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  1. Although the font is nice, i don't really think it fits for a professional basketball team, and it looks more like a stamp than anything, simplify the mountains and blend the whole logo together with matching colors, good start so far though
  2. Ahh thanks, at first thought it was some tigers or bengals logo I hadn't seen. Really appreciated
  3. I may be pretty dumb but I'm not completely sure what team that is, any explanation? For a newbie like me?
  4. I like the rays crest, and thx panthers for clearing that up.
  5. I don't know if it's the light but on paper the raiders are black and gold, and I'll update the green clash kit, maybe try something else with a black clash? I'll work some concepts out. And sorry for the delay, introducing West Texas FC
  6. concept

    Love the Helmet design, inspiration from the eagles but not a direct copy, which I like. Great update
  7. Try removing some of the detail from the face of the pirate
  8. Interesting analogy, love it
  9. I like the concept, but I feel like you've already tried this and it didn't work very well. also, many teams on your list have great logos, Indiana Pacers and Kansas City Chiefs for example. But I would love to see them in a crossover league anyway. Good work so far.
  10. Maybe try U.K.
  11. It looks a tad bit to detailed and the gradient could use some work, maybe even removing it good make it a lot less clustered
  12. I like the red but maybe try a brown with it, it may blend better than a darker red
  13. The Boston Shamrocks FC would love C&C and feedback on league logo?
  14. Love the wave pattern, good idea!
  15. Let's go Fillies!