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  1. I don't mean to be rude, but why is there a Central division when all of those teams could be considered more as Southeastern teams?
  2. Reading through this thread, I'm quite impressed with the amount of thought that has gone through in making this league. In my case, I'd prefer the logos and uniforms to be digitally displayed, but that's not the point. My favorite aspect is seeing how the real-life leagues evolve in this universe.
  3. If the Sound move to Houston, they should have a cool identity like Javelinas or Mesquites.
  4. Portland Platypuses and Atlanta Copperheads are my favorites
  5. I wanna offer my condolences to @Cardsblues02 since his bid for Houston ended up falling through. I'm thinking one of two possible outcomes could happen: either a team relocates there or they win a bid in the next expansion committee. Personally, I'd like to see the league expand to 36, but that's just me.
  6. I regret ever thinking Phoenix was a good place to put a hockey franchise . . .
  7. Frank Schneider is the CEO of a Japanese automaker's American branch, located in the heart of Tennessee. As an all-around sports fan, especially of teams from the South, he believes that the PHL should continue to expand its Southern footprint (even if the results have been mixed at best). With that said, here are his two nominees for the expansion bid: 1. Atlanta. Not only does he have faith in Cartwright's dedication to the game, but he also likes the fact that if they're to be accepted, they'll already have an arena to play in. 2. Phoenix. Even though it's a long-shot, his insistence that the Wizards were successful in a non-traditional market makes him feel as though this bid could bear similar fruit.
  8. I thought the Choppers got a new arena by the time they moved to Milwaukee. Or maybe I'm just imagining things.
  9. Yeah, I was just messing around. At this point, I'm pretty certain most of the followers here will go with Houston and Tampa for the expansion franchises. And even if Dallas or New Orleans decides to relocate, there'll still be at least one team in the Gulf South region.
  10. I can't wait for the expansion committee to commence. Except for Houston and Tampa, I'm satisfied with the choices.
  11. That looks a lot better than mine. I'll be honest, I had problems trying to upload it on here as an Excel file, so I tried to convert it as a jpeg in Paint, which was a disaster. It'd be cool to see how each team's color scheme evolved over the decades, though.
  12. Aw man, the Desperadoes (?) were so close. At least the Wolves made it again to the Playoffs. I really don't want Minnesota or Montreal to end up in the finals.
  13. While it would be really cool to have UrinatingTree do a video on the AFA, I don't know if he'd really care about roasting a fictional league.