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  1. Yes, it is constructive, and appreciated, and I will see what I can do, sir, in that regard. Thank you for your input. I'm not quite sure on what the permanent looks for the American League's baseball teams will ultimately be in the primary dimension and/or timeline of this alternate sports universe. just yet. But as far as I've been able to get so far with it, over the years of thinking about it, I thought that the American League baseball teams might try using color, at least at first, to try to get people's attention away from the teams in the competing National League to at least some degree. Granted, that won't necessarily mean that the fans would keep coming permanently once the novelty of the new American League eventually wore off, as it probably will. For them to do so, they'd need to provide a good product on the field as well, and be at least as good, on average, as the teams in the National League often would be. I am trying to decide on the main color schemes and looks for each team, and trying to make them distinct enough from each other, as well. But I'm still finding that a little hard to do, when it comes to avoiding the usual R-W-B color schemes and all, at least. I am trying to find looks that work, but not being much of an artist yet compared to many others, I'm having some problems, obviously. I am better at writing things up, often, than I am in terms of drawing them and designing them, even after years of design work done for at least some items meant for a virtual world. Is Inkscape free? I can't generally pay real money for most, if not everything, art-related, for various reasons, unfortunately. If that weren't the case, I probably could get more useful art-related programs, for instance, of course, any time I'd want to, if they had to be bought instead of gotten for free. I wasn't planning on potentially making any of the uniforms for the National League's baseball teams so colorful, at least not at first, seeing as their league would have likely been around a good deal longer and the teams probably would have begun moderating and determining their usual and best-known and/or permanent looks, et cetera. I know I still have a lot of work to do to get this alternate sports universe working sufficiently well, but I'm willing to do what I can, Lord willing, when and where possible, to hopefully get it looking really good as soon as possible, for sure. Thanks again for your input, SFGiants58. I'll try to keep your advice and all in mind, as well as the advice and comments that others have already provided here, as best as I can, for sure. Please check back often here, and hopefully, you'll eventually like what you see here well enough, if at all possible. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  2. What do you think of my choices for the players on the Tigers' roster, then, at least, Coco? Just curious, that's all. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  3. Tigers uniforms done, finally. But first, I'd like to announce my picks for a hypothetical all-time Detroit Tigers team managed by Sparky Anderson, and their home park will, of course, be some version of Tiger Stadium. I was thinking about putting Cobb's name on the back of their jerseys, but he played before numbers were commonly worn on uniforms for the Tigers, so I decided to put Al Kaline's name and number on the back of said jerseys. With no further ado, then, here's my picks for the aforementioned Detroit Tigers all-time team, with the uniforms and comments about them to follow later, of course: OF Ty Cobb OF Al Kaline SS Alan Trammell 1B Hank Greenberg C Bill Freehan 2B Charlie Gehringer 2B Lou Whitaker P Jack Morris P Mickey Lolich 3B George Kell P Frank Tanana OF-1B Harry Heilmann P Justin Verlander 1B-3B Miguel Cabrera C Lance Parrish SS Billy Rogell 3B Aurelio Rodriguez OF Bobby Veach OF Mickey Stanley P Hal Newhouser P Tommy Bridges P Jim Bunning P Todd Jones P Hooks Dauss P Dizzy Trout I tried to pick the best players possible for each position and the best pitchers possible for the pitching staff, but due to the fact that the Tigers have no doubt had a lot of good players in their history, I probably had to leave a lot of good ones off this entire team, of course. Please feel free to let me know as cleanly, as courteously, and as constructively as you can, if you think I left off some possibly deserving players for the Tigers or any of the other three teams for their posted hypothetical all-time rosters, if you like and can, folks. I'd be glad to hear what you think about my picks so far for the various teams, as long as you can keep your respective comments clean, courteous, and constructive here, of course, for sure. Now here are the uniforms. I chose to use a lot of orange and navy blue, but I also wanted to use a few other colors for purposes of originality besides gray, at least. Hence the use of the lighter blue and the maroon on the uniform. I basically got the colors from looking at their historical colors on Colorwerx, and may have slightly lightened or darkened them in at least one case for the two unusual colors mentioned above, to get the other color shades that I decided to use on the uniforms. The font used is Olde English, by the way, everyone. I thought, after more reflection while trying to work on this team's base uniform concept, to use it after all, per earlier suggestions from two of you here. Now I modified the template a bit to get the look in question, but the securing closures are underneath the middles of the jerseys' fronts, so they aren't actually visible on the template. But they are there, just the same, in any case, everyone. Here's the home jersey: And now the road jersey: As you can see, I did some unusual things here, and I did, thankfully, find a way to somehow even include stripes on the jerseys. Even though it took a little while to get them done well enough to suit me here sufficiently, I must say. It sure was a whale of a time I was having, though, while I was trying to come up with something that might possibly work well enough here for the Tigers, everyone. Fortunately, with God's help and leading and all, and your suggestions, I was able to figure some things out here for both jerseys, finally, after at least a week or two of trying to figure this sort of thing out here. I don't know how I am going to do the Yankees yet, of course. But I suspect that I'll probably be using a good deal of red, white, and blue for them, and possibly one or two other colors, but not quite sure about that just yet. Of all the teams that I may be sharing all-time teams for, when it comes to the first 16 teams, at least, the competition for their 25 roster spots may be the toughest of all, or nearly so, if not so. Seeing as they have so many known Baseball Hall of Famers from their franchise in our real world's history, of course. There probably will be at least a dozen or more who will be unable to make the roster, as a result, and who will likely have to be assigned to other teams besides the Yankees instead, due to space concerns, even if I was to make up a 40-man roster made up for the Yankees at some later time, I think. Well, I suppose that's enough here to talk about for a while, then, folks. I'll likely have several things to do in the very near future, so I should perhaps close this for now, at the very least. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  4. Turtle Pilgrim

    2017 World Baseball Classic

    Israel loses 12-2 to the Dutch. So I suppose they need to somehow beat Japan and hope that Cuba beats the Netherlands, and by a good score, in order to advance. Neither of which seems very likely at the moment, unfortunately. Best way for them to ensure they move on, is to beat Japan, of course, but Japan has been a very good team so far this tournament, so it's probably going to be a real challenge for them to beat Japan. Here's hoping, though. IF they lose, they lose. But even if they do, perhaps they can still somehow advance on to the semifinals, in any case. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  5. On another semi-related sort of thing here, for this alternate sports universe, what might you people likely imagine teams with names like Flying Mudflap Brains, for instance, have for uniform or logo looks, perhaps? Just curious, that's all. I know that's a weird-sounding nickname for a team, in any sport, at the very least, but I'm curious to see what you all might think of teams in a league with weird nicknames like that, for uniforms and the like, at least. I have some ideas about how at least the logo or logos might look, but as of yet, I don't think I'd be able to actually draw or design them well enough, somehow, unfortunately, people. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  6. Turtle Pilgrim

    2017 World Baseball Classic

    Israel wins against Cuba 4-1! Wonderful! Go, Israel! Turtle Pilgrim out.
  7. Turtle Pilgrim

    2017 World Baseball Classic

    Israel walked the bases loaded full of Cubans, but fortunately the Cubans still couldn't score in the top of the 8th. Israel still leads 3-1, going into the bottom of the 8th. Israel could be a real deal here. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  8. Turtle Pilgrim

    2017 World Baseball Classic

    Wouldn't it really be something if they somehow legitimately sweep this pool as well? Turtle Pilgrim out,
  9. Turtle Pilgrim

    2017 World Baseball Classic

    Israel leading Cuba 3-1 as of the middle of the 7th inning in Japan. Go, Israel! Turtle Pilgrim out.
  10. Turtle Pilgrim

    Best mlb uniforms

    Ryne probably wouldn't be in the Hall, or at least not as likely, I think, had he not homered off Sutter twice in the same game, the game now commonly referred to as the Sandberg Game. Granted, he was a good player, but I still suspect he wouldn't have been in had that not happened like it did off my favorite all-time player that I've seen and my favorite Cardinal of all. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  11. Turtle Pilgrim

    Best mlb uniforms

    No mention of Cardinals jerseys yet, before Cubs ones? I'd take the Birds on the Bat any day over most, if not all, Cubs-themed uniforms, or anything Cardinals-related, most likely. Although I will admit they sure took it to us earlier, last year, when they stole our division and our league away from us. But we'll be back soon enough, I'm sure. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  12. Actually, I'm trying to somehow figure out a way to do just that easily and well enough, but still avoid copying other people's work as much as possible. I've even considered, or may now be considering, the idea of making stripes out of the letters on the front of the jerseys, for instance, believe it or not. But seeing as I'm not necessarily as good at doing visual art as I may be with writing various things out, I've not generally been able to figure it out just yet, if I will. However, I will NOT give up trying, in any case, if I don't have to, in terms of trying to make these things look as good as possible, with or without help from others, for sure. I have generally not been a quitter, when I don't have to be, when it comes to certain things in my life, and I have no intention of starting now, either. I do hope and expect that, Lord willing, and if at all possible, to eventually finish things for this alternate sports universe to the best of my ability, most definitely, even if it takes me at least six months to a year to do so, folks. My concepts may be unusual so far here, but you can't deny that they're rather original, at least for the most part, can you? I really don't think so. I used to make a lot of colorful items and builds for that virtual world I mentioned earlier before it closed like it did, whether or not it's a temporary closing or a permanent one. I like colors a lot, often. So that probably is one reason why I put the colors I have so far for the uniforms you've all seen so far. Perhaps if I can, I'll show you an outfit I made for that VW right after Stan Musial left this world, and see what you all think of it. Or some of my other items, if that'd be possible and okay enough with the people here, at least, if not elsewhere as well. That's enough for now, perhaps, at least. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  13. Am still trying to come up with ideas that may work for various teams here, folks. I don't know just what may work best here, in terms of colors for certain teams, for instance, but I do know that I won't want nearly every team to be having red, white, and blue as their main colors, for obvious reasons. I'm open to suggestions on colors for various teams, of course, but I still may need some help with the uniforms, for instance. Certain teams, of course, will need to have red and blue on their uniforms to at least some degree, but others won't. Which teams they would be, I'm not quite sure yet. I know that I won't necessarily want Cleveland to be primarily Red/White/Blue, for instance, though. I may want to have them mostly in Green/White/Blue/Brown, but not entirely sure about that yet. Their permanent look is as of yet undecided. Boston will probably be Red/White/Blue/Green, at least for starters. Chicago probably Red/White/Blue/Yellow or Gold, at first, for the White Sox, but not sure about that yet. Detroit and the rest of the American League's teams, at least, I'm not entirely sure about either, at the moment. Well, that's enough of an update for this thread, until I hear more from you all, perhaps, I think. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  14. I'll keep working on things, Dan. I AM trying my best, though, and not just trying to slough these things and thoughts off here just to do so with you all. I don't expect any of the looks already seen to become their permanent looks or largely influence them in the future, or at least I'm not right now, but I'm still trying to do something at least a bit different from the way that many others may often do them. I know I can perhaps do better, in time. But I probably don't yet have enough design experience, at least, to speak of, unfortunately. in terms of designing uniforms, at least, et cetera. Not even when my previous experience with designing items for a virtual world is considered, perhaps, I think. For I didn't really do much of that sort of thing when I designed items to wear there, if memory serves. But the more I try, the more experience I may get, right? At least, that's my hope, anyway. Who knows? Maybe someday soon, I'll be able to come up with some looks that will work quite well for various teams, right, the more I work at it? Turtle Pilgrim out. P.S. If I remember correctly, I do believe I said that the American League teams might look quite a bit different from those in the National League, at least at first, for reasons I may have mentioned before. I suppose that they'll look different at least until both leagues essentially make peace with each other, and then their uniforms will become more standardized, at least in basic looks to some degree, if not to a great degree. With the National League teams likely being around longer, they probably would've already begun determining their more traditional and/or more permanent looks, I think. That is all for now, at least, then, perhaps. Turtle Pilgrim out.
  15. Cleveland is next here. And I'll post my starting picks for them and their uniforms, even though I've been having a whale of a time with trying to do looks for both of Detroit's starting uniforms, especially the home one, for some time lately. Hopefully, I'll have something available to show for the Tigers soon, but at the rate things are going, that may not be for a while, for whatever possible reason or reasons here at the present time. In the case of the Indians, they will be managed by a player-manager, and they may be one of the only hypothetical teams, if not the only such team, among the first 32 who will have a player-manager for themselves. This player-manager is Lou Boudreau, and he will be leading the following players, as well as being part of the team himself, of course: P Bob Feller SS Lou Boudreau P Addie Joss P Stan Coveleski OF Earl Averill 2B Nap Lajoie SS-3B Joe Sewell SS Omar Vizquel OF Tris Speaker OF Larry Doby P Mel Harder P Bob Lemon OF Kenny Lofton 1B-3B Jim Thome P Early Wynn C Jim Hegan 3B Al Rosen 2B Bill Wambsganss 1B Hal Trosky C Sandy Alomar OF Rocky Colavito P Bob Wickman P Doug Jones P Jose Mesa P Mike Garcia These Indians will play in Cleveland Municipal Stadium, or whatever the Indians' last ballpark before what is now called, if memory serves, Progressive Field, was. I haven't decided who owns them or who owns the other two teams already posted yet, due to not yet knowing what year I'm going to use for the main starting year of this alternate sports universe, but I hope to know soon, if possible, folks. Seeing as I've already said that the classic teams will be in their proper locations as I deem them to be here, I'll probably have this sports universe's starting year sometime before the main dimension's calendar year of 1950, if not even before 1940 or earlier. Now given that one of Cleveland's nicknames, was and/or is the Forest City and that it's on one of the Great Lakes, that influenced the choices I made for colors on the uniform, at least to a degree. Plus the team name perhaps influenced some design touches as well. There isn't a Chief Wahoo on either of them, even though that logo isn't necessarily a bad one, but seeing as I'm not good at drawing heads or logos by myself just yet, if I ever will be, I decided to try to make things at least a bit easier and simpler for myself where and when I could here for the Indians. As for the fonts on the uniform, they will be Narnia BLL for most of the lettering, but the numbers, seeing as I didn't know at first, or remember at first, at least, that Narnia BLL doesn't apparently have numerical characters for its character set, are done with the King Arthur Special font, at the least, plus the cap lettering, if memory serves here. These next two uniforms will look quite a bit different from the three that you've seen before, but I tried to use colors that they've used before in our real world, or colors that other Cleveland teams have worn before, even though this is still an alternate sports universe that I'm currently trying to develop here, so as to reflect them being from Cleveland, just the same, or at least some version of Cleveland, anyway. The home uniform: And now the road uniform: Yes, I know that they are most likely not what you expected, but this is what I envisioned as possible starting looks for their jerseys. Not saying, of course, that their traditional and best-known looks will look like this years or decades or centuries down the line, of course, or their permanent look, but at least these looks may have some touches that might work well for influencing the future looks of this team here, I think. Or not, as the case might be, for sure. In any case, I didn't just try to rush these things out, but I did try to take my time with them, especially when my program that I was using to make these with likely crashed at least a few times along the way here. I have been trying to figure out how to do the Tigers' uniforms, but I'm having some trouble with making them tiger-like, to at least a degree. For instance, I'd like to try to make it look like there are paws that help close either side of the jersey front, if I were to use the buttondown uniform template, similar to how I tried to change the look of the jersey fronts for the Indians above with the arrows or tree-like closures for them. But I haven't been able to do that yet well enough to satisfy me sufficiently, if I will be able to later. I have also been considering the possibility of putting stripes on both sides of the jersey tops, but as I said, I'm not very good, often, with doing certain things easily enough. Or at least I'm not very good yet, I think, if I'll ever be. Furthermore, I haven't yet decided whose name and number should be on the backs of both Tigers uniforms, and I'm still hoping many of you will be willing to offer possible suggestions about such, and/or pick one of the five fonts I asked input from you all about earlier in regards to the Tigers here, as well. Looking forwards to your clean, constructive, and courteous comments on my picks of players and my looks for the Cleveland Indians' uniforms here, folks. Until later, then, I will have to close this, it seems, and get back to you some other time. Turtle Pilgrim out.