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  1. 2017 NFL Concepts

    Awesome concepts so far man! Only nitpicks I have is I'd like to see Green Bays green color rush use the same shade of green, and even though it's on the uniform currently, that jaguars patch on the left breast really looks out of place IMO. Also, do you mind if i ask where you got the template from?
  2. My advice would be to make the actual logo more simple like others have said, and maybe make the roundel around the letters only navy to increase legibility. On the abbreviation logo, i think making the logo navy and making the drop shadow yellow, and then either keeping the letters as is or making the letters either only sky blue or only white. Maybe provide both variations to see how they both look? Overall the start is fantastic though!
  3. College Football Concept Helmets

    Just keep doing what you're doing, absolutely stunning.
  4. Hey everyone, back after a bit of a break. I took the break to let each team unveil their icon and association sets and to see what the actual look of the new nike uniforms would be. I've since updated the current template I use (credit to Daniel_Ramone and Hoopladawg for the original templates) to match the new Nike uniforms. With that, the first team I have finished with the "new" designs, my Milwaukee Bucks! Their icon and association jerseys remain unchanged from what they have unveiled, and the only change I made to their current court was I swiched the center court logo to the Deer logo: Next is their Athlete's Mindset Edition, which I personally have chosen as the unchanged "Fear the Deer" black uniforms from the past couple years, as well as the unchanged alternate court that has been used in addition to the uniforms: Up next is their Classic Edition, which was released a couple days ago. This uniform will be used in their "Return to the Mecca" game against the Boston Celtics on October 26! With that is the court that will be used during the game (credit goes to Kodrinsky): Lastly, is their Community Edition uniform, which is a new concept by me: This uniform heavily relies on the Bucks two most prominent colors, Forest Green and Cream. The uniform gives this a "NFL Color Rush" feel to the uniform, using only an outline for the wordmark, numbers, and nameplate. The shorts here use the same basic design as the Classic Edition, but only uses the Cream color for the waistband and striping. On the bottom of the shorts behind the stripe features and outline of the Deer logo. The Bucks Wisconsin logo is featured on the front of the waistband. This unform will be used along with the main court for home games. Up next will be the Atlanta Hawks! After the Hawks I will continue in Alphabetical order through the rest of the NBA.
  5. High School Redesign: The Gators

    That AD needs to be fired ASAP (assuming the AD is the one who picked the logos). Your concept is just SO much better. Just comparing their logos to the summer ball jersey with your logo. It is MILES better than their trash. Oh, and i prefer the white outline. It stands out more so i personally prefer that.
  6. Templates Requests

    Does anyone have any 2d vector templates for football uniforms? Preferably current uniform templates for nike, under armour, and adidas? Id like to start making ncaa concepts.

    That hornets jersey looks a little familiar ;). All joking aside, fantastic man. Glad to see you get back to it, considering you were the one that got me to start making concepts
  8. I agree. The Blackhawks have arguably the best jerseys in hockey, if not all of sports. And the name is a reference to a prominent Native American figure in Illinois and a reference to the 86th Infanty division in World War 1 that was commanded by the owner of their first two decades.. The colors, red and white just works i guess.
  9. Formula 1 Grand Prix Branding

  10. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Its EA Sports, what do you expect? Remember in Madden 13 when EA Sports gave the Bears orange pants?
  11. Tweaked my Spurs to show more of the Alamo on the shorts and included the new logos. H-E-B is also the sponsor now instead of Toyota.
  12. My take on a few college logos

    Iowa state and Wisconsin?
  13. Fantastic idea! So, I made this alternate court, for holiday and playoff games.
  14. The alternates are a Wizards version of the Arizona Wildcats uniforms, because I personally love those uniforms and because with similar colors, I think the Wizards could pull them off well. The aways are just the homes with white and red flipped. And with the court, some elements of the current court are there, but I added to it and tweaked it.
  15. Arsenal Adidas Concept

    Personally I cant say im used to it because im a Bayern fan, and they always use the same colors.. but where did this idea come from? Im curious