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  1. Being reported by multiple news sources, but it appears that Disney has purchased LucasFilms for roughly $4 billion. Disney is setting their sights on a 2015 release of Star Wars: Episode VII.
  2. An incredibly underrated WrestleMania. Pretty much a great card from top to bottom, especially with them removing Nathan Jones from a match!
  3. And still miles ahead of this...
  4. WrestleMania 16. What a cluster:censored: that was. Let us never have a WrestleMania without a legitimate singles match ever again.
  5. With WrestleMania XV's tagline being "The Ragin' Climax." Ah, the Attitude Era...
  6. Watching The Undertaker wrestle is like watching your dad get beat up.
  7. I've been all about Dalton Castle for years. I think ROH is 100% his jam and wouldn't want him in WWE to be honest. He's massively over in ROH because it's a primarily serious promotion and his goofiness is entirely off-beat.
  8. Spike Lee on posted a picture of himself and Colin Kaepernick on Instagram. He wrote... Or. You know. Kaepernick is just not good
  9. Or it's the Good Brother, which is classic.
  10. I mocked this up a number of years ago. Something along these lines, font wise?
  11. It's just a lighter black, or at least that's what I meant to use. Doesn't appear to be green on my screen.
  12. You're seeing green in the logo? Where?
  13. Winter Classic with Islanders/Sabres likely to be played at CitiField in 2018.
  14. Patriots have resigned Dont'a Hightower. Really happy to have him back. I unfortunately don't see Malcolm Butler coming back, which is unfortunate, because most of their championship teams have been based around strong secondaries and I don't know if I trust Stephen Gilmore yet.
  15. Eh, I don't mind Trips coming out on top, provided they don't have Rollins come out on top next week. Next week, have Rollins almost get his hands on Triple H, until Owens/Joe make the save on behalf of Triple H and beat Rollins to a pulp. Week after, have Rollins almost again get Triple H, but somehow, he escapes. Let the first "Rollins comeuppance" happen at WrestleMania.
  16. Corey Graves is very good. Despite being a heel commentator, he spent the Aries/Daviri match putting Aries over. You should try that, JBL.
  17. May we never forget. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  18. Dennis Stamp is dead. Cancel WrestleMania.
  19. I modified your post to reflect my reaction to most dfwabel posts.
  20. I wouldn't call those cuts/releases "mistakes." It's not like Ty Law left New England and set the world on fire in New York, Kansas City, and Denver. As for Samuel, sure he was a playmaker with some great hands (Super Bowl notwithstanding) but he wasn't physical nor effective in all areas of the field. He was pretty one dimensional. Curtis Martin was also released in 1997, well before Bill Belichick really got a hold of the team. As for Vinatieri, he's a kicker. So meh.
  21. Hightower probably has the typical Bill Belichick approach of "go out and see what you can get and then come back to us." It's been done before in New England.