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  1. We did this a while back, but maybe people have newer updated pictures or any new members wanna share what they look like. I have a blurry pic taken last week. user posted image Not the best, but still me. Anyone else?
  2. Being reported by multiple news sources, but it appears that Disney has purchased LucasFilms for roughly $4 billion. Disney is setting their sights on a 2015 release of Star Wars: Episode VII.
  3. Usually always drive by the WWE Headquarters when heading to New York City. It's a very nondescript building, to be honest. If the giant flags/logo weren't there you would just assume it was a run of the mill office building. There's a few in that area that appear to be nestled right in the center of a suburban neighborhood.
  4. I think everyone did. I remember Lita and Jonathan Coachmen anchoring an episode, and I'm pretty sure Al Snow and Raven did the same. What a time to be alive.
  5. Can't decide between Taker and Arn? Then split the difference! Just hire Urn Anderson.
  6. The Bruins used their first round draft pick on another. Damn. Defenseman.
  7. NHL draft should be interesting tonight. I'm hoping the Bruins don't screw this up too badly. Considering Jake DeBrusk, Jakub Zboril nor Zachary Senyshyn have made their debuts yet and they were picked in a stacked 2015 first round, I don't have high expectations. Bruins will most likely end up taking a Swedish forward who won't sniff the NHL for another 4-5 years ala Carl Soderberg.
  8. Said no one ever.
  9. Booker T on every commentary team. Done.
  10. I prefer to consider Lin Manuel-Miranda as "That Guy Who Wrote the Song from Maz Kanata's in The Force Awakens."
  11. This looks pretty amazing. And so many good wrestling cameos, as well. If anybody hasn't seen the documentary about G.L.O.W., then I highly recommend you watch it first.
  12. Anaheim Ducks Home Road Third
  13. The National Hockey League (According to Brass) Style Guide [As of 2017-18 NHL Season] EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division Boston Bruins - Buffalo Sabres - [Home] [Road] [Third] Detroit Red Wings - Florida Panthers - [Home] [Road] [Third] Montreal Canadiens - [Home] [Road] [Third] Ottawa Senators - Tampa Bay Lightning - [Home] [Road] [Third] Toronto Maple Leafs - Metropolitan Division Carolina Hurricanes - [Home] [Road] [Third] Columbus Blue Jackets - [Home] [Road] [Third] New Jersey Devils - [Home] [Road] [Third] New York Islanders - New York Rangers - [Home] [Road] [Third] Philadelphia Flyers - Pittsburgh Penguins - Washington Capitals - WESTERN CONFERENCE Central Division Chicago Blackhawks - Colorado Avalanche - [Home] [Road] [Third] Dallas Stars - Minnesota Wild - Nashville Predators - [Home] [Road] [Third] St. Louis Blues - Winnipeg Jets - [Home] [Road] [Third] Pacific Division Anaheim Ducks - [Home] [Road] [Third] Arizona Coyotes - [Home] [Road] [Third] Calgary Flames - Edmonton Oilers - [Home] [Road] [Third] Los Angeles Kings - San Jose Sharks - [Home] [Road] [Third] Vancouver Canucks - About This Project... Trying to reimagine the National Hockey League in my own image. Many of the concepts have been ones I've been tinkering with or have been inspired by other concepts/what has been popular for those teams. To be honest, this has been a project I've been working on for years, with a lot of research, time, and care spent on the uniforms. A HUGE thank you to for having the templates for each NHL team on hand. I cannot thank that website enough.
  14. Wayne Gretzky was right about the Devils.
  16. I'll be honest, I think getting rid of the double outline for the numbers and letters for the Bruins is the wrong move. The numbers/letters look incredibly out of place. Looks like they also might have changed the font.
  17. They're honoring the Colorado Rockies who also had numbers on their sleeves DUH.
  18. Their new jersey is literally a sweatshirt.
  19. Oh, they're honoring the honoring the Newark Bulldogs by having a single black stripe at the hem? WELL THEN THAT MAKES IT ALRIGHT.
  20. Her husband was never in WWE. He's been floating around the indies, Japan, ROH and TNA for the past decade. I saw him wrestle at an indie show in a local high school about six years ago, so good for him on getting the call to WWE. I also saw Ruby Riot wrestle in the basement of an apartment complex in the Bronx in 2016. Glad to see she's also onto bigger and better things.
  21. "Adidas InCOMPetence!"
  22. Great. The Predators will be wearing a jersey that looks like it came from the clearance rack at a Target in Brentwood.
  23. New York Rangers Home Road Third
  24. Well, that would certainly be a cowardly way for Enzo to escape!
  25. What's not to like about Mike Smi... Oh.