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  1. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I somehow missed the unveiling (I read a Yahoo post about it, what a bummer). I think this is a strong case of "Never know what you got 'till it's gone". I was never privy toward the Titans' uniforms (especially after they eliminated the Reebok sheen in 2012), but I never had any real issues either. It looked like it was a jumbled mess...but somehow it worked (I do think they benefited from reaching the Super Bowl the year they unveiled that set). Today, they still look like a jumbled mess, but unlike the '99 set, the elements of the new uniform just don't mesh. The entire mono craze hitting the league right now is beyond dumb, and this might be the most egregious example. They've pretty much done away with Columbia (except the third uni), and the number font...oh that font... They had so much potential, and blew it. It might not be Buccaneers bad, but it's bad none the less.
  2. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Yes to the block numbers, no to the grey facemasks. The ones they've been wearing since '78 work just fine. As for the Titans, I'm thrilled about them ditching a white helmet (seriously, how many white helmets does the league need?), but it does bum me out they're going the navy route. Not surprising, but didsapointing for sure.
  3. Pittsburgh Steeler Jersey Numbers

    This is a hard topic indeed. While I love the classic block abd the era it represented, I'm gonna have to go with the italisized Futura; partly because I grew up during this era, but it also updated their classic look without sacrificing anything. I'm kind of shocked though to read about the disdain for their gold road pants though. I think it works well, especially when compared to the white pants they wore in the 60s and early 70s.
  4. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Congrats Philly. Guess we can't brag about being the only Super Bowl winning team in the state anymore. Y'all deserve this moment. NE faught hard, nothing to be a ashamed of. I have no ill will toward any Patriot at the moment...except Kraft, who I always have contempt for. Him and his elitist attitude can take a hike.
  5. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I come home from work to find that (on my TV) this :censored:ing game is on. I care not to watch New England advance to another Super Bowl, but since the game is on in my room AND the living room I have no choice.
  6. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I don't think this is a fair or true assessment. You're asking a team who just lost on one of the more heartbreaking plays in recent memory to come back on to the field to run a meaningless play based on a completely arbitrary rule. I don't blame them one bit for taking their time to get back out there.
  7. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    The Saints out Vike'd the Vikings.
  8. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Because every coach (except Belichick it seems) makes mistakes. They are human after all. Hell, we saw the typical mistakes show up again this year: Andy Reid and Mike Tomlin: Questionable game management (has always been and will always be their biggest flaws) Sean Payton: Reactionary, emotional calls (has always been and will always be his biggest flaw)
  9. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Why would I wanna visit your dump in the first place? Minny doing what a #2 seed should - drive a stake through their opponent defensively. Tomlin should watch this game, since apparently he can't stop Blake Freakin' Bortles.
  10. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Damn, this sucks. Gg Jacksonville, you were clearly the better team both times. Go beat NE please.
  11. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Agreed that Tennessee never had a shot, but I'd still like to see an evenly officiated game. NE is good enough to crush poor competition without phantom calls.
  12. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I'm not gonna sit here and say that XL wasn't poorly officiated...but really? Outside of Roethlisberger's non-TD, the other two calls (offensive PI in the end zone, holding on Clark Haggans) were borderline at worst. If I were reffing I would've called the hold and left the Seattle TD on the board. But the worst officiating in modern sports? I know you dislike the Steelers, but that's a gross overstatement.
  13. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I know these uni's are historic and whatnot...but god are they awful. So glad they got rid of 'em.
  14. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    New England should change their colors to black and white with vertical stripes. They'd look lovely.
  15. 2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Atlanta vs. Philadelphia Tennessee vs. New England Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh New Orleans vs. Minnesota