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  1. And, this response is why we have this board. #geekitout
  2. I've been to Dodger Stadium a number of times and while I don't mind the view from the outfield, I always felt if it faced downtown it'd be a much better view. I can't be the only one that thinks so?
  3. It's perfect. They just need to end the contest now.
  4. I suggested the Gwinnett Bwaves. It might not work for me as an adult, but when I was a kid I had a pwetty wicked speed impediment and this is how I'd say Braves. So, I'm honoring that ... my childhood.
  5. huh, did some Googling -- and went some places I'm rather ashamed of -- on the internet and it seems like they ARE still alive? Well, according to the current ABA 2000 standings. Outside of that, their website is dead and they still haven't hit autocorrect on their name, unlike the local college which is known as the Grizzlies. File this under a "The More You Know" moment you'll soon enough hope to forget.
  6. Oakland, definitely, Oakland ...
  7. Well, that and the Nets font is horrible. It's very minor league IMO. I do prefer the Brooklyn logo.
  8. Hey, be grateful it's not a roundel.
  10. One reason I'm not a soccer fan.
  11. I swear, if the NBA goes that route, I would seriously drop following the league. No way it happens, right? RIGHT?!
  12. Because when you play in a league that just sold naming rights to Gatorade you can't have any more nice things.
  13. Good question? Especially since there were a few courts in the '80s that didn't have them, especially All-Star Games.
  14. I am curious if EVERY team will be wearing a patch? Is it mandatory?