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  1. Just went for a walk and a local was having a garage sale. Not bad for three bucks. I think I can bleach that stain out
  2. Ew what's with warrior in the rvd singlet. Any backstory on that?
  3. Actually didn't even realize the cards had front numbers on their jerseys at this time. Now if the dodgers dropped their front numbers, I'd notice. Personally I like them better without now that I'm seeing it.
  4. My ocd was in overdrive during this match. With the whole "unsanctioned" stipulation it would've been cool for trips to come out in his jean jacket ensemble to really play up the street fight gimmick
  5. I have a confession. I had no idea hbk was wearing long tights underneath trunks until just now
  6. What the ****! I never knew flair was that big. He makes triple h look like a cruiserweight in that pic
  7. Sorry but those are sweet and I want one. Do you know where I can find one?
  8. This idea popped into my head while posting in the "players on the right team, wrong uniform thread" and this immediately came to mind Triple H, 2003 Here's the backstory from wwe.com "...the gear was custom-created for The Game in 2003 to help him walk while recovering from a torn groin from a previous match with Goldberg. Not only were the shorts a dramatic departure from Triple H's signature trunks, they were so constricting that multiple people had to help him get into the shorts before he competed..."
  9. Mike Vick aka Ron Mexico Don't recall ever seeing him in a game with these. I always associate him with the current set
  10. Those belts look great. We'll done wwe/nxt. I was afraid they'd have yellow straps
  11. Now I can't tell if you guys are messing around lol
  12. Can't tune in. Any new belts or was it really an April fools gag?
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