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  1. Introducing the Slam Football Association

    Why use soccer uniform templates instead of football. I’m so confused with what’s going on. Why are players like Brett Farve, Micheal Vick and Tim Tebow back to football??? And Quavo? Why did you pick cities like Hartford, San Juan and Saskatchewan over bigger markets? Like NYC instead of Hartford. Miami instead of San Juan or Chicago instead of Saskatchewan. Surely they’d get much better attendance and revenue that Hartford San Juan or Saskatchewan. Even Vancouver would be better than Edmonton. A lot of the cities don’t really make sense.
  2. MLB by NIKE

    Purple and teal is much prettier
  3. This has been an amazing thread so far and can’t wait till you finish! All the designs have been fantastic. But if one has to be best and worst. Best would be Chargers and worst eagles. I don’t think there is much else to improve the presentation is top notch and as someone’s who hand draws aswell, you’ve been a huge inspiration and help. Copied a lot of you’re technics to improve my own stuff. So I thank you so much. I also can realize how frustrating and long these can take and salute you for all the work you’ve done here because it’s really worth a round of applause!
  4. I just draw whatever I’m comfortable drawing. The papers I use are simple copy paper that are smaller? I can’t honestly tell you I know where the cane from but I got a whole stack. Here are a few reference pictures (Sorry for my ugly fingers lol) I just measured and each paper is around 8 inches in length and 6 inches in width. It’s alot of space I have trouble filling sometimes so I think it works lol. Working on Philadelphia’s Stadium, WaWa Arena! Im thinking you guys will like it!
  5. Before moving on to NYC gonna do some organizing. Minnesota and San Diego will get translated to new template and then and Philly will get stadiums! Stay tuned! But for now, here is Walgreens Stadium, the home of the Chicago Kings! It’s a castle. A simple stadium inside castle walls, I think it works pretty well! And just like Cincy and probably every other team. This replaces current day Soldier Field. Original Picture: Walgreens Stadium: C&C as always is greatly appreciated! Edit: Updated first post to include divisions and conferences
  6. Bump, any C&C? Would be highly appreciated
  7. Oops typo, my bad. But seriously america imo should have a good soccer league, I feel that’s better than having a hockey league. I know he is. I just find it a tad immature to be this mad about a hockey team in a league for my knowledge he doesn’t work in. You can have your opinions don’t be little others Bc they differ yours. Sorry for coming off as ride. I mean no harm to him.
  8. I guess the salty jets fan that got beat by an expansion team can’t handle themselves and be adult about sports
  9. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    We aren’t that bad! But yeah you make a good point.
  10. Ya know I never watched or cared much for hockey until I saw vagas do somewhat good at the beginning of the year. Now I’ve tried to watch as many of their games as possible. Y’all forget to realize how many views this is bringing in. Yeah I get it it’s an expansion team. But it matters as much as when loyola made it to The final four. So shut your traps and stop acting like this is ruining the league. At this rate you guys won’t be playing fourth string to the American viewers. Tbh I thought the MLS would gain more attraction that this league by now. THIS IS A GOOD THING. GO VEGAS
  11. American Premier League

    Can only hope Cincinnati or Louisville has a team
  12. I’ll say it’s the angle and scale. But it’s mainly since I didn’t have room. I wanted to try but it cluttered it up way to much. Edit: And it is Laurel Wreath
  13. So Cincinnati has been finished! I really like the way this came out. After some time thinking about it i finally decided on option B but since I liked option A just as much. They’re alternate uniform features the wreath pattern on the sleeve and the spear on the head. I can imagine this being either a throwback or special occasion jersey. I went all white for home with the wreath pattern in red running up the side of the pants. I also chose to go with a 3D number font. I love the way it’s worked for teams in the past and wanted to use it here. It was a little complicated to use of the shoulders but I think it looks okay. The away uniform is brown with white pants. With the same helmet. And the alternate is red jersey with brown pants. I chose the wreath pattern running along the shoulders and pants in red. The helmet is white with the brown and silver spear like in the concept. But I added a red line down the middle to balance out the colors. Now I’ve also done something special for you guys. I wanted to have something to make this series stand out so I took a picture of the Bengals current Paul Brown Stadium and copied the surrounding areas but.. Sculped my own stadium. The Cincinnati Colliseum is where the Centurions will play their home games! Here is the original picture: Here is the Cincinnati Colliseum: