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  1. No I don't, just find it funny that you guys don't like others expressing their opinion in favor for the Sounders using this term, and yet you jump on any chance to express your opinion on how much you hate it. I mean, we get it- you don't like it, @hawk36 likes it, I don't care if they use it or don't. This topic has just been about derailed because of it. I only joined in the conversation initially because I live in Seattle and I understand that branding, though it might be flawed, does not deserve the amount of attention and discussion that it has gotten in this topic. Just what I've noticed
  2. Tell that to @Gothamite
  3. Tell that to @Gothamite
  4. Exactly- two different situations. I'm confused how they used that in an argument against using Born in '74
  5. But you know that if the NBA returns to the Emerald City, they would just pretend they never left and use all the old history- even hanging the '79 banner. So instead of Born in '74, it would be Champs from '79.
  6. I really hope they never go this route, but the concept is fantastic!
  7. Ok we get it, you don't like that they are doing this. All their doing is celebrating the birth of the name Sounders. If you were in the front office, then you could change it. But you're not, so you can't, and then won't stop using that phrase. Didn't we already talk about this in this topic?
  8. Black home kit with blue sash and silver outline on the sash. Black shorts and blue socks with black stripes. Adidas stripes would be in blue, blue numbers
  9. Black accents and black shorts would make this kit
  10. The collar on the home is awful looking. The all gray look isn't living up to any expectations, and the gray is still to light. The secondary is so bland it hurts my eyes. Way to do a disservice to one of the best brands in the league Adidas. This kit is most certainly not lit.
  11. At least the gray is the normal shade unlike the leak.
  12. The lighting kinda cuts it off, but it says SJ74. Still I agree with you, could've done better on the jock tag
  13. I said black socks, but you're right: white socks would look horrible!
  14. I agree with Mockba, white shorts look awful. Hopefully black shorts and black socks with light blue sock stripes
  15. Woah didn't know Nike was adding helmets to the NBA uniforms. That's a major change!