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  1. These are really nice!
  2. Natechiro

    Uniform Elements

    Highly suggest using Nike's teambuilder website: . Let's you customize and get a feel for how the jersey looks. Also personally I like outlined lettering on the names and numbers and I think a gold yellow would look pretty filthy.
  3. Natechiro

    Nike NFL Jersey concepts

    Hi all, I got bored one-day and decided to use Nike's teambuilder website to re-design some NFL uniforms Up first: The Carolina Panthers I like Carolina's design right now. Simple and clean. I wanted to keep that going and add a little to it. The home jerseys stay black with white numbers and a light blue outline. However I added the Panthers across front in light blue and put some light blue sleeves on it. Also a light blue/white stripe across the middle. The away jersey follows the same design as the home jersey with a some color swaps to fit the jersey. The alt light-blue jersey also works as the color rush jersey. Let me know what you guys think! Next up will be the Arizona Cardinals
  4. Natechiro

    2k17 leaked Pistons logo back in November

    Darn I thought I discovered something. Oh well
  5. Just noticed this today, NBA 2k17 appears to have leaked the new Pistons logo LONG before we knew about it. On the "Current NBA Teams" AND "league expansion" option, you can see the Pistons new logo in the bottom right corner.
  6. Natechiro

    Milwaukee Brewers Recolor Concept

    This is a project I've actually had for awhile. I decided to take the Brewers current logos and put them with the old Brewers colors. I only used Microsoft paint for this so yes it is a little low quality on some of the logos. Feedback appreciated!
  7. Natechiro

    Seattle Mariners recolor concept

    Heres there recolor with the 90s Sonics colors. Will try the Pilots next.
  8. Natechiro

    Seattle Mariners recolor concept

    Hey all This is my first post and this is a little something I did in Microsoft paint. I recolored the Mariners logo and replaced the teal with more of a bright green. The 2 logos in the top right are the cap logos, couldn't decide which would fit better. Feedback would be much appreciated!