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  1. Am I Nostradamus? This is scaring me.
  2. Great season for all. My ideal finals matchup would be Miami-Seattle, which really surprises me as to how well the Stingrays did this year. As a shot in the dark, I'm going with Denver picking up Nazerenko in the draft. Maybe by that point they'll rebrand their identity.
  3. W. Harris Reynolds, 40, is a shipping tycoon whose business is based on Long Island. Having come across the sport on his business excursions, he immediately fell in love with the sport due to its quirky concept. He also took pride in the fact he was one of the first prominent supporters of the sport and its sanctioning body. In regards to the expansion council, his current team vote goes to New York, since he is surprised that the NAML still doesn't have a team in the largest city in North America. For the expansion city bid, he decided to go with Quebec City, a wild card to be sure, but he feels another team in Canada, especially one in the French-speaking province, would help establish the sport there.
  4. Didn't the Whales update their color scheme? On the Deviant Art page all I see are the colors they used when they joined the league in 1976.
  5. Probably not. In a few more years the Concorde would stop regular flights, which makes one wonder whether or not the nickname will be seen more as a legacy thing. I'm honestly thinking the most visible change regarding the New York teams would be the Civics retiring their alternates.
  6. Those San Jose uniforms look crazy.
  7. If it's okay with you, I'd rather wait until everything's ready before you start posting.
  8. Kid, you need to learn to be patient.
  9. Birmingham having a team wouldn't be something I'm against. If New Orleans were to relocate, it'd be cool to see a city in the Southeast get a franchise. I probably would pick Nashville over Memphis, mainly due to the Predators having a dedicated following.
  10. Sorry I'm late on this, but did you ever settle on a wordmark for the Firebirds?
  11. Conference logos, alright. I'm also excited to see the looks for Portland and Atlanta. Since we already know Portland's colors, I'm guessing Atlanta's will have copper in there to go with the nickname. I'd also like to know if any other teams like Long Island will abandon their 90s looks. I know Denver will, but that's it.
  12. Hope this thread isn't dead.
  13. In all seriousness, patience will win out. New Orleans' chances of even breaking .500 are pretty slim at this point. It's most likely they'll move to Houston within the next couple of seasons.
  14. Part of me wants the Sound to move to Houston just so we don't have any alignment issues were they to move to Ottawa (and also so a certain someone will stop pestering us about having another team in Tejas).
  15. US Super League (57/64)

    Since you said you might work on the larger leagues, which of those featured here would you consider "large"? I hope the Southeastern Soccer League is one of them.