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  1. I've been digging through the concepts forum since joining, and your work (as well as that of Sparky) is always gorgeous. This is no exception. I have two minor nitpicks, though: - Maybe a little bit too similar to the old Dallas Stars Mooterus logo? - The snout is a bit off. I don't know how better to put that. I guess it's a little big and separated? EDIT: Now that I've clicked Behance, just wanted to say I love that side view of the bull, and am very curious how you got that jersey made.
  2. The Dash's identity is dated, probably because it was so poorly conceived (the team never had a shot, named after punctuation), but your logo isn't quite ugly enough to be a proper warthog (yeah, I read the things). I think it's good, but I think it's missing some minor league charm. Right now, it looks more like a soccer crest. As it stands, I think it needs a little bit more whimsical character, and it needs to be either heavily simplified or it needs an alternate mark that would look nice on a baseball cap (a WS would work).
  3. Yeah, Larry Doby didn't exactly have it easy, and he was only three months after Jackie. There's also no honor for Frank Robinson, who broke the managerial color barrier when he was player-manager in Cleveland. I think a cool solution to give everyone their due and acknowledge all the color barriers would be to turn Jackie Robinson Day into Civil Rights Day (replacing the Civil Rights Game), leaving it on the day when the color barrier in general was broken by Robinson. AL teams could honor Doby, NL teams could honor Jackie, and managers in both leagues could honor Frank Robinson, allowing everyone to acknowledge the history; In my ideal world, this would be done with sleeve patches, but knowing MLB, you'd have fifteen teams wearing 14 on their backs, another fifteen wearing 42, and thirty teams' worth of managers and coaches wearing 20. It'd still be cool.
  4. Who he was won't be forgotten, but his incredible impact very well might be. The average baseball fan (I just asked my friends who are sitting near me, all casual fans) has already forgotten Branch Rickey.
  5. You might be right, we'll find out in thirty years.
  6. Jackie's number should be unretired by everyone but the Dodgers (you could probably make a case for the Mets, too, but I won't like it). Jackie Robinson Day should be a thing, where people where a patch on the sleeves of jerseys with their normal numbers on the back. We're going to be coming up on a time soon when people don't remember Jackie. Old Brooklyn Dodgers faithful are dwindling. Having everyone wear his number and no name once a year will change nothing, and the memory will slowly fade away. Allowing it to be worn (which most still won't, since they're already attached to their numbers) will let kids in 30 years see it on the back of their favorite player, wonder why he's wearing it, and do some research. Also, hope this is okay, I took the TC posted a page or two ago and did a quick mockup of the split color look they have now. Looks amazing.
  7. I miss the old socks. I want white sannies (yellow for the A's, por supuesto), with a colored stirrup that maybe has some stripes. It's not about being a hipster, I'm essentially the opposite, it's about sticking to the traditions of the sport. We wear essentially the same system of dress we've worn for decades in baseball, because it's tradition. I don't want to see strange new socks in the league just to make things fresh and modern and cool. To quote Tevye, "Tradition!"
  8. I saw it on the home jersey, but white on white doesn't stick out much, and there's plenty of other white around it. On the roads and on the red, it sticks out like a sore talon. I'd remove it from all three. I think that'd be a good look, and would allow the moons to be more prominent and visible, maybe not from the cheap seats, but from more than a few rows back.
  9. Gorgeous. They've always had a sort of quirky look with those hats, and this looks nice while maintaining that. One thing I'd change would be the white outline on the bottom of the lettering. It looks like something you forgot to erase , probably because of the lack of other white (other than the moons). Also, what would it look like with the moons and the enclosing band to be made slightly larger?
  10. I'm one of the people who said that they should drop the patch, but I've changed my mind a little. I think the patch can and should be left, but only if the team does something separate to acknowledge and "make up for" the fact that they're honoring a player who got himself and two others killed by drunk driving a boat. What form that might take, I don't know. A program in the community to educate people against drunk driving, maybe, I don't know. You can acknowledge that he was a star and a beloved member of the team, but you have to recognize at the same time that he did things that weren't so great. The Twins gold is bad and should be very gone.
  11. Those are all Pool C and D teams.
  12. A bunch of the pool C/D teams (Jalisco and Miami) played exhibition games before they started.
  13. Norfolk looks good. El Paso looks good. Lake Erie looks... bad. Looks like a logo for a children's computer program where you learn math from baseball-playing fruit.
  14. There are some nice uniforms out there.
  15. That was my immediate thought when I saw the news on /r/baseball. I wonder if we'll still see that patch on Opening Day.