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  1. Team Israel just posted some pictures from training camp, and very interestingly, the players are wearing gear with the logo of the Israeli Baseball Association rather than the I in the Star of David or the Israel script. Seen very clearly here on Cody Decker. I wonder if this might indicate a shift from the uniforms seen in Qualifiers. Maybe the new uniforms aren't ready yet? Would also explain why nothing's been released yet. Took a quick peak around and other teams are at least getting ready for the tournament wearing the proper logo, if not the full uniforms.
  2. dt concepts

    I think you could still make the C work, just not the way it was before. What I would do is make the C orange, and put it smack in the middle, over both the N and the Y. We New Yorkers call this place the City, it's a mark of pride. I also think that you could make it into a kind of cool series, using this as a template for borough logos, too. Hell, I'd personally wear a Bx cap.
  3. I mean, it could be that they were trying to keep it consistent with the other teams. All the teams have an initial on the front. Some have decoration, like the stars with Australia and the US, but you don't see a lion on the Dutch hat or a fern for the New Zealand squad. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more variation in the WBC uniforms, but I'll take a nice Team Israel logo and be thankful that we aren't Japan with the whole name just printed on the caps, or Italy with a very, very boring letter I.
  4. All the ads are up on the mothership, too. I find some of them very funny, particularly Israel wearing SodaStream (there was a whole controversy) and Venezuela wearing... the Venezuelan government on their helmets.
  5. Although MLB seems to be dragging their feet on this one, it can't be more than a few days until we see what they'll actually be wearing on the field in South Korea (#ShalomSeoul). With that in mind, I'm pleased to present my (almost) ideal look for Team Israel. Logos I stuck with the current logo (at left) because it's great. It's a sharp look, nice and clean, and representative of the nation. Although I'd prefer a Yud in the middle, the first letter of Israel in Hebrew, nobody else does that, so why should Israel? I realized I would need a color flipped version for my plans, so I made one. It's not perfect, but especially once I started shrinking and moving it, it was serviceable. Home Israel wears white at "home" now, like we do in baseball. Lots of flag inspiration, especially on the sleeves, with two parallel blue lines. I experimented with little Stars of David between them, but it looks cluttered and messy, so I did away with it, and left it as a mere hint to the flag. The sleeves show the WBC logo and the Israeli flag. Road Like I said, almost ideal. We maintain the basic features from the home, with the flag-inspired stripes. The sleeves are the same, as are the pants (gray-ified) and the socks (with the white flag stripes made gray). Where this is almost ideal is the script. In my actual ideal, that would be the script from the blue jerseys they currently wear. Unfortunately, despite hours of searching, I couldn't find it. In a pinch, I went the UK direction, and put the name across the front in a flat font (Monserrat). Alternate For those of us who are fans of the blue jerseys, they're still around in some form. We're going pullover with this one, with some necessary changes from the homes. Most obvious (other than the lack of buttons) would be the white cap with blue visor, because gosh darn it I just love light colored hats. See also the new sleeve stripe, which is now a single white stripe, keeping it simple while differentiating from a softball t-shirt. Also changing from the standards is the addition of a stripe on the pants, doubling it up. There would obviously be a gray version of the pants, for road game use, which would be worn with the gray-striped socks. What do y'all think? Thanks in advance for any C&C.
  6. Looks good, very classy. I would advocate for a helmet with the USF logo. Maybe a green/yellow helmet with the USF logo recolored to be all yellow/green, but this is a very good look. Also, requesting the Yeshiva University Maccabees and the Queens College (CUNY) Knights.
  7. As I said, I messaged Team Israel to ask about streaming (on the WBC website and, if anyone else was wondering), and I also asked about the jerseys. See my message and their response below. The real question now is why MLB is dragging their feet on this when they could be making money on these things before the tournament starts (Team Israel WBC jerseys have never been sold), or alternatively if the guy running the Facebook page is completely wrong (absolutely a possibility).
  8. dt concepts

    I really like this, particularly the one on the right. I tell you, you throw that up on some t-shirts and whatnot, I'd see a few walking around The City.
  9. You mean they couldn't come up with something more related? (Courtesy of Google) I'd see the grape thing a lot more if the logo wasn't a baseball player mid-swing. Probably a good thing they're changing it.
  10. In the words of Shel Silverstein, "Almost perfect... but not quite." I love the fresher look, much cleaner than the current ones. I like the lighter gray (could just be my monitor) than the D-Backs color they're using. It's a more traditional baseball look, and I'm a big fan of that, especially for our national team as the true home of baseball. The not quite, though... I don't like the drop shadow, and I'm not a big fan of the stars on the script. I don't really know how to explain why not on the drop shadow., it just doesn't work for me. That might be just a personal thing, though. The stars, I zoomed out, and below the full sized image it just looks dirty, like the coloring is off. That's at 70% on my laptop screen a foot and a half away, imagine looking down from the upper deck at Dodgers Stadium. Just my two cents.
  11. I sent a Facebook message to Team Israel, asking about the jerseys. It's twelve days to Seoul, we should have seen things by now.
  12. I always assumed it was about big hitters (I mean, looking at the logo, can you blame me?). Cool piece of trivia. Thanks!
  13. I can't find a picture, but the Jets wearing their Titans throwbacks against Tennessee in their modern jerseys (or in Oilers throwbacks) is never good. It doesn't look great, and last time it happened that I caught the game on TV the announcers thought it was hilarious to refer to both teams as the Titans and made me sad.
  14. Come at me, bro.
  15. My guess, and the only reason it doesn't bother me, is that (although I have no way of easily verifying this) it's probably the result of a weird quirk when they designed it that's stuck around for a good long while. Kind of like the Tigers and the Yankees wearing two versions of the same logo on the caps and jerseys.