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  1. This is so good! Might I ask where you got the jersey number fonts?
  2. Lol I just noticed how bad my english was there sorry
  3. This is a really great series mate. It's inspired me but I have yet to find good fonts for the teams I am making. How did you get these good jersey number fonts.
  4. College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    May I reccommend American, Iona, Loyola ( Maryland ) and Mount St. Mary's These jerseys are great by the way
  5. ACC Soccer Kits

    OMG these r so good. Being a fan of clemson that one is my fave. Keep doing more!
  6. Name That Font!

    Hey can you guys give me some good fonts for soccer names and numbers?
  7. I love all these Jerseys!!! You should do for your next leagues Countries that National Teams get more recognition than there clubs. For example, Ireland, Wales, Belgium,etc.
  8. Canadian Premier League

    I luv these kits. I would buy them. I like how all the teams' jerseys are made by umbro like the MLS does with adidas.
  9. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    to make logos in photoshop and to edit the mockups does it take a long time? Just wondering because this league is good and kinda inspired me.
  10. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    thank you. i couldnt find the templates. Do u have a link?
  11. Raysox's NuSoccer Template 2016

    this is really cool. I tried the website and it didnt work. it said page not found. is there any other place where i can get this template? and does it only work on microsoft computers?
  12. These are so cool. What type of a template did u use to make these cool jerseys?
  13. Floridian Premier League (Derby Posters)

    bruh these jerseys are lit. how did you make these logos and adidas mock ups?