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  1. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    *silently waits for college season to start*
  2. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (22/32)

    This. Is. Great.
  3. CFB Interactive Concepts (SEC Finished)

    Thank you so much, i really hate the gray and BFBS Kentucky is pushing, i feel like we wear that every other game any more my only nitpick is that you dropped vandys (imo) awesome helmets, its something different, and it works everything is 100 from me otherwise, keep up the good work
  4. Its alright, nobody’s perfect Cincy better win it all tho, if they dont it is your mistake, your out against us
  5. Lol, Minnesota Whales (Perdictions; Guardians of Cincinnati vs Minnesota Whales)
  6. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    This is a hated opinion, but i love their current navy white look, although bland, i still love it for some reason, just wish theyd bring the gold in a bit more, Love your brown and gold concept, but im a little iffy about the orange and blue, although i love the Summer vibes from the Blue Gold Brown concept, thats pretty nice looking.
  7. Gridiron League of America: 2012 Gem City Diamonds

    Major improvements so far
  8. Loving the Gaels, and another interesting name choice for Alabama, along with Turfdogs Myrimidons, Millionaires, it makes a pretty original league, lovin it so far
  9. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Why does any team think they even need a jumbotron that big, its not like its in the name or anything, but seriously, it probably takes up a bigger land area than any Devil crowd in the past 3 years, well nevermind, thats not that hard to do.
  10. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    As a U.K. Fan, seeing what Fox did to him in the sweet sixteen, i would avoid him at all costs too
  11. Little Caesars new logo

    Lol, all the hate to Little Ceasars.
  12. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (22/32)

    I think the packers are my favorite so far!
  13. NCAA Football Super Series

    All these have been looking great so far, keep up the great work
  14. The UFL Project – #2 Miami Pirates

    So many fantastic football league concepts going on, its a dream come true, lol, keep up the great work