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  1. 2017 International Hockey Series

    Here are the scores and standings for group A
  2. 2017 International Hockey Series

    Here are the logos for group A that will be featured on the jerseys Team Canada Team Belarus Team Austria Team Lithuania (Edit: I will mainly be using the countries coat of arms or symbol for logos, I will be making some too.)
  3. 2017 International Hockey Series

    Hello! And welcome to The International Hockey Series 2017. All games will be played in Vancouver and Toronto. There will be 32 teams split into four groups. The format is a round robin, then after group games are played, the best 16 teams will advance to the finals. Just like the Olympics, winner of the tournament will get gold, and losers of the semifinal games will play a bronze medal game. Hope you like it!
  4. The American Baseball Federation

    Ok, thanks, I'll try those programs
  5. The American Baseball Federation

    I'm still looking for a program for the team logos, but for now I used a free logo maker for the league logo. I'll make some changes when I get a legitimate program.
  6. The American Baseball Federation

    Fixed. The Detroit Bulls are now the Motor City Mechanics
  7. The American Baseball Federation

    Or instead of Detroit I could put Motor City, good idea too!
  8. The American Baseball Federation

    I was going to choose mustangs or speed, but I wanted to save those for my Indianapolis and Louisville teams. Louisville is stallions so I didn't want names to be similar. Bulls was the first thing I thought of
  9. Hey Hawkfan? What website do you use for this?
  10. The American Baseball Federation

    Ok, thank you
  11. The American Baseball Federation

  12. The American Baseball Federation

    East Conference North Division New York Bulldogs Boston Militia Philadelphia Liberty Motor City Mechanics Central Division Chicago Giants Indianapolis Speed Cleveland Cougars Louisville Stallions South Division New Orleans Lightning . Atlanta Heat . Orlando Bengals . Miami Kings
  13. The American Baseball Federation

    There will be 24 teams, split into two conferences and three divisions of four. The divisions, conferences, and teams are listed below West Conference North Division . Seattle Steelheads . Portland Black Bears . Denver Huskies . Bay Area Rebels Central Division Kansas City Eagles . St Louis Warriors . Dallas Renegades . Utah Lakers South Division Los Angeles Stars . San Diego Inferno Phoenix Vipers . Houston Wildcats East Conference coming soon!
  14. The American Baseball Federation

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever post. It is a fictional baseball league concept. I hope you enjoy it!