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  1. Agreed
  2. Why did they do that? The logo is already bad enough without it
  3. Lol great spelling
  4. the main site has posted a new article about the reveal
  5. on uniwatch they call it "GFGS" (gray for grays sake)
  6. why does buffalo even use gray
  7. im thinking its not a joke
  8. welp bruins fans just got screwed
  9. what @jp1409 meant to say is that buffalo is STILL ugly
  10. buffalo should've gone back to royal blue
  11. as a buffalo resident, i completely agree. At least its not the sabre-slug
  12. almost a definite
  13. who wants to bet on uniwatch roasting all of these jerseys tomorrow morning?
  14. Adidas screws up all of their college football jerseys too