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  1. I've been a big fan of Troy's. Love the row of helmets but dislike the sponsors below it.
  2. Thank you for sharing, I've been wondering if there would be a new conference logo. Here's a better image of what the conference looks like from a current project of mine. Mills is the lone school in California. FYI This conference somewhat replaces the recently defunct Great South Athletic Conference (GSAC) that fell apart in their later years.
  3. Just like in the picture WSU151 attached, it's used for football. Rarely, rarely is it used on merchandise.
  4. Wow, I am actually working on this exact same project right now. All I got left is the NE & east coast states. My difference is that all my states are white (i could change that) and I'm not allowing any overlapping. That gets really difficult for the major cities like Chicago, LA, and Houston. I do also have Hawaii & Alaska in the bottom left corner, scaled down, of course. As for the transiitioning teams, most of those are fully DI on July 1st this year so it's not far away. My biggest surprises with DI one is how close the schools are in Utah & Colorado and how many there are in North Carolina. After that I'm working on DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA, and the smaller associations. I'm going to try to get all of NCAA's logos on one map and then do all like 2000 logos on another. Cool to see someone else with the same mindset as me. Sure these have been done many times but it always cool to be able to make your own.
  5. Recently Tarleton State Texans & TexAnns of NCAA Division II touched up their identity. I've barely seen it anywhere but their university branding guide shows them: Row 1: Primary Row 2: Secondary Row 3: Secondary mark Row 4: Previous primary Nothing major, gave the usual touch up on the previous logo, now facing right. Seems like their T logo is unchanged and can be considered as a primary. Your thoughts?
  6. A little late to the party but here's all three versions on white background:
  7. Thank you. I treated it like a second job working on it every night and for several weekends. I wanted to make sure I had the most accurate presentation I could make.
  8. Instead of making an 'unique' bracket for March Madness I decided to give a theme based on popular culture from the past year. Enter Stranger Things. All logos were used in 1983 which is the year of season 1. I took the time to research each school in advance by going through this website, digitized yearbooks, youtube games, and google searching. I believe this is about 96% accurate to 1983. "In reality NC State defeated Houston as a Cinderella team. That game is considered to be in the Top 5 of greatest finishes in the NCAA Tournament. The Final Four was hosted in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the tournament consisted of 52 teams. In the Upside Down, the tournament expanded to 68 teams and neither NC State or Houston qualified. How will the tournament fare this year? Will we see stranger things happen in March?"
  9. I've decided to go with the middle version. The color and style seems best for Gonzaga in the early '80s. Left side does have a Georgia vibe to and the right logo seems like little more late '80s and '90s until their current version. Thank you each for your input.
  10. This logo I have seen on the center of their basketball court in color. However I think that logo was used in the later '80s until the one we see today.
  11. An hour after I asked this question I came across the same middle logo used for Georgia, just in red instead of navy. Thus I'm a little skeptical of that one.
  12. Working on a 1983 themed March Madness bracket and I'm finding these Gonzaga logos without years. Which one do you think they used then? I've gone through online yearbooks without success and I believe the current bulldog head logo appeared in '98. Thank you.
  13. I love it when I see a logo for the first time ever. I had no idea. Thank you very much. I will share my bracket right after Selection Sunday. If I can't trouble you for another source: I can't find a good image of this Weber State Wildcats logo below
  14. For March Madness I am making a themed bracket based on Stranger Things. The year is 1983 and all of the the logos for March Madness will be from 1983. However I am having issues finding what the Belmont Rebels look like. FYI Belmont changed their name in 1995 to the Bruins. I may share the bracket if there's interest.