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  1. WWE Hell in a Cell/Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

    "Welfare Queen" would have delivered some serious heel heat back in George Championship Wrestling.
  2. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Dealing with nausea. I've been having some dull nausea almost every night for the past month or so. It was kicked off early last month when I was woken up in the middle of the night (and I'm a damn heavy sleeper) by horrible pain in my stomach. At first, I threw the covers away from me because I literally thought I was stabbed and I had the most extreme nausea that night, too. I've recently had an upper endoscopy, hyda-scan, and an ultra sound but doctors still don't know what is causing it. I have it pretty much no matter what I eat. It's becoming quite the pain, both literally and figuratively.
  3. Tank in the news

    Certainly wouldn't help the stability of the stool.
  4. What Floats your Boat?

    I have a few Homage shirts myself. Great t-shirts and extremely comfortable. I remember when Homage was first becoming an online presence and its great to see them explode like they have. Same thing with Violent Gentlemen, which I'm a massive fan of and probably the clothing company I own the most garments from.
  5. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    Most likely. Joaquin Phoenix whispering everything also didn't help the movie's cause. I like the idea behind the film, but the execution was terrible. Par for the course with M. Night, though.
  6. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    I don't know how you did it. I always thought the acting was just absolutely atrocious. A brilliant cast, but for some reason they were all horrible and I say that with affection.
  7. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Hopefully John Henry and Tom Werner are faaaarrrrrrrr away from the eventual decision to hire Brad Ausmus as the new manager of the Red Sox. Their pettiness (but mostly Larry Lucchino) is what led to the Sox dismissing Terry Francona.
  8. Star Wars Movie Thread

    I just had eight heart attacks while watching the new trailer.
  9. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Meh. Didn't expect anything from the series. Astros were the better team and cool to see what they've accomplished given how horrible their past decade was. Good luck to them. I'm also disappointed that the Red Sox could not sell this game out. Serves management right, and most of Boston for the matter, for driving the average fan away in exchange for corporations and businessmen coming in.
  10. Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

    Don't worry, guys. Our friends at the Lets Roll Forums are all over this one for us...
  11. 2017 NFL Season

    Jacksonville Jaguars....what are you?
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    Welp, that's what happens when you leave guys wide open in the secondary. You've got some work to do, Matt Patricia.
  13. The NHL According to Brass

    Minnesota Wild Home Road Third
  14. 2017 MLB Season

    Best fans in the baesball.
  15. WWE No Mercy: 24 September 2017

    Cesaro/Sheamus and Rollins/Ambrose tearing down the :censored:ing house.