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  1. 2018 NFL Offseason

    And they were never going to. Just driving up the hype train to then go ahead and pick a popcorn vender with the first round pick.
  2. 2018 NFL Offseason

    I want Lamar Jackson in a Patriots jersey by the time I go to bed.
  3. And this thread would be a lot more fun without your posts.
  4. So THIS is the Tuukka Rask we can expect tonight? Great.
  5. And you've got the Bruins horrendous history of game sevens at home on your side. Hopefully it's a game for the ages, though.
  6. Except stats don't matter in the Stanley Cup playoffs. If they did, burn your 2011 Bruins Stanley Cup Champions shirt and get a Canucks one. Whether the stats are on their side or not, the problem has been: 1.) The Bruins first line being shut down. 2.) Said first line taking scoring opportunities away from themselves. 3.) No one (looking at you David "$7,250,000 cap hit for what...exactly?" Krejci) stepping up in the absence of the first line. Torey Krug and Patrice Bergeron are absolutely carrying this team right now. Stats this. Stats that. Bruins blow it in OT on Wednesday night.
  7. You guys better ordain David Pastrnak for his contributions to the Maple Leafs victory tonight. Just don't give him anything breakable as a keepsake because he'll drop it and then accidentally step on all the pieces.
  8. I'm also pretty sure that the Bruins are just about .500 or under at home in game 7 situations. They are Bruce Boudreau: The Team.
  9. David Pastrnak opts for a goddamned toe drag which gets deflected because this isn't roller hockey instead of taking advantage of his clear shooting lane to the net. I wish Peter Chiarelli was still around to deal you to Chicago for Ben Eager and a handful of magic beans. EDIT: Told you this series was going 7 games...
  10. It's been an exciting series. I see it going seven and if the Leafs pull it off, I wouldn't mind rooting them on the rest of the way.
  11. 2018 MLB Season

    Sean Manaea is taking a no hitter into the 9th against the Red Sox. Impressive!
  12. Wow. This Bruins team is certainly bipolar. The Garden was rocking before the game and the Bruins played the first two periods...lifeless. Very little urgency in their play until the 3rd period (when they came out like a team possessed) when they needed to be and Andersen steals another game for the Leafs. He played great. Weird to think the Bruins would have had about 10+ more shots if Pastrnak and Marchand didn't try to toe drag their way to missed opportunities. Fourth line played great, despite the dumb nicknames Doc Emerick was saddling them with. I hope the benching of Rask lit a fire in Tuukka's ass. Congratulations, you finally stood out in a playoff game, but an elite goaltender does more than have just one good game. I don't see the Bruins winning in Toronto. This game is going back to Boston for 7. Which means, 100%, the game will be decided in overtime.
  13. I don't see this Bruins/Leafs series not going 7 games. Jee-wiz! EDIT: And some of you think bringing back the Whalers is a good idea...
  14. Frederik Anderson having a big night for the Maple Leafs. He's been there at big moments for Toronto. Bounces just haven't been going the Bruins way and that rarely ever changes mid-game. Toronto earned their win tonight. Going to be an exciting series.
  15. No, thanks. Bergeron/Marchand/Pastrnak works fine. No need to throw useless gimmicks on this team.
  16. Just something I've been toying around with for a few months Tried to mix a few different generations of Kings imagery into one design. I tried purple helmets, but they looked atrocious, so I stuck with the black helmer/purple paints combination. Trying to get back into concepts. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction. C&C welcome and appreciated as always.
  17. I've never heard any of those nicknames. The only good nickname line the Bruins had recently was the Merlot Line. Never before, never again.
  18. I don't think "trying to win" is a good phrase to use. The Leafs just don't have an answer (yet) for Pastrnak. The other lines are doing a good job generating offense and grinding down the Leafs top lines. It's just been the Bergeron/Marchand/Pastrnak line that has been putting the puck in the net. Ironically enough, the Bruins might be one of the teams with the deepest rosters in the playoffs.
  19. An Untalented Paint User's Take On The NBA

    A lot of logos are extremely pixelated, such as the Nets logo. Also, I don't think having a giant diamond over where a basketball player's dong will be is a very "flattering" design...
  20. An Untalented Paint User's Take On The NBA

    Agree with @panthers_2012. Take your time here. Both concepts are a bit sloppy and the Celtics jersey looks extremely rushed. Take your time. It looks like your colored in the jersey with the paint bucket, slapped a logo, and boom - done! Take some time to clean up the jersey. What about the pieces of white between the color of the jersey and the border of the template? Fill those in and make it look a bit more presentable. Fool around with Paint and find tools and tricks that work for you. There have been some amazing concepts on here done with Paint primarily because users have taken their time.
  21. Let’s Find the Lowest-Rated Logo On This Site

    Are you actually trying to find the logo with the lowest rating or are you just posting bad logos you found?
  22. HFBoards Bad Comment Aggregator Thread

    "The Merits of Widening the NHL rink." While reading this thread, my head exploded twice.
  23. Peter Chiarelli left a few years ago.