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  1. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

  2. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Group I Princeton ASC, Dallas Sporting Group J Islanders SC, Detroit Group K Puget sound, Hartford Group L St. John's, Austin
  3. US Cricket League - Beltway and Chicago logos open!

    Usually they just have one uniform for each form as they don't really worry about clashing because since the batsmen are wear pads and helmets it is easy to distinguish between the two teams even if they have similar logos.
  4. Nike Select League Cricket

    I dont think it does because the ashes community has a lot less teams than are in the DBC17 community like some of the teams updated teams for completions are missing.
  5. Nike Select League Cricket

    you can also download players from the community. You could get some older players and put them in the league. Or you could put in some young players from the West Indies which is the Caribbean national team.
  6. Nike Select League Cricket

    I was actually surprised that Bairstow didn't have a better first half as he is the starting wicket keeper for England irl rn so it is no wonder he led the league in runs.
  7. National Kickball League- 2021

    It looks more like the toads from Naruto. The wordmark is really good tho.
  8. National Kickball League- 2021

    That's the first thing I thought looking at the Chicago one.
  9. 2017 Artwork For Joliet Slammers

    Your work is pretty good. Ive seen it before as I went to a game or two last season.
  10. What about somewhere like Portland, Saskatoon, Des Moines (probably called Iowa), or a team in Newfound (probably St. John's)
  11. Pro Baseball Clubs of America (Atlanta Added)

    What about a team in Chicago?
  12. NHL Adidas Refresh - *New Matchups*

    Great job. you should do Red Wings vs Blackhawks
  13. The Dallas desperadoes actually used to be an AFL team so I don't know if it's fair game but it's a good idea