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  1. I'm personally partial to California City.
  2. Those are... Not great. What's really throwing me off is the disparity between the different logos. The Cowboys' brand (punny) is simple, but it's clean and unoffensive. And then you go down to Santa Fe, and... That's a hot mess, there's a team wearing a clip art star, and Topeka is scary. Also, Las Vegas, New Mexico?
  3. Some really good work up there, You do a great job keeping the character of the story and still making something that you wouldn't stop and stare at for all the wrong reasons. I'd love to see: - Cingular - Sym's - Gimbels Brothers department stores - J&R (a huge electronics store that shut down a few years ago) - Sleepy's - A&P grocery chain - Borders bookstores
  4. I know this game has been in the news quite a bit in the past two days, but I've been a lover of the Congressional Baseball Game (CBG) for years. I like baseball, I like politics (this thread won't be (too) political, I swear), and I like the symbolism of our national leaders engaging in our national pastime for a day. I've always wished it was bigger, the way it (allegedly) was back in the 20s, when they wore party uniforms and had cheerleaders and elephants, so with all the brouhaha surrounding this year's game (Congratulations to the Democrats on their win and taking the series lead), I decided to break out my trusty old MS Paint and see what I could whip up. Note that both teams are, to some extent, what I think the teams would wear, and that I may take a couple (maybe more than a couple) of light hearted jabs at both sides. The Home Squad As I worked, a world emerged. The home team in white will always be the team that controls the House of Representatives, because the CBG was originally by practice, though not by statute, House only, and because to quote my old little league coach, someone has to bat first. In this case, that means Speaker Ryan and the Republicans get last licks. The GOP is by nature pretty old fashioned, stuck in its ways. We think we have a good thing going for us and see no reason to change it. Our team of old fogies is therefore in very conservative, perhaps even bland uniforms. A modified (removed the cut, moved the stars down) Republican elephant in white adorns a red-crown-white-bill cap, and the jerseys have... an R. It stands for Republican, you know. We just thought of that. The pants are a little funkier. As fans (okay, fan) of my New York Townball series (which I solemnly swear will be coming back, today was a rare off day in a busy season) will know, I like to play around with belt loops. For the GOP, wearing a Republican Red belt, their loops are blue and white (hey, it's red, white, and blue that way!). The pants are adorned with stripes whose width is, like our platform, stuck in yesteryear. The socks might be what I'm most proud of, you'll see them on the Dems, too. If you start at the bottom white stripe and count up, or from the top red stripe and count down, you'll get sixteen, the chronological number of the first Republican President, bAbe Lincoln. The Visitors I'll be honest, I'm less proud of this one, I think you'll see why. I thought to myself, "Self, what's more 2017 Democratic Party than really old people trying to appeal to the youth?" So when baseball fans Pokemon Go to the ballpark, they're going to see some gratuitous black in the mix here, which actually ended up looking pretty good with the Democrat blue. Black cap with the blue D and a blue brim (dammit, I love that hat I designed). The jersey was really tricky. No matter what gray I tried, the blue (which is the proper color, and which looks decent elsewhere, was all but unreadable (kind of like Obamacare) across the front, and I couldn't give it an outline that worked (or at all, I'm not quite there yet skill-wise). I considered making the jersey black (I have a version like that saved still), but in the end I settled on DEMOCRATS across the front in black. The font is the official party font (or one that looks a lot like it, anyway, I can't afford the real one #WeAreThe99). Pants are very nice and simple, with a blue belt held up by red and white loops, over the socks. It really doesn't work as well with the Democrats, the Presidential stripes, if only because they got started earlier and sixteen looks better than seven, and the odd number meant the whole sock had to be white so we didn't honor John Quincy Adams instead, Democratic-Republican that he was. So, yeah. There we go. Republicans v. Democrats. Elephants v. Donkeys. Right v. Left. Thoughts? Suggestions? Deletions? Comments? Interruptions? Expletives? If a mod thinks this post is too political, let me know, I'll remove the comments and what have you.
  5. I'm not dead (yet)! Been having some laptop issues, but I am here with a team that's been done since Tuesday. This is the first one I'm posting that I'm really not sure about, to the point that it went two or three different directions while I was in the design process, so I'd very much appreciate some feedback here. Two things that should jump out at the viewer immediately are the jersey color (it's gray!) and the lack of a neighborhood (see Rikers/Van Cortlamd), which will be unique among the company teams. You'll see why in just a second, because it's... Department of Transportation (DOT) This set is as retro as this city's subway cars. I went back to the 80s Sox pool (and only remembered I'd done it before afterwards). The DOT logo is kind of weird (you can see part of it at the top right), just a DOT with lots of lines through it. Considering that this is the Department of Transportation, it made making them a travel team wearing gray made perfect sense to me. We've got a green cap with a white version of the T up top, followed by a pretty standard road pullover. The 4/5/6 Green stripes run down both sleeves and both legs for a pretty retro look. The reason I'm really so unsure about this one is the chest. I hesitated to just do the T again on the chest, seeing that as boring and derivative and just-like-everything-else-in-this-series, but D O T was too big to fit across without messing with the buttons. Original versions had just the green D O T across the front, but I couldn't find a font for a number (our first chest number?) that worked, and the chest was boring, hence the stripe. I'm sort of second guessing, thinking it should maybe be white instead of green. I don't know. What I'm most proud of here might be the socks, where (not too much explanation needed) the stripes (should) match the holes in the D O T letters. No idea what's next. Life is about to get really busy (see my thread in the requests forum for more info), so we'll see. It's not over, I promise you that.
  6. First time I've seen a non-me private citizen say Czechia. Even their government said it was a failure. Well done.
  7. Home plate, actually. I was seven, a broken bat almost took my head off (and then some jerk kid stamped on my hand and took the bat). I only remember so well because it was the night of either the home run derby or the All Star Game. Fun time, but an ugly game (I think they were playing the Rockland Boulders) and seven year old BYF was very angry about missing All Star festivities.
  8. I almost got killed at a Jackals game back in 2004. Love the new package, a serious upgrade. I am somewhat concerned that the text they're showing on the banner as an apparent default is, I'm not a fan of the increased presence of social media in sports. Teams wearing Twitter handles as NOBs, etc.
  9. Turning from a department that keeps people in confinement in large buildings to a department that looks after the city's wide open spaces. I know I said Central Park, but I remembered that Central Park isn't technically a New York City park, it's run by the conservatory because the Parks Department wasn't doing a good job with it. With that in mind, I turned to my home borough and called them Van Cortland. I do too much introducing, let's just look at the baseball clothes. Van Cortland Logo and colors: This was a literal no-brainer. The leaf in the circle is something that's kind of everywhere, from the huge parks to little islands on big streets. That was the obvious choice for a logo, and the green and white were unavoidable. Cap: Green cap. White leaf. White brim. Not a lot of questions. Jersey: Inspired by @SFGiants58's Project 32, specifically the road alternate on Boston's Version II, I took Van Cortland very, very old school, with V C on the chest in the style of some of the oldest baseball uniforms in the books. For a little natural twist, the C is enclosed within a green leaf, because I'm clearly a sucker for chest logos. Pants: A green belt held up by City loops. In preparation for what comes below, I kept them clean and bare. Socks: We're going Coney Island crazy here! Are they white with green stripes or green with white stripes? They're actually white with lots and lots of green stripes. I don't have any explanation as to why Van Cortland is wearing crazy socks except that I couldn't decide between white socks and green socks. To make this concept the funniest thing you've ever seen, imagine Ron Swanson wearing it and trying to Encourage the pitcher, Worf-style. Why this is the imagery in my head, I don't know. It's hilarious. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Deletions? Expletives? Explanations? Et cetera? A hint for the next squad: They get their kicks on Riverside Drive Route 66.
  10. Real Riverdale is a lovely community, I'm lucky to have lived here since I was eight. It is also nothing like Archie's Riverdale (in the comics, and certainly not the show, thank G-d). But I refuse to believe your name is Archie, since it clearly says Paul. Another concept coming up within the hour.
  11. Ten teams under my belt here, I decided to branch out a little bit, and we're going to see some "company" teams as opposed to neighborhood teams for the next few jerseys, starting below. We turn to the Department of Corrections first, playing as Rikers Island like the Theater District plays as Broadway. I remember a Sports Illustrated article from years ago about a jail in California that had a baseball team that allowed players to feel a little bit more normal for a lazy afternoon in the sun before returning to the monotony of prison life. In this fantasy world I'm creating, I'd like to imagine that the Rikers team would have players from both sides of the bars, allowing guards and prisoners to set aside their differences and just play ball together (not The Longest Yard style, either). Rikers Island (Department of Corrections) Logo and colors: Pretty self explanatory. Black and orange throughout, stencil style lettering. RI appears on the caps and serves as the team's logo. Cap: I believe this is actually the first one color cap in the system after the Rye changes. It's orange, with R I in black. Jersey: A solid orange jersey with black stenciling was kind of a no brainer here. Not a whole lot to say, honestly. Pants: I tried orange, but it looked too jump suit-y. I tried pinstripes, but it looked weird, solid over pinstripes. In the end, they're wearing clean white pants with nice orange stripes down the sides. A black belt is held up by City loops, orange and blue, which will appear on all the company teams. Socks: Plain orange. Overall a nice and simple look for a team that would have no trouble whatsoever scheduling practices. Up next will be Central Park (Department of Parks and Recreation). I'm doing my best to give company teams location names, to keep with the whole town ball and local pride idea. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Deletions? Expletives? Explanations? Et cetera?
  12. I'll be honest, this next one may have been my favorite thus far. I grew up reading comic books about a certain redhead from Riverdale with two very attractive girlfriends, and wishing that I lived in that Riverdale (because Pop Tate's food is probably really good) instead of the real one. This is probably the direction I would have gone with this team regardless, but especially with the surging popularity of the TV show, there was no other way to go. Riverdale Those who read the comic books will recognize the inspiration here immediately. Although they've been moving away from it in recent years, Archie's classic look for decades was a black vest with a big yellow R for Riverdale and blue piping over a white shirt (green bow tie optional). I've taken his look and brought it to the baseball field. Cap: Although Archie's sweater seems to imply that the school's major colors are black and yellow, any appearance by the Riverdale High Bulldogs in the comics shows them wearing blue and yellow (This really was my childhood). For the Riverdale town ball squad, I've put them in a blue cap with a yellow R (not unlike the football helmets), with a black brim to tie everything together a bit. Jersey: Our first vest of the series makes its appearance. A black jersey with some blue sleeve piping over white, with a yellow R on the chest. My thanks to Bob Montana & Co. for making this one so easy. Pants: One place where this concept originally looked drastically different. Early drafts had them wearing those atrocious orange pants Archie still wears (at one point even with the checkers of the 1960s). It looked bad, so they're white now. Black belt with The Bronx loops. Socks: Had a little bit of fun here. Blue socks in keeping with that blue and yellow primary. The striping (eight stripes, alternating black and yellow) are a nod to two things. First, the local public school, PS 141/RKA, which plays sports as the Tigers wearing blue and yellow. The second is our area code (which is also used in Brooklyn and Queens, but that's not the point), 718 (7+1=8). That's ten teams in the book, definitely making this the longest I've ever stuck with a graphic design project. I'm nowhere near done, but my thanks to @Whittier S (again) and @Paul Lucas for sticking with me and giving me feedback throughout. It's much appreciated. Where are we going next? I have no idea. I'm thinking somewhere in Brooklyn.
  13. First of all, I love kubb! They have it in Bryant Park in Manhattan during the summers, it's so much fun. I really suck at it, but I'm just waiting 'til summer time comes again, fingers crossed. Big fan of Eau Claire, but. I feel like a game like kubb needs uniforms that are uniquely kubb. Eau Claire would look perfectly at home on a soccer field. Since we're bringing kubb onto the big stage, you have an opportunity to change things, give kubb a look all its own. Take some risks, add some quirky design features. If you tell us they're classics we'll believe you. It really does look amazing, though.
  14. They do not. Modern-day Rangers (as well as their predecessors) do not have a prescribed uniform, per se, although the State of Texas does provide guidelines as to appropriate Ranger attire, including a requirement that Rangers wear clothing that is western in nature. Currently, the favored attire includes white shirt and tie, khaki/tan or gray trousers, light-colored western hat, "ranger" belt, and cowboy boots. Historically, according to pictorial evidence, Rangers wore whatever clothes they could afford or muster, which were usually worn out from heavy use. While Rangers still pay for their clothing today, they receive an initial stipend to offset some of the costs of boots, gunbelts and hats. To keep this baseball-related, that Mariners/Astros game is going to be gorgeous.
  15. I didn't want to use the indigo since that's the New York color, but you were right about it needing something old new borrowed blue. The first edition with blue used it somewhat sparingly. The forked tongue striping now appears on the sleeves as well, alternating gold-blue-gold, and the cap is blue with a green brim. Option A But, I didn't stop there. I quite liked that blue, and it looked nice next to the green and everything else, so I mostly abandoned the gold for a second option, making this a green/blue team with gold accents. Option B