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  1. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    Meh, Browning isn't that good. He has weak arm strength, and occasionally makes jarring, bone-headed decisions. I usually don't listen to my brother (who is a die-hard Duck fan), but I do agree with him on this. He won't be able to handle the pressure of any NFL team, let alone NYC. Of the potential QBs coming out, I'd only trust Herbert...Haskins if he declares eligible. I'm not sure about Grier, and I'm completely down on Drew Locke. Definitely looking to be a weak year for drafting QBs.
  2. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    Nope, I will always hate Pats fans more than any other...though SabersRule7361 paints a pretty poor picture of himself. I do kind of lean towards IceCap's line of thinking in that we are watching a once-in-a-lifetime talent dominate. From that perspective, it is sort of pointless to heave hate because A.) it is useless and B.) you know damn well you'd be cheering for him if he were on your team. We have never seen dominance like this in the free agency era across any sport (though the Warriors might try to challenge them). The Yankees of the late 90s nor the Red Wings of the 90s and 00s can compare to this near 20 year run for the Pats, and it is absolutely impressive. Sure, there have been competitive teams during this time frame: the Colts with their 7 straight 12 win seasons, the Broncos 4 straight 12 win seasons, hell my team's been dominant since 1972. But it's not the Pats and their sheer power...it's pretty unbelievable to see. And yet, with all that, I cannot bring myself to see them in the same light as those 80s and 90s 49er teams. I view those squads with respect and as legacy squads, and even though I probably should with the Pats...I just can't. The main reason is due to the fact that they just absolutely own the Steelers, but I cannot get over them flirting with the rules. Yes, I know other teams filmed too, yes I know other teams deflated balls, yes I know Goodell is a hack and had it out for the Pats, and yes, I realize the DeBartlo crew had multiple incidences with the league during the 49ers run...but I really don't care, it just fuels my hate more. Is it irrational? Perhaps, but I can't shake it. When Brady retires I won't have the same reverence I had for Manning and even Favre, I'll say good riddance and wish a lifetime of misery to the Pats and their fans. I understand fans view the Steelers and their fans (i.e. me) in the same light, and I won't dog them for that. But will never appreciate the Pats, Brady, or Belichick, and nothing will change that.
  3. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    Mike Tomlin has, by far, the worst challenges in the league. I wear glasses for heaven's sake and can see better than he does.
  4. If the Browns could wear their Color Rush uniforms with white pants (which I don't see why not?), then I'm sure they'd choose that. Instead, we get white on white 'cause, as DiePerske stated, it's their only passable combo. They probably are, which makes me glad I won't be watching. Might be the only game of the season where the Browns will look better than their opponent.
  5. Chargers, the damn Chargers...can they do anything right? Their mono-blue is absolutely horrendous.
  6. LSU has not defeated Bama since the 2011 Game of the Century regular season. That and the fact that Jalen Hurts has already defeated the Tigers twice (once at LSU), means it doesn't matter who starts at QB, Bama will beat LSU. Heck, they could start their third-string QB and still win by double-digits.
  7. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Missed the Thursday night game, which sucks because that was a guaranteed W. Oh well. Indianapolis vs. NY Jets Chicago vs. Miami Arizona vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Buffalo vs. Houston LA Chargers vs. Cleveland Seattle vs. Oakland -- London Carolina vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati LA Rams vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. Dallas Baltimore vs. Tennessee Kansas City vs. New England San Francisco vs. Green Bay
  8. JWhiz96

    NFL Fields - 2018 Week 5 Updates (10/8/18)

    Lions debuted a new endzone design yesterday: Honolulu "LIONS" with silver and white trim. I thought I would hate it given the fact I hate ghost wordmarks (i.e. 49ers recent playoff fields), but in all honesty, I don't think it's that bad. Certainly adds more character to a rather plain look.
  9. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Indianapolis vs. New England Green Bay vs. Detroit Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Buffalo Miami vs. Cincinnati Baltimore vs. Cleveland Denver vs. NY Jets Jacksonville vs. Kansas City NY Giants vs. Carolina Oakland vs. LA Chargers Minnesota vs. Philadelphia Arizona vs. San Francisco LA Rams vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Houston Washington vs. New Orleans
  10. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    Yes. The pass rush is not an issue, and our rushing defense, while not great by any means, is not terrible. Our pass defense sucks a$$.
  11. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    It was a spot foul, since the penalty occurred after the catch, down the field, during the run.
  12. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    Yes...the worst possible one I really don't know why I chose Pittsburgh to win this game. Gotta start taking off those blinders.
  13. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    The Colts being the Colts. Quite possibly the most boneheaded call of the year thus far.
  14. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Vikings vs. Rams Jets vs. Jaguars Dolphins vs. Patriots Eagles vs. Titans Texans vs. Colts Bills vs. Packers Lions vs. Cowboys Buccaneers vs. Bears Bengals vs. Falcons Seahawks vs. Cardinals Browns vs. Raiders Saints vs. Giants 49ers (R.I.P.) vs. Chargers Ravens vs. Steelers Chiefs vs. Broncos
  15. JWhiz96

    2018 NFL Season

    Steelers almost blow a 20 point second half lead. Can't say I'm surprised, it's a trademark under Tomlin. Still, a W is a W. One of the strangest games in a while. These roughing the passer calls are getting out of hand, though. All four were straight dog crap.