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  1. W. Harris Reynolds, 40, is a shipping tycoon whose business is based on Long Island. His bids for the 60s are: 1. Atlanta 2. Houston 3. San Francisco
  2. RightGuard

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    When this project is done, could you give me the team names and RGB values, please?
  3. I feel like Oakland, Minnesota and Chicago have the same color scheme. Is there a chance one of them adjusts in the future?
  4. Name: Phil DuBois Age: 36 City: Red Deer Province: Alberta Canadian Driveball League 10 teams East: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Hamilton West: Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon
  5. When the two leagues merge, how do you plan on alignment? I was thinking of an Eastern/Western alignment.
  6. If Buffalo comes back, will they use the Lakers name?
  7. If the Raiders go back to Ottawa, a Hampton Roads team would be better than a Tampa team.
  8. Even if the Raiders were to relocate, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the future expansion teams were to be in the Southeast. Mainly just to fill geographic space.
  9. I don't really mind the shorter recaps as long as we get more slick uniforms.
  10. Name: Frank Templeton Age: 46 Favorite Team: Miami Flamingos Rules: No immediate changes Tour: Against as of now, may support in the future Minor League: Against as well, prefer collegiate system
  11. Will there be any more expansions in the coming decade?