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  1. What kind of legacy or relationship would LeBron expect with Cleveland if he left again?
  2. According to ESPN he wants to be traded to either New York, Miami, Minnesota or San Antonio. Interesting list.
  3. Yup, I won't stop sharing my opinion that they need to go back to the horse secondary logo.
  4. I'll judge it for you ... it's sh-t.
  5. As much as I hate the ads, wouldn't it be KINDA cool if they used a throwback logo for the sponsor as well?
  6. Aaron Dodson from The Undefeated listed The 30 Best NBA Throwback Jerseys is response to Nike's announcement that eight teams will be wearing a Classic Edition uniform (READ: Throwback) this upcoming year. There's a lot to be said about Dodson's list, which needless to say, I don't agree with. So I thought I'd share ONE throwback for each 30 teams that I'd love to see worn. This isn't necessarily the best designed throwback from their team history, but more back to an era relatable to the fans and their history. Also, in the spirit of the NBA going with more Color vs. Color match ups, I decided to go with colored jerseys, especially since the Association Edition (READ: Home Uniform) will presumably be the only white jersey in team's collections. Anyways, here is my list. I'd love to see everyone else's opinions on what throwbacks you'd like your favorite team to sport next year or near future ...
  7. I spot this in another thread, but what caught my eye was Chris Webber's jersey compared to Ben Wallace (I believe it's him since JR Rider is on Portland). I believe this was a pre-season game since the Bullets did this with their numbers and NOB during that time frame during the 90s.
  8. Oh man, this needs to be it's own thread.
  9. I actually think that's a bit toned down from years past, no?
  10. Not sure how you're coming to that conclusion on a graphic that's just showing a blank jersey? But, that's FAR from a confirmation.
  11. Well, the Knicks did when they shelved the orange alts. But, yeah, I agree.
  12. We already have ... EDIT: @mattb6 beat me too it.
  13. It's a sad day when the Celtics give a retiring Paul Pierce a Celtics jersey with THEIR FREAKING SPONSOR LOGO ON IT!
  14. Probably for this ...
  15. Not related, but semi-related to the point that I don't care that I am posting this. Best headline ever ... Fort Wayne scratches Harry Baals out for name of government building; goes with Citizens Square