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  1. Ever since Sporting KC came into MLS, they've had easily the best uniforms in the league. They had clean home and away looks that incorporated elements of their crest, and alternates that were always on point with the Sporting Argyle. Ever since they introduced the icy white alternate uniform, easily one of the best in MLS history, the league started cutting back on alternate kits. This year, the league did away with them completely. In general, I think Adidas has been a little too stripped back with uniforms, especially KC's. Sure they look sharp, but every team can gear up in pinstripes. With this concept, I wanted to get KC back to its roots with something that draws from the team's unique identity. I wanted to draw from the crest, and also figure out some way to incorporate the argyle. Here is what I came up with. For the primary, I went with the classic powder blue and navy look. The jersey features a navy striping design on half of the kit, similar to what Dortmund did a few years ago. The striping mimics the striping pattern on the club crest. The rest of the uniform is pretty orthodox, with the only other detail being the powder and dark powder striping on the socks. For the secondary, I was thinking of doing a navy uniform, but elected to bring back the all-black look instead. For the kit I decided to use a midnight blue and silver for the trim. For the jersey, I decided to bring my take to the Argyle motif, with a sublimated midnight blue argyle pattern across the chest. The same midnight blue appears on the bottom of the shorts as trim. The same sock pattern is on the alternate kit, instead in charcoal and black. Let me know what you think of the concept! All C&C is much appreciated.
  2. I'm a huge fan of the way that Arizona has worked copper into their color scheme. I think it's a really cool nod to the state and its history. I wanted to feature a red alternate uniform that used copper in a more prevalent way than the other Arizona jerseys out there while at the same time change some things I don't necessarily like about Arizona's gradient design. Here is what I came up with. For this uniform I completely eliminated white from the equation, replacing it with copper. For the gradient design, I added my own spin to it, a copper bar close to the top that draws from uneven striping designs seen in a lot of Southwestern patterns. The chest features a copper Arizona wordmark with blue numbers underneath. On the shorts, instead of a full gradient design along the entire bottom, I limited it to a design similar to the tops on the side of the shorts. A recolored UA logo sits at the bottom. This is a pretty adventurous design with a lot of different colors and moving parts but I think it works pretty well in the end.
  3. I've been a Notre Dame fan for as long as I can remember. In recent years I've started following ND basketball more closely. One of the jerseys I've loved is the green jersey, but there were some things I wanted to change about the uniform. I didn't want the same cut and paste design from the gold jersey, but something different. With this design, I set out to do this. Here is what I came up with: This is a little unorthodox for Notre Dame, but I think it follows a lineage and tradition of Notre Dame athletics. The first change I made is the incorporation of a different set of logos. The ND featured on the chest hearkens back to an older iteration of the ND logo, with a taller and different "N". On the shorts, a gold and blue version of the older leprechaun logo is implemented. Elsewhere on the uniform, I used a simple slash striping on the shorts instead of the chevron design. Another difference is the gold and blue detail covering the entire uniform. Gold is also used as the primary detail color for logos instead of blue. Overall, this is a pretty modern design for ND, but I wanted to keep it rooted in the past with a simpler design and past logos.
  4. I love the concept for the Northwestern Gothic uniforms. The execution by the football team is great, and the basketball team followed suit with some great sets with the same theme. However, there are some things I didn't really like with the basketball sets. I think the gold could have been accented a little more and I thought a lot of the small details were a little too much in the grand scheme of the jersey. I wanted to bring the same spirit and style of jersey but make it a bit more simple. Here's what I came up with. The biggest changes are in the simplifications. Here, I took the Northwestern stripe arch design and made it more prominent and simplified on both the jersey and shorts. I also added a stone texture stripe down the sides of the jersey and shorts. The gothic script is simple and stripped back while still being intricate. With this set, there is the right amount of complex and simple.
  5. Thanks so much! Good catch Hoopladawg, should have done that the first time.
  6. The first school I took to designing was Seton Hall. I was watching the Marquette-Seton Hall game in the Big East tournament a week ago when I realized how cool Seton Hall's jerseys are. The cursive strip on the blue jerseys looks too fresh. I've been messing around with team nicknames on uniforms a lot more and wondered what giving Seton Hall the same treatment would look like. I wanted to give Seton Hall a different side to their very storied and traditional uniforms. Here's what I came up with. I based the uniform off of the template for the blue away uniforms, but made two modifications. The first is in the script. I isolated the "Hall" from the "Seton Hall" script and outlined it with silver. I then changed the striping in the shoulders and at the bottom of the shorts, putting silver in between the two white stripes instead of blue. The changes do not stray from the original design of the uniform, but they make a big impact that give it a new unique look.
  7. I've been messing around a lot more lately with basketball uniforms. Something I love about basketball is that there's a very defined sense of tradition while still mixing in new elements and concepts. This statement is especially true for college teams. Over the course of March Madness, I will be designing concept alternate uniforms for as many tournament teams as possible. I am to mix cutting edge and school tradition. Schools Designed Seton Hall Northwestern Notre Dame Arizona
  8. Love the UNC unis, the navy and baseball script looks amazing!
  9. I changed the striping on the shorts which I think does look a lot better. My only concern is it leaves the bottoms of the shorts looking kind of empty.
  10. Thanks man, I really appreicate it! The stripes on the shorts were really bugging me, I tried a bunch of different options with different logos and striping placements and none of them really worked, so I just went with this one.
  11. I'm not the biggest NBA fan, but I root for the Milwaukee Bucks. I loved the Bucks' rebrand from a few years ago, but I didn't really like the alternate jersey. I think that it was a little sloppy and too busy. As I've started to do more basketball concepts lately, I wanted to redesign the Bucks' alternate jersey. I was thinking of just making another black version, but I wanted to be open to other options. I started thinking more about the city nicknames alternate jerseys. I think some of them, like Charlotte's are a little weird, but they have amazing potential. Milwaukee is known as the Cream City due to the color of the bricks of many of the historical buildings around the city. I wanted to make a Bucks jersey based around this nickname. My goals for the uniform was to keep it as crisp and clean as possible. I wanted something that spoke to Milwaukee's traditional, industrial and working class attitude while still being modern and cutting edge. I also wanted to incorporate elements of the color scheme that I thought aren't used enough, namely the cream, blue, and black. Here is what I came up with. The most noticable thing about the uniform is the cream base. This was something I was wanting to see on the home uniform, but it didn't happen. The cream is complemented with the arching "Cream City" script on the jersey, with the number between the two words. This old-school design element hearkens back to the tradition of Milwaukee. The blue and black stripe is found on the upper half of the jersey and also on the bottom of the shorts. I didn't want to make anything too busy on the sides of the uniform, less is more in this situation. A green stripe is found on the bottom of the shorts, with the Bucks logo above it. Overall, the pulls both from the traditionalist past and the future, similar to what the Bucks' redesign did. Let me know what you think!
  12. I wasn't really with Canada's World Cup of Hockey uniforms they used this year. Canada has a really unique and storied hockey history, and the jersey didn't really respect that. It was a little too modern and stripped down for my tastes. I wanted to come up with something that respected the past and was modern and forward thinking at the same time. I figured that I have a hot hand with concepts right now, so I figured I'd take a shot at it. To do this, I took inspiration from two uniforms in particular. The first was the Winnipeg Falcons Team Canada throwbacks that they wore in 2004. I really like the center chest stripe, as well as the styling of the maple leaf. The second was the 2010 Olympic jerseys that Canada wore when they won the gold medal. I thought that the jersey was really really good, especially with the striping and First Nations design sublimated in the maple leaf. I first wanted to come up with some logos for the jersey and the rest of the uniform. I wanted to take the old styled maple leaf and combine it with the First Nations elements from the 2010 maple leaf. Here are the maple leaf logos that I came up with for the jersey. I took an irregular looking silver maple leaf and sublimated a Pacific Northwest First Nations design on top of it. I moved the arching "Canada" from the Falcons throwback down below the leaf, similar to the 2010 maple leaf logo. For the jerseys, I wanted the same mix of old school and new school. Here are the two jerseys: The home set is red with a white stripe in the middle of the jersey. The yoke is darker red, with the same dark red in the inside of the two white stripes. The away set is the reverse of the home, except for the red yoke. Both sets have black helmets and pants, as well as red socks. All C&C and feedback welcome and appreciated!
  13. Thanks for all of the feedback! Let me address some of the comments. I know a lot of the comments were talking about how the color scheme was too similar to the Wild's. I think that the similarity isn't a bad thing. There are plenty of teams in the NHL with the same colors. The colors are historic to Seattle, so I decided to stick to it. For the socks, I followed the template that I had, but I think that you're right there. As far as the colors for pants, I think that the green would look weird but I should try that out. I think that my concept kinda walks the line between too minimal and just crisp enough. I think that if I took out the writing on the chest emblem, it would look a little too minimalist. Thanks again for everyone's feedback!
  14. Now that Las Vegas has an NHL team, it is hard to see the NHL adding an expansion team to the Western Conference. Therefore, it seems pretty unlikely that Seattle will get an NHL team in the future. However, that doesn't stop me from taking a shot at it. Seattle has a really old hockey history and identity which would be fun to build on. I made this concept to see what a team in Seattle would look like. First, for the team name. I chose to name the team the Seattle Suncatchers. The name is in reference to the Pacific Northwestern Native American myth of the Raven stealing the sun. I took the colors from the Seattle Metropolitans, the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. I took a lot of influence from the Art Deco architechture and art associated with Seattle. I wanted to make a team that mixed a lot of the complex Native American art with a more stripped down, Art Deco style. Next, for logos. I wanted all of the logos to mix the two elements to create a strong identity that was different than a lot of the other NHL teams. An image seen in a lot of Pacific Northwestern Native American art is the image of the Raven with the sun in its beak. This was originally my idea for the main logo of the team. This is what I came up with. I liked the stylizing of the logo, but parts of the logo bothered me. I thought it looked too much like a dinosaur for some reason, and at the same time it looked too similar to the Seahawks' logo. In addition, It didn't look very good on the uniforms, so I decided to scrap it. However, I still wanted to keep the mix of simplicity and the Native American elements. These are the marks I settled on for the Suncatchers. The primary logo is centerd around the red roundel, which represents the sun from the Native American myth. Surrounding it in art deco script is "Suncatchers Seattle". Inside the sun are three Northwestern Native American styled feathers, joined together by a smaller roundel. The secondary mark is drawn from the Seattle Metropolitans' "S" logo. The S and the smaller letters spelling out Seattle are in the updated script and are aligned to fit inside of the S better. Both of the logos mix history, Art deco, and Native American elements. For the jerseys, I wanted to do something classic. Looking at what Adidas has done for the World Cup of Hockey uniforms, they seem to like to walk the line between modern and minimalist. I tried to walk the same line while still being old school. Here are the jerseys. The home jerseys are a dark green with predominantly cream highlights. Red accents highlight the cream portions of the uniform, on the yoke, sleeves, pants, and socks. The away jerseys follow a different design, with a cream base and green upper sleeves. The same red accents are found on the sleeves. For both of the uniforms, Art Deco numbers are used, with the nameplates and captain patches in an old school collegiate font. The Seattle S logo serves as both jersey's patches and are found on both pants. The same helmet is used with both uniforms. Any C&C is much appreciated! Tell me what you think of the concept down below.