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  1. BellaSpurs

    MLB by NIKE

    Too much Royal blue on throwbacks otherwise it’s all amazing! Loving the navy and yellow.
  2. BellaSpurs

    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Philadelphia Stars)

    What a script. Pittsburgh looks fantastic along with the rest of them!
  3. BellaSpurs

    Portland Herons MLB Expansion Concept

    They look all good now!
  4. BellaSpurs

    Portland Herons MLB Expansion Concept

    The images aren’t showing up ://
  5. I finally got the Gila Monsters, or Gilas (as someone suggested) sketches done! Let me know what you think! For the first option I tried using the letter A. It comes off too similar to Philly to me but I think it could work maybe. The second option is inspired by the Marion Blue Racers ( I was going through the home page looking for inspiration. I had a lot of trouble coming up for ideas and I thought this logo would really work. The Gila is coiled up around a football hissing at you with the text above and below it. The third option is inspired by the Phoenix Suns’ first logo. It’s a Gila hissing at you like in the second option. All the stripes are simplified like in the first two. C&C is highly appreciated. I had a hard time brainstorming ideas for this one and will take suggestions! PM me or say here any ideas you guys may have!
  6. BellaSpurs

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Egypt Iceland Serbia Panama Saudi Arabia Argentina Mexico  Senegal
  7. BellaSpurs

    MLB by NIKE

    I like it, it’s certainly an improvement but ive never been a fan of that logo and this set sadly doesn’t change my opinion about it. None the less it’s a great upgrade to what they currently wear!
  8. Here are the Los Angeles Stars. Original (again): New: Uniforms: For Los Angeles i wanted it to be bright and colorful. I wanted it to have a beachy, vibe. For the uniforms i tried a shoulder stripe that mimics a shooting star, I did the same on the pants. The away is the only jersey without the shoulder pattern. The hone and away focus on the light blue and California Yellow. Where as the alternate mixes in more of the Royal blue formerly used as just an accent in the other jerseys. Helmets: A white helmet with the logo on the side and a stripe down the middle. Logo: I chose option 3. It was in my opinion the best evolution of the original which is what I wanted. I really liked the idea of option 1, with some tweaking it could make a really good logo. But it’s just not what I wanted when updating this team. Thanks for all the feedback! Be on the lookout for the first Arizona Gila Monsters sketches! C&C Appreciated!
  9. Thanks for all the feedback! Should have the final product up tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get the sketches for Arizona up too!
  10. Thanks for making me miss this set even more, and hating the people that changed it even more too.
  11. I would avoid miners because the belters already use the pickaxes and stuff. Urusula could play off of Uranus’ Greek deity status aswell, Father Sky? Something based around the sky maybe. A bird or storm or something. I really like the space idea for them. I’m personally not sold on the ideas for bears. It’s not the most unique name and there’s already the cubs. So I’d try a more unique name that make, like Majors, it’s a name when said people will Immediately think of them, like when you say Knicks or Maple Leafs, you automatically think of those teams. Io should go the tech route. For most the same reasons as Ursula. Pluto, Brawlers sounds too good. Hounds also sound good. I like Mariners for Neptune, my only fear it may be too close to the Islanders, but im confident you’ll find a way to separate them!
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Just curious if I got rid of option 1, which would you guys pick?
  13. Looks slick! Loving this series so far, keep up the fun an fantastic work.
  14. Here’s that other team I found! The Los Angeles Stars! Except I need some help deciding which new logo to use. Original Stars: New Stars Logo: I really wanted to get onto Arizona this week, but I’ve had a lot of trouble with LA, I’ll take any suggestions. C&C highly considered.