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  1. Quick question, how? I'm new to this
  2. Uk would be great, thanks!
  3. U.K. Or bengals?
  4. U.K. Big Blue nation
  5. Never really seen a softball large on here, got some concepts, but if anyone is interested in helping with team identities, feel free to message me. Starting in the year 2020, softball finally gets a successful pro league. The National Softball League! A six team, two conferenced league. Three on the east coast and three on the west coast. Prepare for expansion. Seasons will be simulated. West: Denver Gold St.Paul Angels Albuquerque Doves East: Miami Rays Chicago Stars New Jersey Hope Looking for criticism!
  6. Music lines and the notes on said lines. And I like color scheme light blue.
  7. St. Louis seems busy and cluttered, clean that up and your golden. Otherwise I wouldn't say these are newbie, there all very well done.
  8. Maybe purple and red for raptors, and love the update for all the teams so far, just that little nitpick. Magic especially looks cool and different, waiting to see the rest the league.
  9. I'm glad this is back!!
  10. Any concepts?
  11. So is there going to be new "mini" logos for each team now? This could also work with several other sports. and btw love the bad boy pistons logo
  12. I was gonna say what Melody said (due to the same reason) but he beat me to it im also pretty sure Spurs don't use those camo long sleeved jerseys this year. Edit: Skimmed over some of the photos, my bad
  13. Yellow is a bit bright, otherwise, impressive improvement, loving the way it's turning out
  14. Some seem rushed (Seattle, Providence, Hartford) while a few seem more thought out and planned (Albuquerque, Little Rock, Birmingham) Some I can't see to well, could we seem some over pictures? And are you doing uniforms for any of the teams? Excited to see where this goes!
  15. Ok, that makes more sense now