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  1. BenLueckDesigns

    CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    I'm definitely looking into making a branding project for this proposed team. Before I do my research can anyone from the area speculate any names for the team besides Schooners?
  2. BenLueckDesigns

    Youtube's New Logo

    I thought YouTube has had this logo for a while now lol. I only use YouTube on mobile and this is what their index page header has looked like for years. I know its text based index label and not a logo but I assumed they changed over from their, now, old logo in favor of this style.
  3. BenLueckDesigns

    Las Vegas Outlaws Rebrand

    Here's a Las Vegas Outlaws Rebrand I just wrapped up. I may do other XFL teams in the far future but enjoy this for now
  4. BenLueckDesigns

    Templates Requests

    Sounds like putting the layer above the displacement map would fix that but without having the template I can't really help
  5. BenLueckDesigns

    Vegas Golden Knights Wallpapers

    I'd like to share these Golden Knights wallpapers I've made for my fan account. Hopefully by posting these here they can get in the hands of like minded creatives and fellow VGK fans. Mobile versions can be found at
  6. BenLueckDesigns

    Vegas Golden Knights Uniform Mock-ups

    My last Mockup, made hours before the leaks
  7. BenLueckDesigns

    NHL City Mashup Series (Finished)

    Can I have the link to the template?
  8. BenLueckDesigns

    NHL 2017-18

    It will be horrendously terrible if Vegas uses that embellished logo for the jerseys let alone anything, everything they've done with design so far has been a disaster.
  9. BenLueckDesigns

    Vegas Golden Knights Uniform Mock-ups

    Made new mockups based on the leaked NHL Draft hat. I used the gold color that was on the secondary logo as it seemed that color was used on the hat rather than the darker gold on the primary logo. No, steel gray didn't make its way into this version. Four colors is just plain too much for most design pieces including uniforms.
  10. BenLueckDesigns

    49ers Logo Update

    I think the blend into the negative space is what makes those two interesting however the white on red is slightly illegible
  11. BenLueckDesigns

    49ers Logo Update

    Just a quick stress relieving exercise and a logo update to match the teams other various branding. Nothing special here
  12. BenLueckDesigns

    Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms

    As a hawks fan I have to say I prefer our current ones. I love those to death but they are out dated.
  13. BenLueckDesigns

    Unpopular Opinions

    The dark blue/powder blue combo doesn't do enough imo to hide that color and the contrast isn't enough to support red. As being a huge Earl Campbell and Warren Moon fan the Oilers jerseys have grown on me, making me somewhat hypocritical lol.
  14. After searching the site for this thread and coming up with surprisingly nothing I'll start it off. What teams old/classic/vintage uniforms do you prefer over their current ones? I'll take the easy route and say the old Capitals threads. They aren't the best jerseys in the world but I'd say they edge out the current rendition. If I'm blind and this thread does already exist please comment and I'll take this one down.
  15. BenLueckDesigns

    Unpopular Opinions

    I'm going to upset a few people with this one but powder blue has no place in the world of sports. It being probably my least favorite color could be driving my bias here but the color just seems tacky and way too light. I love the design of this chargers uni but the color just throws me off.