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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    I agree that I don't like the McDonald's color scheme, but I think those Hawks unis are still not as good as these ones:
  2. Unique equipment

    A bunch of guys have worn high socks, goggles, masks and short shorts too. I think Kobe was the most memorable from that era.
  3. Unique equipment

    Kobe's tights
  4. Favorite Basketball Warm Ups

    Those were my favorite.
  5. Unpopular Opinions

    Somebody else posted that they like Phoenix Coyotes so maybe it's not that unpopular but I always loved their original identity, their green third jersey and the crescent moon at center ice.
  6. Unused Logos and Uniforms

  7. New College Football Uniforms

    MSU had green pants recently, and this change gets rid of them. Most people around MSU that I know hated the green pants and are glad to see them go.
  8. Brewers Alts + Interleague Play = Great!

    I understand that those with strong geographic rivals may like interleague play, but for a Tigers fan it kind of sucks. Without lucking out and drawing St. Louis to make it a little interesting this year, it pretty much is nothing special. I'd much rather see them having more games against A.L. East teams since I still wish Detroit was in the East. As for the Brew Crew, they look sharp even if there are too many pinstripes in that pic.
  9. Chicago 2016 Needs New Logo

    Ok. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Chicago 2016 Needs New Logo

    What about the Statue of Liberty? Sure she holds a torch already... but wasn't this a violation then, too? Just something to think about.
  11. New College Football Uniforms

    Michigan State is making some minor changes. The script "Michigan State" is being changed from a narrow Times New Roman font to a Futura bold typeface similar to the what MSU wore in the mid-1960s. This video says that names will return to the jerseys and the green pants (which many people around MSU hated) are gone -- so green jerseys at home with white pants and all white unis on the road. There is a possibility that a stripe or stripes will return to the pants and/or helmet soon but Coach Dantonio said that may have to wait.
  12. MLB All-Star Game Jerseys

    That seems to work better than the NL one. Although, on second thought... the bridge is now the wrong color. Maybe it's night I guess.
  13. Central Florida To Get New Logos

    From TESS, registered the first week of April:
  14. 150 players to wear #42

    You're kidding me, right? No. He's STL FANATIC. Loves those St. Louis teams.
  15. Civil Rights Game - Negro League Throwbacks?

    Actually, the only reason for them not to be involved would be due to someone being overly worried about being politically correct. I agree that if there is a lot that ould be seen as racist, it'd be theirs, but nonetheless, they are not a racist organization and are just as happy and willing to celebrate this movement as much as any team. To not let them be part of the celebration simply because some people are offended by a logo would be nothing but being politically correct. Says the guy who cries because his school can't use their mascot any more...