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  1. Have you thought about the Bandits renaming themselves from Michigan to Detroit?
  2. Los Angeles: Moguls Minnesota: Loggers Hope LA gets some rivals in the future, pretty weird seeing them play all by themselves for now.
  3. Man these new jerseys have been killer. I know I've been harping on the BFBS trend, but I can't fault it considering that in a few years we'll be getting a ton of throwback designs. Even Denver's new logo I kinda like in a so bad it's good way.
  4. W. Harris Reynolds, 40, is a shipping tycoon whose business is based on Long Island. His bids are as follows: 1. Charlotte 2. Minneapolis 3. Omaha
  5. I just noticed the Twisters sweaters have brought the wordmark back. Pretty clever. And did the Wizards get rid of their shoulder logo?
  6. Yeah the abundance of black in the North is pretty draining. Maybe in the future Calgary or Edmonton can shy away from it.
  7. So excited to see the new jersey template. Though now that it's brought to my mind, how many teams will be abandoning black from their color scheme altogether?
  8. Not really crazy about Houston's possible color scheme. It sounds like they'll be confused with the Bulls, who I'm hoping change their look in the future.
  9. God dang it the Raiders were so close to reaching the finals. Well, at least they were able to make it this year, unlike the other Southern teams. Go Bighorns
  10. I noticed an error with the uniforms. Carolina's alt was white instead of silver. And when St. Louis wore its throwbacks, were they wearing their navy pants?
  11. Are the Concordes really the most popular team here?
  12. RightGuard

    American Premier League

    Are there gonna be any Southern teams in this set? I'd love to know
  13. RightGuard

    Minor League Football

    I was looking at the maps, and you seemed to mix up Knoxville and Chattanooga.
  14. Sorry but I don't think they'll go back to Halifax. The market there is too small to support a team. Plus everyone here thinks they'll move to Houston.
  15. If New Orleans does move to Houston, will they remain in the East? It'd be weird to have two Texas teams play in different conferences.
  16. RightGuard

    ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Have you thought of doing potential expansion teams once this is finished?
  17. I was wondering which teams happen to play in suburbs of the city they represent. Like a good example would be what boroughs the New York teams represent or which suburb LA plays in.
  18. RightGuard

    2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    If only Toyota could sell their own pony car . . .
  19. W. Harris Reynolds, 40, is a shipping tycoon whose business is based on Long Island. Satisfied with his initial foray with the expansion committee, he has decided to throw his hat in the ring once more. The first bid goes to Montreal, due to being the largest in population and for filling the quota of a second Canadian team. The second goes to Milwaukee, in order to bring some more Markball action to the Midwest. The third is a bit of a wild card, and that would be Charlotte, which could help the sport expand into the Southeast.
  20. RightGuard

    The Hockey Project

    How frequently do you hope to reveal more teams?
  21. For farm teams, is it difficult to figure out where exactly you're gonna put teams and which club will be their parent? Also, the Arizona team's nickname is pretty awkward when you think about it.