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  1. NFL 2017 changes?

    Ravens with purple pants and white jersey is much better than black pants with white jersey or all white.
  2. 2017 NFL Season

    Where actually could the Rams or Chargers move on such short notice? The Bay area?Both of those teams are on the road.Arizona & Denver are both home so no.Guess that would mean Football double header in San Diego? Bet that would go over like a Led Zeppelin.😑
  3. The Chargers are winning when they go with the all navy look and it is a unique look for them.Much better look for them than the all white uni's.I would think this is their LA look till further notice.
  4. Did the Giants do it when Dallas came to town?I know Washington and Philadelphia were doing it around that time.I just can't recall seeing a Cowboys/Giants game from the Meadowlands where the Giants wore white at home.
  5. When was the last time the Cowboys wore the dark jerseys against the Giants?Would of been when they wore dark jerseys at home in the 1960's?Can't ever recall seeing the this uniform matchup.
  6. This might be the best weekend so far with jersey combinations.
  7. That all blue look for them is their "fight for LA" look and seeing they're winning in those threads,those uni's are going to be their look probably the rest of the year.
  8. Titans need to drop the Navy pants at home altogether.On the road maybe;depends on the team.Titans look much better at home in Navy over White and Navy over Columbia.
  9. And maybe the Cowboys now are making Thanksgiving their game to wear the dark jerseys at home.Gotta boost those jersey sales you would think.
  10. The Chargers actually look alot better in all navy at home instead of all white which looks terrible with the white helmet.And seeing they won in those colors they'll probably use this combo as their Fight for LA mantra.
  11. NHL in Houston

    They could go with the name to honor the past but change the colors to red and black.Perfect if the Carolina Hurricanes decide to move west.
  12. Glad 5 of the original 6 made it.Glad there are some Canadian teams in it.Don't know what the NHL is smoking with their playoff format though.They also need to put Toronto & Detroit back in the Western conference to have 3 original 6 on each side.Maybe flip Nashville and somebody else.
  13. 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    Yes! While I'm a fan of 3rd jerseys and this site has to be the best for pictures of it for lack of a better word the Oilers Orange jersey is just too Orange.I know.Face palm.The blue jersey's were a thing of beauty.Wear the Orange once in a while maybe when you play Calgary.
  14. Wait what?I was under the impression that he sold 20%. And that Davis share's are still at or around 55%.Maybe I'm reading it wrong.I think Mark's shares are under AD football or whatever Al listed them in as a Corporate name.
  15. Stadiums that should be renovated

    Allstate arena in Rosemont,IL opened in 1980 as the Rosemont Horizon.It was the first indoor arena built with suites.It has had one upgrade since then,lighting and a new scoreboard but seems stuck in a late 1980's-90's look and feel.For an indoor arena it holds its own against the United Center booking a good number of acts and hosting an AHL hockey team and ncaa mens basketball team.To renovate it though would probably mean having to close it for a year which is not going to happen.