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  1. May I reccommend American, Iona, Loyola ( Maryland ) and Mount St. Mary's These jerseys are great by the way
  2. OMG these r so good. Being a fan of clemson that one is my fave. Keep doing more!
  3. Hey can you guys give me some good fonts for soccer names and numbers?
  4. I love all these Jerseys!!! You should do for your next leagues Countries that National Teams get more recognition than there clubs. For example, Ireland, Wales, Belgium,etc.
  5. I luv these kits. I would buy them. I like how all the teams' jerseys are made by umbro like the MLS does with adidas.
  6. to make logos in photoshop and to edit the mockups does it take a long time? Just wondering because this league is good and kinda inspired me.
  7. thank you. i couldnt find the templates. Do u have a link?
  8. this is really cool. I tried the website and it didnt work. it said page not found. is there any other place where i can get this template? and does it only work on microsoft computers?
  9. These are so cool. What type of a template did u use to make these cool jerseys?
  10. bruh these jerseys are lit. how did you make these logos and adidas mock ups?