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  1. And an update for Queens. White outline really does make everything look better. Manhattan is next. Should be a fun time.
  2. I'll give it a shot. Here's an update on Brooklyn. You're right, the bigger B looks better. I don't know if it's perfect, but it is better.
  3. I'll play around with it after this whole write-up. For our third foray, we're staying on Long Island, with Kings County's feminine counterpart. This borough, strangely enough, was named after a Portuguese woman named Catherine, although she did have some claim to her own borough as Queen of England through her marriage to King Charles. She also has a lovely claim to fame as having brought tea drinking to the English people from Portugal, but I didn't work that into the uniform. Our inspiration for this borough's townball team comes from Catherine's family, the House of Braganza. The House of Braganza's arms gave us our colors, which are a nice break from the heavy use of blue. The logo comes from the same place, as the little shield with five points inside (seen here on Wikipedia) made a great mark for one of the five boroughs. Had some more issues with color balance, I'm working on it. Not entirely sold on the red stripe on the socks, or the plain white racing stripe. It was nice to go a little "retro" with a pullover and a colored jersey. With all that in mind... Queens My thanks to @Whittier S, by the way, for sticking with me and giving some comments on every iteration I've posted thus far. It's much appreciated.
  4. I've enjoyed everything you've done thus far, but I'm not 100% sold on the "B A" jersey. I know it's extremely traditional, but I just don't know how it would look on the modern uniform beyond looking beautiful on the standard flat template. What does it look like on a player in action?
  5. Going out to Kings County... This borough has a long baseball history, obviously first with the Dodgers until the 50s and then with the Cyclones, who have been embraced by the community and are a fun way to spend a summer's day (even if it does take two hours plus each way). For the borough's town ball team, the immediate instinct was to play Dodgers dress up, and I had to fight to resist the easy way out. Brooklyn At first glance, this is a Dodgers uniform. The spoon-like piping around the neck and down the buttons remains. The cap looks even farther back in Brooklyn history, to the pre-Dodgers Brooklyn NL clubs, white with blue pinstripes and a nice Brooklyn B (Is there an easy way to do pinstripes on MS Paint? It's not easy), again separating a Brooklyn lid from an old Dodgers cap. Jersey script is taken from a Cyclones alternate that I've always liked, with a BKLYN abbreviation for the darn hipsters, with the B the Cyclones wear replaced with the same Brooklyn Robins B on the cap. On the stirrups, we have three white stripes, a holdover from an earlier attempt at a third color (yellow again, funnily enough) to tie in the whole flag before I scrapped it because it just didn't look right. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Deletions? Expletives? Explanations? Et cetera?
  6. Realized you were right, and once I was working on the stirrups I realized the yellow wasn't adding anything, just made it look a little bit muddled. An updated (and, I think, final) version for The Bronx. Brooklyn should be up tonight.
  7. I'm going to stick to the boroughs for now, but I may delve a little deeper and look at some neighborhoods and suburbs afterwards. Good point on the inside of the shirt, I've fixed that. I gave them a red belt because I wanted a uniform that was very clearly not the Yankees, even though blue pinstripes are the obvious choice for The Bronx. Two colors on the cap, a band of red on the sleeves, and a red belt give it enough differentiation that a Yankees jersey isn't a borough jersey and The Bronx isn't just the Yankees with a different logo. I also noticed one of the belt loops was still green, a remnant from a failed early attempt to pay homage to the borough's large Irish population. That's been fixed. I guess you could call this an update? Working on Brooklyn now.
  8. I didn't exactly overlap with this Tank guy (although the clip popped up on my Facebook, and I've been following this thread). Why was he banned? Why would this be cause to unban him?
  9. I was doing some reading about old school town team baseball, or townball, amateur ball with towns going to head to head, playing for bragging rights and love of the game, and my first thought was that we need something like that here in the City. We have lots of different fandoms living side by side here, and it would be nice to see The Bronx take the field and put a beating on Queens, being able to root for my home borough over my A's fandom. Stupidly, nothing like that really exists beyond little league, so I set out to create one (or, at least, the uniforms for one). So far, only The Bronx is done, but I have plans for all five boroughs (and possibly some of Long Island/mainland neighbors if it goes well). The only rule I set is that no borough gets to wear blue and orange. They're the whole city's colors, not belonging to any one borough. I like to dig through the history of the boroughs to find appropriate colors. With all that in mind... Here goes. The Bronx No Bombers here, folks. My home borough of The Bronx was named for Jonas Bronck, the first European settler in the area and the reason our The must always be present. His origins are relatively unknown, but the borough's official historian established in the nineties that Bronck was from Småland. The team's colors come from that region's very lovely crest. The Bronx, of course, wears Yankee pinstripes (pinstripes are really hard to do in MS Paint) in Småland blue, with a big red B replacing the NY. The B is heavily inspired by the German ß to give it a little bit of extra character, and has a yellow fill to work all three colors into the front of the jersey and because it looks cool. I couldn't find a good way to work the T in there; it was on top of the B until the final draft when I realized that made it look too Christian. Cap is Småland blue with the same red and yellow B front and center and a nice red brim. Going down to the socks, the Yankees wear stripeless socks, so The Bronx does, too, with yellow sannies to keep all the colors looking nice and as a nod to my favorite ballclub out in Oakland. Thoughts? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Is it a dumb project? Should I shut up and just post the concepts? Brooklyn is next, should be coming up toward the end of this holiday weekend. -BYF
  10. I love that. It's not too crazy in that we'd all cringe seeing it on the ice, but it's very 90s, and actually fits the team. Somehow kind of old school while still 90s and using all the colors from the logo? I'm in.
  11. Yeah, as I recall, the wild card played the best division winner in round one unless they were from the same division, so Baltimore couldn't play the Yankees in the ALDS. I don't remember how that's handled with the new rules, where the wild card could come from two different divisions, and you don't know until just before who it's going to be. Hmm.
  12. Hoo boy. I've always liked PIX11's branding. PBS and CBS both look nice, too.
  13. Oh, I wasn't doubting your research or your commitment, and I fully understand that it's fictional. But if you look at 4.25 & Co., North Korean sports logos aren't entirely like ours. Much less detail, much more just a few letters in a block. It could be interesting to see, I know it's your project, and your work is fantastic, but it could be cool to see more North Korean-looking logos for this league.
  14. I like this is in general, but I have two serious nitpicks (or, as serious as can be on an online concept for an unused logo). The logo is amazing, by the way. Not sure how I've never seen it before. Nitpick #1. The logo blends in. Especially with the popping yellow of the sunburst around the hockey stick, the black panther really blends with the black of the jersey with just the thin white outline and the thin teal circle. I don't know how to fix it, but I'm also not a designer. Maybe a thicker teal circle? Maybe a yellow sunburst around it? Nitpick #2: The last layer of striping on the hem being the same color as the pants, in such a forward color, isn't a good look. And, especially in Florida, I can't help but see connotations of my grandfather and his old snowbird friends with their pants way too high... It looks awkward. I'd thicken the yellow and white to cut down on the amount of teal on the jersey and save it for the pants.
  15. I immediately imagined a Brandiose-style (they are involved) logo featuring Corduroy the bear wearing his overalls and a Revolutionary tri-corner, swinging for the fences. Is that a bad thing?