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  1. I saw it on the home jersey, but white on white doesn't stick out much, and there's plenty of other white around it. On the roads and on the red, it sticks out like a sore talon. I'd remove it from all three. I think that'd be a good look, and would allow the moons to be more prominent and visible, maybe not from the cheap seats, but from more than a few rows back.
  2. Gorgeous. They've always had a sort of quirky look with those hats, and this looks nice while maintaining that. One thing I'd change would be the white outline on the bottom of the lettering. It looks like something you forgot to erase , probably because of the lack of other white (other than the moons). Also, what would it look like with the moons and the enclosing band to be made slightly larger?
  3. I'm one of the people who said that they should drop the patch, but I've changed my mind a little. I think the patch can and should be left, but only if the team does something separate to acknowledge and "make up for" the fact that they're honoring a player who got himself and two others killed by drunk driving a boat. What form that might take, I don't know. A program in the community to educate people against drunk driving, maybe, I don't know. You can acknowledge that he was a star and a beloved member of the team, but you have to recognize at the same time that he did things that weren't so great. The Twins gold is bad and should be very gone.
  4. Those are all Pool C and D teams.
  5. A bunch of the pool C/D teams (Jalisco and Miami) played exhibition games before they started.
  6. Norfolk looks good. El Paso looks good. Lake Erie looks... bad. Looks like a logo for a children's computer program where you learn math from baseball-playing fruit.
  7. There are some nice uniforms out there.
  8. That was my immediate thought when I saw the news on /r/baseball. I wonder if we'll still see that patch on Opening Day.
  9. Both statements are false. There are two Israelis on the team, Shlomo Lipetz and Dean Kremer, although Kremer was born and raised stateside. In addition, the bullpen catcher, Tal Erel, is active duty IDF and was given leave to go to Seoul and Tokyo to do this, and much of the support staff (I believe including one coach) was Israeli. I've gotten dozens of messages over the past week from friends and family in Israel, asking me to explain baseball things because they're trying to watch and they're missing a key point or two. And even if neither of those statements are true, so what? A bunch of teams in WBC play are built on players not from the host country (Italy, the Netherlands, and Israel to name a few). MLB's goal in including them is to grow the game around the world. We'll see if it works, but for right now I'm more than content to put on my Team Israel cap and root for my people.
  10. Team Israel. I'm an American through and through, but I'm rooting for my spiritual and ancestral homeland and loving every second of it.
  11. I know the qualifiers exist, my team just played in one in Brooklyn last fall. I'm just saying that we need a massive update on the main site to get it up to date, so that at least teams playing in this year's tournament can be represented properly (I have a decent copy of the Team Israel logo, if that would help).
  12. That's a good look, and I've seen at least a couple of good upgrades on this very site in the Concepts section. But something's going to need to change before USA baseball becomes the ugliest team in WBC play (tick tock).
  13. Team USA looks as bad now as they did back in 2006, even as top level baseball has ditched other bad designs in both domestic and international competitions (looking at you, Black Jays and the old Japan WBC look). They have no reason to change, though. Americans will almost always root for Team USA, barring other connections like my own religion leading me to root for Team Israel, no matter what they're wearing. In the end, I think changing their look would cost quite a bit, and as we've seen with all of these cookie cutter faux sleeves in WBC 2017, they want to save their money. On a different note, hoping to see the WBC section of being updated a bit soon. Japan, Venezuela, Israel, no more South Africa...
  14. This is a very good looking game in Tokyo. Would look better if Cuba was wearing normal gray, of course. BYF out?
  15. I wish they were selling Israel jerseys on MLB Shop, as I have a birthday coming up, but I may have to settle for a Jew Crew t-shirt. Very excited for Israel and Japan to play this round, hopefully with Israel in white.