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  1. MLB: Future Expansion Project

    Are there going to be logos on the jerseys or hats? Also I like the idea for Albuquerque’s logo.
  2. Just starting to follow this now, the concepts are great. My team will be the Fire.
  3. A Few NFL Concepts (Hand Drawn)

    Incredible illustrations, love the stripes on the pants. I would like to see more teams.
  4. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    Why are the shoulder patches off the jersey? Also I think a better template would really help make the jerseys look better.
  5. We Will Rock You FFL

    These are AWESOME. I love Nirvana and Whitesnake's helmets. You should do the Stones or Green Day next.
  6. Potentially a relocation to Houston? I sure hope so. Can't wait to see what the new uniform deal brings about.
  7. Dang, there's anyway a next year. Good job racers.
  8. Yeah Shamrocks! Lets win another Cup!
  9. Looks like the Redshirts can get another playoff run going, hopefully they don't choke. I'm hoping that my Shamrocks make it far too.
  10. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    The jerseys are fine except for the grey and white "sword" in the shoulders. Font is nice too, but the pants are a hot mess.
  11. I like Kormento's uniforms and the Python Dome. Keep up the good work!
  12. Mad Magazine's new logo

    New logo is ok, I sort of preferred the last one. I just hope that they keep Alfred E. Neuman around.
  13. Good idea referencing Englewood, all of these are cool, I like the unis for Pharos. Also Aequalis's stadium is nice, getting real Kauffman Stadium vibes from the scoreboard.
  14. MLB by Under Armour

    Love the colors for Miami, great job!
  15. hypebeast hockey

    I love the BAPE jersey, you should do one for Gucci.