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  1. The Canes and Caps ones are what they should be wearing now
  2. I really like these, and they all look great for a first-timer, but I would like Bryton's unis to have more red in them since it is in their logo
  3. Wow, these all look really great!
  4. Do you hate the Dolphins logo?
  5. Chapman in a Reds jersey is the right uniform
  6. The Myles Garrett one looks like it is from Madden '09
  7. What do you mean, I am not new and have not posted anything bad on the boards that would require that incredibly rude response to my comment
  8. That badge looks like something some new member to the boards would create on Paint
  9. Were did you get it from?
  10. The Jumbotron really looks bad looking from the bottom, it looks like a scrap heap
  11. They really are not that bad, it's just that the logo looks like a rotting corpse more than a tiger
  12. I am curious about Pops, how does it taste?
  13. BMO Harris Bradley Center, home of the Bucks. It is horrible, from the outside it looks like a warehouse. The inside isn't bad, it almost looks kind of cozy, but the jumbotron sucks
  14. I would like the Sens uni better if it had biege in it rather than white, and on the Habs I just do not like the stripes, but all in all they look nice