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  1. crixus

    Major League RUGBY

    Any rugby fans on the board? I like the sport and this new league looks to be far. More teams are on the way for 2019 and 2020. I went to a match in San Diego over the weekend and had a blast.
  2. crixus

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    I know what you mean. I was there this past March for a college basketball tournament and couldn't wait to go home after only a couple of days. And I agree with you on the logo idea as well. Over the top is Las Vegas.
  3. crixus

    Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    When I was a kid my Dad had a book (from 1964) called "How To Watch Football On Television". It was a really good book about what to look for from the eyes of a TV production crew.
  4. crixus

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Your life must be really boring if a little joke gets in your way.
  5. crixus

    Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    I'm not a fan of the Color Rush uniforms. The Rams vs Bucs looked like Mustard vs Ketchup. I'm a Chargers fan and still prefer the Powder Blues.
  6. crixus

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but fell victim to the Electoral College like Al Gore. I think the Las Vegas Panhandler$ would have been a more appropriate name. You can't walk half a block there without someone hitting you up for cash.
  7. Alderson-Broaddus Battlers in Philippi, West Virginia (Philippi is where the first land battle of the Civil War took place).
  8. Cal State San Marcos Cougars in San Marcos, California (Palomar Mountain is nearby and the big cats sometimes wander down to the city).
  9. University of Charleston Golden Eagles in Charleston, West Virginia (Prior to 1978 it was known as Morris Harvey College).
  10. Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas (TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw played football for MSU back in the 70's).