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  1. BellaSpurs

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    I doNt SeE tHE BluE
  2. BellaSpurs

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    It’s... the light, probably from a window
  3. BellaSpurs

    Nike NBA Legacy Uniform Concepts 2018

    This works so much better than they’re current look it’s mind boggling
  4. BellaSpurs

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    I see it as Rangers are Blue and Red Blue Jays are Blue and White Marlins are going to be Blue and Black Its one thing to copy a color scheme it’s another thing to copy how you use it, now if all these teams were for say predominantly red and blue than maybe, but you can tell them all apart based on how they wear it. Cleveland Minnesota and St.Louis fits your point better but still you can tell them apart
  5. BellaSpurs

    2018-19 NBA Season

    So sad to see him finally get over injuries too, very exciting to see where he was gonna take himself this season, too bad he’s probably out for the rest. Hope hes ok
  6. BellaSpurs

    MLS Kits 2019

    It really isn’t that bad, who’s better? I don’t see many candidates
  7. BellaSpurs

    FC Cincinnati

    I genuinely like it, it’s not amazing but its far from terrible, quite the update tbh. I can’t wait to see the uniforms! Gonna catch a game as soon as I can!
  8. BellaSpurs

    The Battle of Seattle

    New color schem > all other color schemes Great job, I like the updates to the kraken, it’s the best it’s ever looked and might now be my favorite design and to reiterate @Dan O'Mac metros look astounding with the “deep pacific green”! Amazing looks all around
  9. BellaSpurs

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Indianapolis Arrows Added/Updated

    Y’all dont see the bow in the i? Or am going crazy, I think it’s a genius idea. I love Indianapolis, one of my favorites so far. Also how would Indiana be too close to st.Louis Chicago and Cincinnati But Louisville wouldn’t?
  10. BellaSpurs

    Unique Team Names?

    Georgia Tech has more SEC championships than UK sadly
  11. BellaSpurs

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    ...who’s gonna tell them it’s the 84 Olympics not the express? In all seriousness they’re probably is some reference to them but if anything it’s secondary
  12. BellaSpurs

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Ya got it mistaken, Clippers yes, Raptors ?
  13. BellaSpurs

    Driveball Redux (1957 Results)

    Sacramento or Portland
  14. Super interested, was thinking of doing something similar myself but haven’t got around to anything. In a way this could be your own universe, rewriting nfl history, reimagining the league with a whole new set of teams. You’ve got the skill and it would be super interesting to see. Looking at the current ones, I like the Kardex, even though I would assume the name would change, the logo is cool and the made up history behind it works. I’d like to see Dayton on a flat, 2D surface but from what I see, I’d try making it an equilateral triangle. Oorang reminds me too much of the New Mexico flag before anything else. Ver excited to see where this goes
  15. BellaSpurs

    NCAAF Playoff - 8 Team Bracket

    Playing against 8 other BIG or SEC teams is a lot harder than other conferences, an 8-2 record in the Sec can be better than a 10-0 record in the ACC, i would say most times it is