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  1. Las Vegas Canucks circa 1994? In any event, as fitting as this uniform would be, I think Vegas got it right. I think the main reason for the disappointment for the uniforms is the addition of red and the grey home uniforms (probably because grey is such a drab color).
  2. Outside of the striping on the sleeves and waist (it should be thicker like their previous iterations) the Adidas uniforms clean up nicely. The brightening of the orange invites the opportunity to darken the blue - the entire palette would be too sharp if they had brightened the orange and kept royal. These Kings uniforms were actually designed well IMO. No inconsistent piping, no weird Edge blotches on the underarms and sides, and a traditional look. While Kings fans might not like their previous color palette (and the fact that they look like the Sacramento Kings), this was the one time Reebok didn't completely f*** up.
  3. This is accurate. Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Love, Rose, etc. were all drafted between 2007-11 and became superstars stalwarts for their teams. Giving the young guys a few more years to get acclimated only makes sense, not everyone is a Jordan or LBJ (and even they didn't win in their early years).
  4. The starting five in Minnesota should be quite a force. Of course they have no bench and Rubio just cannot score consistently, but at least they have someone to pair KAT with on the offensive end. The Lakers won't compete this year but will next year with the LeBron SuperFriends v.3. I sure hope Ainge knows what he's doing. Tatum at third makes sense offensively; he'll fit right in with Brown and Horford. But it just feels like they could have made a move somewhere...though I'm not exactly sure what chips would have been on the table. Hopefully we reap ripe fruit for the 2019 season.
  5. Just wondering why jerseys need to be matched? Montreal's jerseys don't match and they're one of the classic uniforms in all of sport.
  6. I guess in the fold of all the new toys the Ducks decided to stay pat. What a shame, they could seriously use an overhaul.
  7. Aw dammit, I liked their curved-font; it felt classy. At least their changing to a block font...still a downgrade, though.
  8. A few takes on the reveal: The Devils' sweater is hot garbage. Whoever pulled the trigger on this design needs to get the pink slip. LV hit it out the park with their jersey. It looks gorgeous. I though Minnesota did a good job with their uniforms. The only problem is the stripe on the torso doesn't match the double-stripe on the sleeves. I guess I'm the odd man out on Edmonton. I love their new unis. Nashville certainly looks cleaner, but naked at the top. Should have added a full navy yoke (would have also given us a buffer for their gold helmets). I guess I'm alone on St. Louis as well, as I like the white numbers over the yellow. Overall, not awful.
  9. It depends. Mickey (obviously) predates the script logo by over five decades, but the script may be more well known now due to the immediate success the company had with the script. Add to the fact that Disney (and pretty much all companies) are trying to streamline and simplify their brands, it makes sense to use the logo that is already widely in use (I can't remember the last time I saw the mouse-ears logo).
  10. I think the sweater would be much improved if the logos switched places - i.e., the cannon moving to the chest and the star-and-flag moving to the shoulders. The star looks much better duplicated than the cannon, which is strong as a standalone logo.
  11. White-on-white with black numbers looks much bolder as you said. While I constitute the Jaguars as a teal-first team, black numbers on the road uniforms look cleaner.
  12. Do we know if this is the only game the Giants are wearing their Color Rush unis? I haven't seen any announcements about multiple weeks using the CR unis. In any event, many of the CR uniforms teams wear are better than their actual alts (e.g. Steelers). The Saints, Cowboys, Bengals, Patriots, etc. all have great CR unis IMO. They'd make for great alternates.
  13. I did, but the question was responding to was "how are their uniforms iconic?" I know full well the history of the Cowboys' whites (as I acknowledged in my post), but I was giving reasons as to why many call their uniforms iconic. I did not dispute the actual reasons why they've been worn. As for whites at home in sports leagues, meh. Baseball and basketball look much better with whites at home, but hockey is even, and football looks much better with darker home uniforms IMO.
  14. The navy set has real silver pants instead of that sea-foam crap they wear with their whites. I'm good with the change. The whites are mostly iconic due to the 70s when they were coined "America's Team" by NFL Films. There used to be jokes that the Cowboys wore white because they represented the "light" or "good guys", whereas darker uniforms were seen as "villainous". While the concept of morality was not the purpose of wearing white at home (they first started wearing whites due to the heat, then to see uniform parity), the phenomenon caught fire and has stuck with the team. The 90s dynasty only further established their brand. Bears yes, Jets no. The partnership with Nike ruined their classic look. The Giant's home blues would be a better choice IMO.