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  1. So I made an Excel of all the teams currently in the league up to this point. I'm hoping it's as close to what hawkfan uses to keep check on his teams, and maybe someday I'll be able to chart the evolution of the league throughout the decades so help me be.
  2. Great updates to the Spirits and Pioneers. I noticed that the Twin Towers are featured in New York's alt, which makes me wonder how 9/11 will affect the PHL when that happens. Also, did St. Louis get rid of their alt the same time as the Lumberjacks black alt?
  3. Oh boy the Twisters actually made it to the Finals. I'm so glad. But I'm really disappointed in the Pacific division. They really need to step up their game.
  4. Surprised to see the Raiders were able to make it to the playoffs, though obviously I'll be rooting for KC to win the Lewis Cup. I'm also wondering as to what other teams will designate their alts as their primary uniforms. I kinda miss the Lumberjacks black alt.
  5. Thanks for the banner. Still hoping for more teams West of the Mississippi.
  6. How many teams do you hope to have when you reach the present day?
  7. I really hope there's a Seattle team. It's a shame the NHL doesn't have a team in real life.
  8. Alright, now that the Raiders unveiled their look, could I get a banner for the team?
  9. I was wondering, could I see the RGB values for all the teams? Only if you feel like divulging such information. Also, when a team updates their look, would you be willing to list color values if they go through the effort?
  10. Personally, I wanna see more Western teams join the league, preferably in Salt Lake City, Portland, a second Los Angeles team, and a Phoenix one (though most of you are probably against it). Also, how come Saskatchewan hasn't gotten a team?
  11. A few questions for Carolina's team: will the color scheme be similar to the Beavers'? Seeing the preliminary logo, I can tell that might be the case. Will they also stay in the Northeast division until the next round of expansion occurs? And finally, what is the biggest hurdle when creating a new team logo/identity?
  12. With all these updates in the decade, what teams do you have plans NOT to change?
  13. Dunno if New Mexico could get a team during the next expansion. If the Southern division were to get another team, it'd probably be somewhere like Memphis, Oklahoma City, or San Antonio. I highly recommend Indianapolis getting a team, though it will be hard to come up with a non-Speedway name. Also, will Charlotte ever be a potential market for the league?
  14. It'll be neat to see what the Beavers' new identity will be. Who knows if they'll go with Carolina or Charlotte as their location name. It'll be difficult coming up with a nickname that's not related to royalty or stock cars if you ask me. Speaking of which, I noticed the Wranglers' alt is absent from the uni page, and New Orleans and Boston are in the Atlantic and Northeast on the thread's front page with the standings having them in their old divisions.
  15. I'd like to see Ottawa move to Charlotte or Nashville. If Byrd wants to go south, he can do so near my jurisdiction. Also LA's secondary on their uni is still the "sock".