something you could find in the Concepts section.
  2. In the Ravens case, you might want to make some adjustments on the back of the jerseys, too!
  3. Lots of Red Sox connections on both the Cleveland and Chicago side, so not entirely sure who to root for. Both fan bases also deserve to see a championship. This will be a fun World Series to watch!
  4. Local Northeast indy wrestler Bull Dredd?
  5. Reigns pretty much destroying the other team at the 2013 Survivor Series could have been a breakout moment, had they not :censored:ed up his push afterwards. Everyone in the crowd that night, including myself, was marking out for that moment.
  6. Goldberg doesn't seem like the type to make a comeback for :censored:all. If he was, he would have already done it. I think the match will be alright. I thought the return was great and seeing a "vulnerable" Goldberg adds an entirely new dimension to this feud. I'm optimistic about how this one will play out!
  7. Meh. I have allergies hardcore right now so I'm one to talk.
  8. Did anybody not see Trump calling the election rigged eventually? It was inevitable. Wait until he loses. His concession speech will be nothing but excuses and finger pointing.
  9. That's it! Thank you!
  10. Shouldn't you be in school?
  11. Man, I'd really wish WWE/NXT didn't post spoilers on Twitter and just let things play out on TV...
  12. In a recent interview for a local newspaper, the principle of the high school around here stated that they "designed a new logo" for the school. Now, I might be mistaken, but I'm 99% positive I've seen this logo before. I know it's not the Washington Capitals 90's logo, but rather one that is very similar. Here is what they are claiming is the logo they "designed."
  13. Donald Trump on Color Rush: "Great colors. Best colors you've ever seen. I saw them. Beautiful. Colorblind people can't see? If they stopped being losers, they could see. Weak."
  14. "New Warriors crossover jersey. What is Golden State thinking? I would have done it bigger, better. That's why they lost finals. Losers." - Trump on new Warriors jersey
  15. Donald Trump tweet-reacting to sports logos news needs to happen. "This new Las Vegas NHL team. Won't reveal nickname. What are they trying to hide? Owners are total losers. Won't win a game."