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  1. FHL: Fantasy Hockey League

    I am currently working on logos and jerseys for the teams and league. Here is the leagues finished logo
  2. FHL: Fantasy Hockey League

    TEAM NAMES AND MASCOTS Fantasy Hockey League Western Conference West Division 1. San Francisco Earthquakes 2. Los Angeles Stars 3. Seattle Thunder 4. Las Vegas Aces South Division 1. Dallas Tornadoes 2. New Orleans VooDoo 3. St Louis Arches 4. Phoenix Red Hawks Eastern Conference Midwest Division 1.. Chicago Huskies 2. Detroit Engines 3. Memphis Blues 4. Indianapolis Eagles East Division 1. New York Skyscrapers 2. Philadelphia Wildcats 3. Pittsburgh Lizards 4. Boston Revolutionaries I hope you liked the team names I picked oit and please feel free to design any logos you feel like or jerseys. I want to share this with all of you. Thank you. - Commisioner Graver
  3. WELCOME TO THE FANTASY HOCKEY LEAGUE! I created the fantasy hockey league in March of 2017 and orginally is a league with 16 team members divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences. Both Conferences have 8 teams and two divisons of 4 each. Each team plays another from the other conference and other divison twice (once home and once away), and plays the members in their own division four times (twice home and twice away) for a grand total of 36 games. At the end of a season, the top two in each division will enter the Fantasy Hockey Championship Playoffs. The 8 teams that make the FHCP will play their divison rival in a best of 7 series and continue until two teams meet in the Fantasy Hockey League Championship. Team names and divison pairings will come closly but feel free to help me with designing logos and jerseys! Expanison will come and most importantly enjoy!
  4. Blown away! Amazing work, it all blends together very well!!
  5. AHL | Chicago Wolves Rebrand | w/ Chicago flag colors

    Love it! The primary logo is fantastic, and I think the font used in the word-mark blends really well. Great job!