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  1. Not one but two smiley faces on the same logo!
  2. Worst MLB Uniforms

    I think that particular underline serves a purpose as well. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not but it underlines 'win' which nods to previous logos/sayings etc
  3. Worst MLB Uniforms

    I agree that TC is one of the best logos out there. I love it and hope it never changes (again). I actually didn't mind the M caps in 87 because it was part of a very strong uniform, home and away. I always thought that the M was a decent enough logo -- matched the new wordmark in font/underscore, etc. It's just that the TC is so iconic, cool, and traditional. Although I like the previous away uni better, the current one is starting to grow on me. Mostly for, as a previous poster observed, the contrasting script/number. It works. So it really doesn't bother me as much as it used to. On the other hand, the current homes...ugh. Adding some piping or pinstripes would help. I just think that the Twins wordmark looks better as a red w/ blue outline. I'd like for them to move toward what they had pre-2015. I always dug the early days of that uniform (til mid-90s) where homes would have no names while the aways did.