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  1. 2017 Artwork For Joliet Slammers

    Your work is pretty good. Ive seen it before as I went to a game or two last season.
  2. What about somewhere like Portland, Saskatoon, Des Moines (probably called Iowa), or a team in Newfound (probably St. John's)
  3. Pro Baseball Clubs of America (Atlanta Added)

    What about a team in Chicago?
  4. NHL Adidas Refresh - *New Matchups*

    Great job. you should do Red Wings vs Blackhawks
  5. The Dallas desperadoes actually used to be an AFL team so I don't know if it's fair game but it's a good idea
  6. Obscure Country Basketball Concepts (MS Paint)

    You should do Andorra
  7. Could you please add: Cm Punks wwe and world championship belts washington capitals conference championship chicago wolves turner and Calder cups usa baseball World Cup championships England world cup Chicago rush arenabowl championship West Indies icc world cup thanks
  8. Can I get a sig with the following please: New York Yankees world Championships Ucla NCAA basketball championships Bulls NBA Championships Giants super bowl championships PSG Ligue 1 championships New Zealand all blacks rugby World Cup championships Thanks
  9. pitcher Drew Krull pitcher Peter Martin pitcher Jeff Gillespie Left Field Ron Wax Center Field Justin Albertson RF Brad Holtston 3B Todd Corr SS Jason Wilson 2B Darryl Manna 1B James Helmuth C Jamie Aynsley
  10. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    For islanders home I would do a gray palm tree like the keys united jersey that may spruce it up a little.
  11. My Fictional Sports World - Houston Orbits

    Great work! What are some of the other colleges in the universe? Also who are SMU's rival schools in the league?