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  1. Minor league teams should always be different when possible. Reason 1. In twenty years, a team can have four or five different affiliates. Fans aren't going to buy a new jersey and a cap every single time, especially when those jerseys and caps are just carbon copies of the big league clubs, maybe with some letter changes. Reason 2. If, say, a Giants fan has to move to Nashville for work. Will he stop being a Giants fan? Not in today's world of Will he become a "Nashville A's" fan on top of that? Not any more than I'd root for the "Sacramento Giants." But he can go to Sounds games just like A's fans can still scoot over to Sacramento and watch the River Cats. Reason 3. Minor league teams, especially but not exclusively those that are locally/privately owned, rely on public engagement on the local level and on merchandise sales cross-country. For the first, you "need" a brand that connects with the locals over a brand that changes regularly based on which big club you're affiliated with. For the second, well, of the top twenty five teams in terms of licensed sales, only three shared the name (OKC, Iowa, and South Bend). The money's just not there if you're not unique. EDIT to add more evidence, courtesy of Forbes. Of the thirty most valuable teams in 2016, which includes ticket sales, merchandise, et al, it's once again only three teams that share the name making the list. Oklahoma City, Iowa, and Pawtucket (plus the Reading Fightin' Phils, but they're only sort of sharing). It doesn't make sense to share, financially.
  2. Gwinnett Stripers. Named after the striped bass. Not a fan of the name, but the logos and (most of the) uniforms are decent. Red, light green, blue. Home white, road gray. Alt in bright green and what appear to be striped pants?. Nice fauxback with the old Braves feather sleeves (And they had Phil Niekro model it, pretty cool). Not the best ever, but not bad (in my opinion). EDIT: Grabbing pictures from a newspaper. Apparently everything's pinstriped, including the roads.
  3. Gwinnett [Redacted]s going live momentarily. It's going to be a mess. Looking forward. I'm totally buying a hat if it's the Buttons.
  4. A question about the 1973-79 Cleveland Indians

    The conversation probably went something like... "Alright, so we're going to put Wahoo taking a huge swing, on a baseball, and it's going to say INDIANS across the top. What do you think?" "How will they know we're from Cleveland, though?" "One second..." Bunch of scribbling. "Alright, so we're going to put Wahoo taking a huge swing, on a baseball, and it's going to say INDIANS across the top and CLEVELAND across the bottom. What do you think?" Same deal with Chicago, most likely. They made a nice logo with SOX and then someone complained about confusion with Boston (especially when you consider that it says SOX twice).
  5. "Gwinnett Baseball" identity and uniforms will be released next Friday (12/8) at 11am Eastern. The temp logo they're using on Twitter is... bad.
  6. 2018 National Women's Soccer League

    The badge is nice, but I can't be the only one really irritated by the name being "Royal Monarchs."
  7. Other Soft Drink Brand Logos

    Depends on the flavor, honestly. I think Black Cherry goes the farthest, but Cream Soda is harder to get the farther you go from New York. Cel-Ray, unfortunately, can barely be found even here in the City, and they don't even bother making the diet version anymore. To make this vaguely on-topic, I've always liked Dr. Brown's cans even aside from their soda for the use of really old NYC photos instead of fancy logos and what have you.
  8. MLB changes 2018?

    Yeah, I saw that the whole group was hating on them. I figured I'd share my (complete opposite) take on them.
  9. Other Soft Drink Brand Logos

    Cel-Ray has been my favorite soda since I was a little kid. Difficult to describe, since it's technically celery flavored soda, and definitely not for everyone, but I LOVE it.
  10. MLB changes 2018?

    I actually picked up a new A's BP cap, and I love it. The material felt a little weird at first, but then I put it on my head and fell in love. Fits nicely, feels good in my head, and I have to say, I love the plastic logos.
  11. Huckle-Bears is good. Hoots is kind of boring.
  12. They should've moved to Newark, it's just been made 100% official that Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium is going to be demolished for condos. Damn, I miss those Bears.
  13. According to Twitter, the G-Braves have been [accidentally?] confirmed as becoming the Buttons. I made Brandiose (because it's going to be Brandiose) a vision board for the new look.
  14. To Split A Script...starring the Toronto Blue Jays

    I would agree that either they should both be slanted (and the home script wouldn't look good straight) or straight, except that slanted Jays and straight Tronno Toronto follows the source material... I'm very conflicted here. I really like this set, though. Clean presentation, good looking concept, well thought out and faithful to the history. Kudos. Do more of this.
  15. It's more Angel-y than real life without being overkill. It's a good look that would give them an identity more than, "A big A with a halo." First time this series I'd say this, but this is better than what they actually wear. EDIT: I would advocate for giving the angel Al's signature cap, maybe on the alternate?