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  1. BellaSpurs

    2018/19 NIKE x NBA Uniform Concepts | SPURS updated 9/17

    I like the update I think? I’d rly pushing the wordmarks and number down a hair and making them a tad bit bigger, I’d also seperate them a bit more. And I’m nitpicjing at this point but, the letters are uneavenly spread out and it’s a bit wonky. I like the new black uni! I’d also try replicating the current silver jersey with the spur in the corner rather than just a replica of the home uniform.
  2. BellaSpurs

    Driveball Super League (Driveball In Japan)

    Bouncing off everyone else here, I’d recommend not having 4-5 colors per team, stick to 2-3, getting rid of dark green on the flyers for example or sticking to royal or light blue on the neptunes like @rattyrattera said
  3. Logos are a big upgrade, the double purple looks good, maybe a throwback cream and pinstripes Uni? Not the biggest fan on the striped on the first three ones, I like the alternate dark purple one, maybe base it around that?
  4. BellaSpurs

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    Switch the logos for Portland, P-wheel on helmet star on shoulder
  5. Congrats Milwaukee on the one seed, hopefully this isn’t much of a fluke and you guys prove to the league you guys are a worthy franchise. Also go walleye, upset everyone!
  6. Blacks overused, plus Pittsburgh is done, black and yellow for them.
  7. In theory the numbers should be outlined in silver as well it just clutters it up too much in the drawing, my bad. Heres the next team! Salt Lake City Yellow Jackets Founded: 1980 Championships: 2 (2011, 2013) Uniforms: Salt Lake wears all white at home and ”Honeycomb Yellow” jerseys matched with green pants. On both jerseys they have a honeycomb/polygonal stripe pattern along the sleeves and down the pants and helmet. The alternate is green with yellow shorts, I stayed away from white on this uniform to emphasize the green and yellow. The number font is agile and fitting for a team with a fierce yellow jacket as a mascot. Helmets: A yellow helmet adorns the heads of all Utah players. The honeycomb pattern is found here accompanied by the jacket logo. The colors on the logo are white and green instead of yellow Logos: The primary mark for the Yellow Jackets is an angry yellow jacket in striking postion. With “SLC” written overhead in the same font as the numbers. Hope you like SLC! This was supposed to be Houston, but it got knocked back again, I haven’t had the time Ive wanted to adjust them. I mad this and two other teams while working on Atlanta Incase I go a while without uploading. So if not next then Houston’ll be up after that! C&C appreciated! Hope you guys enjoy!
  8. Good minimal upgrade for LA, I love their uniform set! Especially the black, can’t wait to see California!
  9. BellaSpurs

    Driveball Super League (Driveball In Japan)

    Super unbalanced, with the word marks, I’d highly recommend fixing that, actually get rid of “driveball club” it’s completely pointless there
  10. BellaSpurs

    2018/19 NIKE x NBA Uniform Concepts | SPURS updated 9/17

    I really reallylove this, but I’m curious to see how it would look with the word mark, using the tHe same font and style as the others but the color distribution striping, everythin is beautiful! Great work!
  11. BellaSpurs

    The 1972 Project: Northern Illinois Huskies

    Love the colors that are going on here!
  12. BellaSpurs

    Relocation/Rebrand: San Diego Clippers

    Agree with @vtgco, and also the gradient on the home and city and not any of the others is weird, I’d try getting rid of it on the home and work the jungle design into some striping on the city edition!
  13. My favorite kit so far, Ottawa’s red, beautifully done! I also love the white and teal, it surprisingly works for Ottawa! The updates for Winnepeg is a lot cleaner and nicer! I would be interested to see Thunder Bay get a team! I don’t know much about them as a city, but maybe a storm related team (lol) could work!
  14. BellaSpurs

    NFL REDESIGN (Chiefs 9/18)

    Honestly, stop being better than everyone else at this lol. Each one tops the next and per the pattern, giants are now my favorite, a team that I thought didn’t need much and looked good, you found a way to change them and upgrade them too, it’s all been fantastic keep it up!
  15. BellaSpurs

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    That looks much better!