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  1. Brass

    Usfl Concept: Houston Gamblers

    I'm digging the logo Nitroseed, although the Gamblers logo with the King does have a slight Vegas feel to it. It's all good though.
  2. Brass

    Kentucky Loses!

    There's one thing I don't like about NCAA tourny. AUTOMATIC BIDS!!! St. Joe's played mostly weak teams with the occasional strong team here and there, but no huge powerhouses, and gets in as a top seed. They screwed over my brackets. They did call me crazy though for picking Manhatten over Florida
  3. Brass

    Zoneranger's Whozis #59

    1. Michael Jordan 2. The Number is wrong; it's suppossed to be #23 not #12.
  4. Brass

    Best Nickname?

    Bill Juzda "The Honest Brakeman" Lorran Thibeault "Larry Half-n-Half" Alfie Pike "The Embalmer" Bert Corbeau "Pig Iron" Gord Pettinger "Gosh" John Ross Roach "Little Napoleon" Carson Cooper "Shovel-Shot" Doug Young "The Gleichen Cowboy" Rene Boileau "Rainy Drinkwater" Joe Daley "The Holy Goalie" (All ex-NHLers)
  5. Well, I think I'm going to go with Family Guy. This cartoon hasn't made me laugh harder than anything. The Simpsons is in a close 2nd, South Park is 3rd, and Futurama is 4th. But Family Guy, pure, comediac, GOLD!!!
  6. Not exactly done, but done in the matter of what I wanted to do. On Roger's site, it's easy to view his jerseys through File Manager, which I did as well. Here's the link: All I currently have are my seperate files from my NHL Projects. I will try to put all 2 or 3 of the teams jerseys into one file, just give me some time. ***Special Thanks to Roger Clemente for his template and current NHL teamj ersey templates, and for logos, and Suigi's Rafale jersey design for Anaheim.*** Enjoy and BTW, make sure you zoom fully into the jersey to get best picture.
  7. Brass

    Finally, Me Concept Site Is Done!

    How did that happen? Most of my jerseys there don't take up much space and really aren't that high quality.
  8. Brass

    Expos' New Destination...connecticut?

    The part I don't get is that this guy wants to build a 34,000 seat stadium??? That's the size of Fenway park, and everyone claims it's too small which it is. He also wants to renovate the 7,000 seat Yale Stadium for 2 years. So here's how its going to go if this goes through. The "Colonials" will have no good players, because they won't be able to spend any money. Or. They will have some good high-paid players, but tickets will be ridicously priced at more than $80 bucks a seat and nobody will come. Either way there screwed if they build this tiny stadium.
  9. Brass

    A Stupid Question

    No, it's the same one, but not the EXACT Stanley Cup. It is an imitation one, because the real one is too frail to use. BTW: Who's the cousin-in-law (sorry if I don't already know about this)
  10. Brass

    Player Of The Decades

    Since it's WAY to hard to determine a Player of the Century, I decided to do a player of the decade thread. Feel free to post any sport with the decades, and who rules that decade. Here's my NHL: 1960's-Maurice Richard/Gordie Howe 1970's-Bobby Orr 1980's-Wayne Gretzky 1990's-Mario Lemieux 2000's-Not sure who to pick....
  11. Who do you guys think are the most overrated and underrated players in any league? I'm going to take a stab at the NHL Overrated: 3. Chris Chelios-Sure he did do a lot with Chicago, but those days are over. He is getting old, but not like what he used to be. He's capable of much more points. 2. Paul Kariya/Teemu Selanne-Like Chelios, these guys are capable of a crap more points. I know they are injured often, but both completely dropped off the edge of the world. 1. Martin Brodeur-Ok, I know NJ fans especially are going to bag me for this but, Martin Brodeur. Look at what is in front of him! If I had that defense, I would be getting shutout after shutout also. I mean, if you threw him in a Boston uni, he would be just another goaltender in the NHL. Underrated: 3. Glen Murray-back-to-back 40 goal seasons, and still doesn't get any respect or attention. C'mon, this guy is worthy of more. 2. Jere Lehtinen-Probably the best defensive player in the NHL. He can also score, but as yet to get the attention of the press. 1. Michael Peca-My favroite style of player owns the top 2 spots. Do people not like the defensive forward? This guy helps out in the zone, gets points, and is the Captain of the Isles. He is Mr. Underrated. Ok, bash away, because when it comes to voicing your opinon here, too many different people think they are right about everything.
  12. Brass

    Expos' New Destination...connecticut?

    Yeah. What also helped the Whalers get booted was being in the middle of two hockey meccas, the Rangers and Bruins.
  13. Brass

    Sharks 7th Man Award

    Could we see the copy of the winning entry?
  14. Brass

    Expos' New Destination...connecticut?

    Nope. I live in Hartford and can honestly say that they only support a team if they are winning. Why do you think the higgest attendence records at Whalers games were recorded in 1986-87? Because that was there best winning year! CT CANNOT support a major-league team. CT is only good for minor-league teams. Even the Hartford wolfPack don't get good crowds. In fact, they had to hide a section of the seats under ads and things to make the arena look smaller and have more people in it.
  15. Well, I was home in New England this week, and had to clean the basement ( ) While I was down there, I found something unbelieveable. My old Super Nintendo, my orginial Nintendo, and Nintendo 64!!! So many memories rushed back into my head, so I hooked them up again and started playing. My favorite game of all-time was also in there. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 64. (Check my sig ) These games were so innovative in those days, and with today's games, it's hard to believe we waited in line to but these. In otherwords, I started this post so everyone could bring back there old video gaming days from the release of Super Mario Bros. 1 to the antisapated debut of Super Mario Bros. 3. From Double Dragon to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Man, I miss the good-ol' 90's!
  16. Brass

    Red Sox 2004 St. Patrick's Day Jersey

    They have hats too that are green, with the regular red B, and on the back is a shamrock. I actually like th jerseys (probably cuz I am Irish). I think they look pretty sharp. I mean they don't blend well, but neither do the WB-Scranton Penguins' Christams jerseys.
  17. Brass

    My First Concept..please Don't Laugh!

    Well it's a start.........
  18. Ok, I'm a Bruins fan and think that they just let the stupidest trade EVER go through. They traded Jeff Jillson, a defensemen who has loads of potential, for Brad Boyes. WTF??? Why the hell did they do this. This is the worst trade I've seen since the Whalers traded Ron Francis to the Penguins. I figured since they need goal scorers, they obviously wouldn't go after one at the deadline, but this sucks. Just another thing that shows that Bruins are nipping the tails of the Blackhawks as cheapest team in the NHL.
  19. Brass

    Creamer Basketball

    I'll take the Nuggets
  20. Brass

    Now These Are Freaky

    Check out these Urban Legends. They are really weird. I never knew about the Lion King, the mouse movie (forgot the name) or the song "Love Rollercoaster" I did know about the Little Mermaid one though. HERE'S THE LINK: What do you guys think of these? Weird, huh?
  21. Brass

    Rejected Bobcats Logos And More...

    The 2nd rejected BobCats logo looks very similar to the Bridgeport SoundTigers logo.
  22. Brass

    Now These Are Freaky

    Actually in Alladin, I think he says "Take off you clothes" very quietly.
  23. Brass


    Homer: " there anything they can't do?"
  24. Brass

    Fav Tv Catchphrase

    Well here's an interesting topic! Which are your top 3 ONE-TIME catchprashes from a TV show (ONE-TIME means "What'ca talkin bout" and "DY-NO-MITE" don't count.) Here's my top 3 in no order. 1. "Stoping people from having sex, now I know how the Catholic church feels...BA-ZING!" Stewie from Family Guy 2. "What did the 5 fingers say to the face? SLAP! I'm Rick James bitch!" Dave Chapelle as Rick James 3. "So....what'ca wearing?" Moe from The Simpsons
  25. Brass