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  1. Boy, this game has me pissed. Reverse a good goal due to "interference," penalize Guentzel for the weakest interference call ever, and miss a clear trip behind the net. Damn poor officiating.
  2. Always great to see the "classiest" team in the league get eliminated, especially by a sweep. Have fun golfing, Spurs.
  3. That was an absolute bull :censored: play by Wingels at the end of the game. Completely dirty and unnecessary cheap shot directly to the head of Wilson. Hopefully the officials in Toronto deal with him accordingly.
  4. Honestly dude, this is getting old. The Nashville fans have been, for the most part, welcome ambassadors for their team. They haven't overreacted nor have they been classless. If they had belted out racist chants, tweets or whatever, I'm sure the internet would've picked up on it by now. On today's game, I'm glad we finally got to Anderson. I guess Rust was more important than previously thought.
  5. That's fine, fandom makes the world go 'round. I'd be saying the same if the tables were turned. To be fair, I don't think it was a lack of effort that cause these blowouts; I just think the Cavs are that much better. It doesn't help that the only bigs on the C's are Horford and Olynyk, and even then I'd put an asterisk by both of them. The Raptors were also overmatched (though I question the effort of Lowry) but at least they had two solidified bigs in Valenciunas and Ibaka. Still didn't amount to much, though.
  6. Finally able to score more than one against the wall, but should've had at least two more. At least we regained home ice.
  7. Ruwhedel gets elbowed in the face by Ryan, Cole retaliates, Cole gets sent to the box. McCarthy if the Sens score, there's your wish.
  8. You often need a superstar to be able to compete in basketball, but at its core it's still a team game, and one player doesn't necessarily make or break a team (think Anthony Davis). As a C's fan, I would love to draft Fultz because there wouldn't be as much pressure on him as there would be if he went to LA or Philly. In fact, he might even find himself coming off the bench because IT4 and Bradley will probably retain their roles. It may be better for him that way, look at how Jaylon Brown has performed given limited minutes.
  9. KAT should've gone ahead of DeAndre and Lebron, Westbrook, and Kawhi all should've been unanimous 1st team along with Harden. By missing out on that $200M contract, George is more than likely to be donning the purple and gold in the fall, and Hayward the green and white. As much as I think LaVarr is a pompous jerk, I actually hate Lonzo's demeanor more. Even though LaVarr is arrogant and outlandish, at least he doesn't try to hide it or cover who he is. Lonzo comes off as a snob IMO; he is naturally quiet (no problem there) but he doesn't refute anything his father says, and he still gives off an arrogant vibe himself. If I'm a GM, I wouldn't touch him with a 10ft. pole.
  10. As opposed to Pats fans who didn't exist before 2001? Kawhi already has a 'chip; I'd feel sorrier for a guy like Wesbrook or Wall. What happened was unfortunate, tragic even, but the Spurs were losing this series regardless.
  11. They give the draftees options. For example, in this past NFL draft draftees were given options to wear 59Fifties, 39Thirties, and 59Fifty Low Profiles. I get the feeling that you just dislike 59Fifties, which is completely fine, but the majority of draftees in both the NFL and NBA prefer them. And honestly, I see people walk around in high-brim caps all the time and I think it suits them well.
  12. I must have stared at both the logo (old and new) and actual pistons for about a half hour. I can say that it's a very liberal take on an overhead piston/cylinder.
  13. I would indeed be shocked but I would not be as shocked as I was when Cleveland upset Golden State last year. The 2012 Celtics had championship pedigree. They had won a title and were runner up in another, and were a high seed in the playoffs pretty much every year. While they weren't as talented as Miami, they had the heart and mental fortitude to give the Heat all they could handle. The 2017 squad is very different, in that they're young and, for the most part, inexperienced. I held out hope that the C's would down the Heat, I have none entering this ECF.