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  1. MLB Redesigns Series (36/36 Washington Senators)

    Reminds me a lot of this, Washington wasn't supposed to touch anything remotely Gold like in color for a while due to the sheer repulsiveness of these jerseys. Harsh, maybe, my opinion. Edit: But in all seriousness, looks fantastic. This series was great.
  2. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

  3. National Floor Hockey League

    Cleats on hardwood floors? And as much as I want the vipers logo to work. I honestly think there's much more potential for a snake profile rather than the snake facing me. But for the rest is pretty good.
  4. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab

    Tried liking more than once, sadly didn't work.
  5. Oklahoma City Thunder x Nike Concepts

    Omg, all of these are fantastic. Concept five is my favorite, although 2 is a more realistic look at it. On four you should make the icon say thunder instead of Oklahoma City
  6. MLB Redesigns Series (36/36 Washington Senators)

    The bee itself could work for the primary, it seems unnatural with the word mark imo
  7. Lights Out's NBA 2017: Hawks (p. 3)

    Striping still doesn't work
  8. Good point, guess I overlooked that fact. But will the ever get a classic logo update like Boston or New York? There's more to work with there. Or is there current logo set in stone.
  9. Federal Football League

    Each one seems to get better but maybe a little more detail on a few, Orlando for example, would help immensely
  10. MLB Redesigns Series (36/36 Washington Senators)

    Can I see a Philadelphia script
  11. Boston Bruins Logo Redesign Concept

    Reminds me of the penguins logo. No need for the triangle, circle works fine
  12. NBA by Nike 2017: Cavaliers 7/22

    *grabs popcorn*
  13. NBA by Nike 2017: Cavaliers 7/22

    There are rules here, don't hijack threads, if you do you get it taken down.
  14. Props for making both the imperials and captains have very classic updates. Two of the better identities. I'm just waiting for Pittsburghs Classic update, unless they go out of the box in the 90's
  15. Revamping NBA Throwback Jerseys (Bulls Added)

    Change the purple font, to their old blue on the hornets jersey