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  1. The Heat reminds me of this. The Magic doesn't look good at all to be honest. I do like the Sixers and Hawks.
  2. Absolutely love that court. Wizards needs this now. Idea: make a version with the Capitol on the bottom.
  3. This is EXACTLY how the Clippers' court should look like. If they still wore their blue home alternates, that would be a beautiful thing. Great job all around.
  4. Love the Thunder uniforms. My only suggestion is that on the away/alternate, it should say Oklahoma City or OKC or some such.
  5. This is exactly what the Cavs' new court should look like.
  6. So far so good. You might want to change the color of the baseline script from white to blue for the Warriors. Otherwise, really nice. Really like the Cavs.
  7. Gorgeous. Just....gorgeous. Looking forward to the Clippers.
  8. This would make a great center court logo.
  9. I think a splash of red is needed on the Quakes as it looks a bit too similar to the Impact. Good job all around though. Looking forward to LAFC.
  10. The road uniform should say Detroit but good job nonetheless.
  11. Looking forward to the Clippers.
  12. I really liked the Miami Sol. It was a short lived team but had a great logo.
  13. Reminds me a bit too much of the Raptors court but at least the idea is there.
  14. So the Clippers are getting new uniforms?
  15. Muuuch better.