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  1. The Rams fail if they don't go with this uniform set. It's too easy.
  2. I'm unable to open your image but judging by what @aawagner011 posted they will be upgrading. It looks like it moves the orange from the shoulders to the top of the uniform.
  3. Are the Bengals upgrading to Vapor Untouchable? I think the full collar will already help this uniform alot.
  4. Holy I've never even noticed.
  5. Just noticed the tree on the wolf's neck.
  6. .............
  7. oh man, I love this look
  8. Can they do this under the five year rule? Original edit was agentrygraphic's
  9. Anyone know who the Jerry West of the G-League is?
  10. On my Madden 17 the font is sometimes there and sometimes not
  11. They still have the Vikings number font wrong
  12. Why is himself coming out of his mouth?
  13. The Colts have a great look. Texans aren't bad just generic, they have a good look considering the others that came out around that time (Bills, Cardinals, Falcons). Tennessee badly needs the refresh they're getting in 2018. The Jags yea they speak for themselves
  14. The reality of advertisements on uniforms didn't really hit me until now because of the color coordinating on the first couple . . . Super teams makes the NBA boring, this is about to make it unwatchable IMO