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  1. Once in a lifetime baseball moment there. Wow.
  2. Wouldn't mind Harlan taking over play by play duties from Marv during the Summer Olympics.
  3. Tremendous road trip for the Tribe. Time for some home cooking after a day off.
  4. Cavs get a week off. Well needed.
  5. So the AL Central is a fun division so far this season.
  6. Legendary game. Absolutely legendary. If the Cavs win the title again, this game will be on the DVD they sell.
  7. Was thinking about this today. I suppose the best example would be the Premier League for people in the US. It's on all the time thanks to NBC, and it's fun to watch, but I don't consider myself a fan of any of the teams in said league.
  8. Love the colors. Absolutely love it.
  9. So hey, about that...
  10. So the first game was only a one point win. This was a six point win. Can only get better from here!
  11. The team did not lose because IT lost his sister. IT played great. The rest of the team played like trash. What is their excuse, if the person who was actually related to the person who died played great?
  12. Again, that is completely irrelevant, because "their best player" (who has a name, by the way) played terrific in light of that tragedy.
  13. IT had a good game. Not his fault they lost, so your point is irrelevant.
  14. The so-called number one seed in the East just lost at home. Sad!