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  1. But, what would the 5 year waiting period be from? And, for what? If you're talking about changing primary jerseys then they'd be open to change now (since they changed in 2012). But, that's assuming there is a 5 year waiting period in the NBA. Which, I don't think there is? Especially considering each team has a billion alternate jerseys. But, I agree with @Shadojoker the template should be their primaries. I love the modern history twist of them.
  2. That looks like an old Sacramento Kings court. I'll have to do a little research, but does anyone have a full picture of the court?
  3. Well, they were planning on it themselves way before the last renovations. It was part of their original conception in the late 60s.
  4. 1. That MJ missed the shot in Game 6 of the '98 Finals, the Jazz win and then blowout the Bulls for the Championship in Game 7. 2. That the New Orleans Hornets permanently relocated to OKC in 2005, thus keeping the Sonics in Seattle (or at least improving the odds). 3. That the Soldier Field renovations in 2001 were truer to the historic building then the spaceship stadium it turned out to be.
  5. Simply put ... the thread is of scrubs (or lesser caliber players) in jersey numbers a same team where an All-Star or HOF made that same number their own. Here are a few examples from the NBA ... E.C. Coleman, New Orleans Jazz Sidney Green; San Antonio Spurs Steve Kuberski; Boston Celtics Cazzie Russell; Los Angeles Lakers Rowland Garrett; Chicago Bulls.
  6. I think it could work. But, it's all about timing and location. It'd have to be either preseason or around November and in places like Phoenix, Miami or low-precipitation locations.
  7. I looked, but maybe not well enough?
  8. I found this whilst Googling ... thought it was pretty cool. Slap a number on that puppy and you have a sleeved jersey I wouldn't be THAT mad at.
  9. Some of them had the team logo or alternate logo on the front as well.
  10. We have the Players in the "Wrong" Uniforms thread and within that thread I've seen a few "Right Team, Wrong Uniform" entries. I thought I'd separate the two, because it is an interesting topic of its' own. Here are a few to start the thread off with ... Charles Barkley, Preseason 1992, Phoenix Suns Matt Hasselbeck, 2001, Seattle Seahawks Jeff Bagwell, 1992, Houston Astros.
  11. It all started with Phoenix's PHX jersey and then spread to Atlanta, New Orleans, Portland, Detroit and Charlotte. I am sure I am missing someone else. But, point being ... it is dumb. I can see a point for PHX, ATL, NOLA (my favorite) and even DC. But, Rip City, Motor City, Buzz City, Clutch City -- keep them off the jerseys.
  12. Arthur Ashe Stadium would be a fun place too since it has a retractable roof.
  13. But, seriously, I think this was around the time the NBA started going with generic warm-ups and shooting shirts. Which is a shame, because there are so many classic and unique warm-ups throughout NBA history.
  14. Working on it now ...