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  1. Sports logo prototypes

    Michigan State came very close to implementing this logo, but fans discovered it before it was released and forced MSU to scrap it.
  2. College Basketball 2012-13

    adidas "Bleed Out" line is coming. See PDF.
  3. College Football 2012 Season

    You're just now noticing that? Their past looks at least had all of their school colors. This is the first one I can remember that has no yellow, and I think is just trying too hard. The rest, while perhaps overdone, still seemed like Maryland to me.
  4. College Football 2012 Season

    Maryland is trying too hard to be cool.
  5. 2012-13 NBA Logo & Uniform changes

    Yep, that's right. Anybody else do this prior to the Spurs?
  6. College Basketball 2012-13

    Looks like they aren't using the updated numbers font on their hoops jerseys like they are on their football jerseys. That doesn't make sense.
  7. College Basketball 2012-13

    Do you have a pic of the new OK St. shorts?
  8. 2012-13 NBA Logo & Uniform changes

    More recently, the Spurs jerseys remind me of the North Carolina and Michigan (and maybe other schools did it, can't remember) jerseys of circa 1999. Not a big fan of this look.
  9. USA TODAY to get redesign sept 14th

    Brand New gives me a greater appreciation for USA Today's rebrand.
  10. The College Hockey Thread

    If we're posting 2012-13 stuff in here, Michigan State is making some changes. The new font that MSU introduced as part of its rebranding from a couple of years ago just didn't work on a hockey jersey, so MSU is bringing back its old, familiar hockey script that they wore for decades prior to the change. They'll wear the script uniforms only during special games like the Great Lakes Invitational. Here was the previous look (worn from 2010 to 2012) for comparison:
  11. USA TODAY to get redesign sept 14th

    I really don't get it. A giant circle? Really?
  12. College Football 2012 Season

    For those of you talking about the manufacturer logos, the on-the-field ones will have the Nike logo. The same mannequin had the throwbacks they wore against Iowa State without the Nike logo as well, but the on-the-field jerseys had it.
  13. New ebay logo

    It's OK, but I wish they would have addressed the name itself. There's no reason that the B in eBay has to be capitalized, especially when neither the old or the new logo reflected that.
  14. College Football 2012 Season

    So boring from Iowa. For a school that thought way outside of the box in 1995, they sure don't want to embrace that any more.
  15. College Football 2012 Season

    Spending 7 minutes per helmet seems like a little much. There's what, 85 scholarship players and others like walk-ons who need helmets? So about 10 hours of time spent on putting decals on helmets? For a pro team I would think that's more than fine, but for colleges it seems excessive. I know many athletic departments have separate budgets for sports and academics, so maybe it's not an issue but it just seems like a waste of money.