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  1. Please no more colorblocking.
  2. Amazing idea for this template. I third that, these would make fantastic coasters. Would love to a Seattle Thunderbirds concept.
  3. Happy to help
  4. You know he wasn't very good, right?
  5. You think that now, but it will look garish then.
  6. There's green in the rest of the email, if that helps. Either they do this or 'modernize' and bring current colors in old design.
  7. I have a feeling since the trees were part of vintage uniforms, their placement stays the same as being on the collar and cuffs and shorts cuffs. The alternating orientation is a new idea brought to the table to change things up; "borrowing from the past to look to the future" is something they'll end up using.
  8. Love the Sens, really hoping that they do something at least similar. I doubt that the jerseys will be similar to the Centennial Classic- that game was branded as looking towards the next 100 years, and with the young Leafs headlined. This game is specifically based off of the first NHL game. One thing though is the patch is somewhat difficult to see on the Habs, since the stripe is there. Maybe working it on the chest somehow? Other than that phenomenal work here.
  9. Beautiful sweaters, but what about a gold one?
  10. That also explains why the league chose BUF vs NYR Winter Classic over NYI vs NYR Winter Classic.
  11. Still struggling to understand the Panthers choice last year. Not that those unis are truly bad, but why not go with the originals with the new logos, colors, and normal shoulder yokes?
  12. In most cases it's the lighting; the normal color is more aqua green than bright teal, that's why they brand it NW green.
  13. I just whipped up this recoloration of the old M's, but this is kinda what I was thinking. Obviously modernize the script so it's reminiscent of the original while keeping up with the times. These would be for the home and NW green alternate, with the trident on the caps, hopefully some sort of roundel alternate for the sleeve.
  14. So blue and gold or nw green and navy?
  15. I love the trident, but still like the current logo set. What I would like to see is the original trident and wordmark modernized in current NW green and navy, sort of what the Blue Jays did.