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  1. When the two leagues merge, how do you plan on alignment? I was thinking of an Eastern/Western alignment.
  2. If Buffalo comes back, will they use the Lakers name?
  3. If the Raiders go back to Ottawa, a Hampton Roads team would be better than a Tampa team.
  4. Even if the Raiders were to relocate, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the future expansion teams were to be in the Southeast. Mainly just to fill geographic space.
  5. I don't really mind the shorter recaps as long as we get more slick uniforms.
  6. Name: Frank Templeton Age: 46 Favorite Team: Miami Flamingos Rules: No immediate changes Tour: Against as of now, may support in the future Minor League: Against as well, prefer collegiate system
  7. Will there be any more expansions in the coming decade?
  8. Toronto should move to Seattle
  9. A 10-team league featuring cities west of the Mississippi: North 1. Vancouver 2. Calgary 3. Portland 4. Seattle 5. Denver South 1. San Francisco 2. Los Angeles 3. Phoenix 4. San Diego 5. Dallas
  10. Name: Frank Templeton Age: 46 Occupation: Executive with Wachovia Bank & Trust Favorite NDA Team: None (as of yet) Bio: Originally working as a clerk in his father's High Point, NC, general store, Templeton was able to work his way into becoming a top executive with one of the Southeast's largest banks. His career, however, didn't deter him from pursuing hobbies, such as his interest for exciting new creations in the world of sports. One day he hopes to bring a driveball team to Charlotte, but for now he's content with helping the sport expand to the rest of the continent. League name idea: Western Driveball League Alignment ideas: 2 divisions, Northern and Southern
  11. I'm really liking this series so far. My only question is why the Voyageurs didn't change their name once they moved to Milwaukee.
  12. Have you thought about the Bandits renaming themselves from Michigan to Detroit?
  13. Los Angeles: Moguls Minnesota: Loggers Hope LA gets some rivals in the future, pretty weird seeing them play all by themselves for now.
  14. Man these new jerseys have been killer. I know I've been harping on the BFBS trend, but I can't fault it considering that in a few years we'll be getting a ton of throwback designs. Even Denver's new logo I kinda like in a so bad it's good way.
  15. W. Harris Reynolds, 40, is a shipping tycoon whose business is based on Long Island. His bids are as follows: 1. Charlotte 2. Minneapolis 3. Omaha
  16. I just noticed the Twisters sweaters have brought the wordmark back. Pretty clever. And did the Wizards get rid of their shoulder logo?
  17. Yeah the abundance of black in the North is pretty draining. Maybe in the future Calgary or Edmonton can shy away from it.
  18. So excited to see the new jersey template. Though now that it's brought to my mind, how many teams will be abandoning black from their color scheme altogether?
  19. Not really crazy about Houston's possible color scheme. It sounds like they'll be confused with the Bulls, who I'm hoping change their look in the future.
  20. God dang it the Raiders were so close to reaching the finals. Well, at least they were able to make it this year, unlike the other Southern teams. Go Bighorns
  21. I noticed an error with the uniforms. Carolina's alt was white instead of silver. And when St. Louis wore its throwbacks, were they wearing their navy pants?
  22. Are the Concordes really the most popular team here?