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  1. I am fascinated, like many others, with failed expansion and relocation of big league sports teams. While I am aware of most from the MLB and NBA, there's still a lot I don't know about the NFL and NHL failed bids. I thought this thread would be a fun place to share some of those failed expansion and relocated teams. If there are any proposed logos, uniforms, etc. please share those! MLB St. Louis Browns failed move to Los Angeles (1941) San Diego Padres failed move to Washington (1974) San Francisco Giants failed moves to Toronto (1975) and St. Petersburg (1992) NFL Los Angeles Rams failed move to Baltimore (1994) The failed Seattle Kings expansion (1976) The failed St. Louis Stallions, Baltimore Bombers, Memphis Hound Dogs expansion (1995) NBA Sacramento Kings failed move to Anaheim (2011) and Seattle (2012) Charlotte Hornets failed move to Memphis (2001) The failed Anaheim and Toronto expansion (1988/89) NHL St. Louis Blues failed move to Saskatoon (1983) Nashville Predators failed move to Hamilton (2007) The failed Hampton Roads Rhinos expansion (1997)
  2. We have the Players in the "Wrong" Uniforms thread and within that thread I've seen a few "Right Team, Wrong Uniform" entries. I thought I'd separate the two, because it is an interesting topic of its' own. Here are a few to start the thread off with ... Charles Barkley, Preseason 1992, Phoenix Suns Matt Hasselbeck, 2001, Seattle Seahawks Jeff Bagwell, 1992, Houston Astros.
  3. Since there's a thread of teams that won a championship with their best uniform sets, let's flip it and do worst. Here are some of my top ones ... 1977, Portland Trail Blazers Anaheim Ducks, 2007
  4. If you change it say after 2 years in the 5 year window, you should get stuck with that uniform for 8 years. So the rest of that 5 year cycle and another 5 year cycle.
  5. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I agree. The thing that I hate about the Rockets wearing them exclusively at all playoff home games ... there's no black on the court. It looks so out of place. Not as bad as Miami's Miami Vice jersey on the Heat's current court, but it bugs me to no end.
  6. "Fan Favorite" Players

    And, David Stockton this year ... for obvious reasons.
  7. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Cincinnati Reds were one ... not sure on the third? Pirates?
  8. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    I will have to find the article but the Kansas City Kings were rumored to move to Minnesota or Dallas in the late 70s. Also after a year or so in Cincinnati the Royals were almost sold and moved back to Rochester, but the league squashed that idea.
  9. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I don't mind that at all. I know we're going to see a lot of black in the West Finals ... Rockets at home, Warriors at home for at least a few games. It's series like this that I'd much rather see blue vs. red ... a much better combo!
  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Yeah it's a dark navy blue.
  11. NBA Changes 2018-19

    I guess we're starting to look forward to the 2018-19 season with the recent news of the Charlotte Hornets wearing the white version of their classic throwbacks next year. Just on a side note, it'll be interesting to see if the Hornets follow that up in 2019-20 with their purple throwback jerseys? Obviously that's just speculation. As far as other changes at this point, I am not sure if we've heard anything else. I would assume more teams will wear classic throwbacks and we'll see a new wave of community jerseys since apparently those will be a yearly change for some if not all teams?
  12. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Here are a couple others I found in my Googling adventures ... The Jazz were close to moving to Miami (1985) and Minneapolis (1986) before being saved by Larry H Miller both times. This was mentioned earlier, but the failed move of the Blues to Saskatoon has always fascinated me, especially considering they forfeited their 1983 draft. Toronto was awarded a NBA expansion team for the 1975-76 season, but was rescinded later. Not sure exactly why? Could have been issues with the Braves failed attempt to relocate to Florida, uncertainty with the ABA-NBA merger or the expansion fees weren't met? This might have been mentioned here before, but the Minnesota North Stars were planning on relocating to Anaheim to become the Los Angeles Stars before the NHL awarded Disney the team that would become the Mighty Ducks. As part of that deal the NHL gave Green the okay to move the Stars anywhere he'd like.
  13. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Oh, here is one I just found ... The Montreal Canadiens almost moved to Cleveland!
  14. Lost Sports Logos?

    This topic is a little confusing? What constitutes a lost logo? Is it a proposed logo? An unused logo? A logo used for a day, a month or even a year? (You sang that didn’t you?)
  15. Lost Sports Logos?

    I love tennis.
  16. 2018 NBA Post Season

    So how about those Jazz? Do you think Houston just got caught mailing it in or the Jazz figuring out how to beat the Rockets? Maybe a little bit of both?
  17. I actually really like the War Pigs.
  18. Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    Yes please. I love the updated logo from 2002, but the double blue grew old for me. I like the current logo, but I absolutely love the original colors. This is a perfect marriage of old and new.
  19. Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    I think what's annoying to me -- but, I totally get it -- is when people strike up a conversation about the MLB team hat I'm wearing, especially if they're a fan. I'm a dedicated Giants fan, but I have a collection of big league hats for cities I've visited (just something I do). You can't blame them, but I've learned to kinda BS through situations like that by at least remembering a few current players and using VERY general terms to get through awkward 10-15 second conversation.
  20. Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    On a similar note, I was wearing the curly-W hat and someone start talking about how much they love Seattle and whether I'm a Seahawks fan as well. It took me a bit, I finally figured they thought the Washington Nationals were in Washington State. After correcting them, they argued the point that they should be called the DC Nationals to avoid confusion. Whatever.
  21. 2018 NBA Post Season

    That makes two NBA teams that don't miss Hayward this season.
  22. 2018 NBA Post Season

    I have hope. But, I'm not sure we can shutdown their backcourt of Paul, Harden and Gordon. Sure, anything can happen, especially with how the Jazz have played since January, but let's get past OKC first.
  23. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    I love the simplicity of the jersey, but my only gripe is the number font. It just needs something else ... an outline? Drop shadow? Something.
  24. My hot take ... I like them. The number font is better. I'm glad they're not block.