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  1. These are wayyy better than they should be. The Las Vegas Raiders should look at your Kings concept for ideas. These are all really good.
  2. That Sota uniforms makes me want to quench my thirst. I'd either go with Wolves of MPLS for the alt.
  3. You should put 'Minnesota' on the away and the green alt. Otherwise, not terrible. It needs a logo or two.
  4. Can you make the silver look more silver and less brown?
  5. Probably the best Coyotes concept I've seen on this board. The teal really makes it pop.
  6. Just for comparisons sake, could you recolor the Stars uni to the green they use now? I'm a casual hockey fan but I'm enjoying this series. Looking forward to the Kings.
  7. Vegas is probably the only city in the NFL that could get away with something a bit off the wall. I like the oversized helmet logo.
  8. I would be happy to see the Astros in this as opposed to what they wear now. Good job so far.
  9. Really enjoying this thread. Looking forward to see how to tackle LAFC and Minnesota United. Really love that Seattle away kit.