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  1. So this is kind of off-topic, but I wasn't sure where else to ask: what is the site where you send your jersey and they apply the custom twill name and numbers? I already bought a Maple Leafs jersey awhile ago, but now I want a name on the back.
  2. I feel like that the Oilers move to navy was a complete cash grab. During the playoffs at least 90% of the arena were in the third jerseys.
  3. If that's the shade of navy they'll use (on the right) I would be ok with that.
  4. God I hope so😉
  5. I'd say more yellow on the home.
  6. Maybe a lighter navy and I'd be down.
  7. I have a feeling that Sakic will bring back the Cup-winning jerseys.
  8. I know this won't happen but I really hope the Leafs add a blue shoulder yoke to the away sweater. Biggest dissapointment for me from the new sweaters.
  9. NJ Devils 'minor' changes could simply be a shoulder yoke change.
  10. At least a few teams were smart and took this opportunity.
  11. Isn't the latest report they go orange full-time in 18-19?
  12. Here we go again...
  13. I'd like to see an early 00's throwback night and the jersey wordmark is 'Jail Blazers'.
  14. So the pinwheel is just covering up the ad, not actually being used as the letter 'p'.
  15. My one issue is that the wordmark takes up so much of this logo, making the pinwheel look tiny. Shrink down the 'PORTLAND' and bring more focus to the pinwheel.