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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    I feel like that would be standard. Regardless, I said that jokingly anyways.
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    So, um.... does anyone have access to the online style guide?
  3. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    I don't think its really out of the question to be honest. The recruiting quarter-zip all staff got is black and gray, Campbell wears black almost every practice, and Iowa State has a black-and-white version of their logo on their athletics site as an official logo. Personally I truly don't care that much as long as the new uniforms are clean, but I wouldn't mind seeing gold just a bit less.
  4. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    Just reiterating what the rumor is inside the program considering Ive been in the program. Its either being removed completely or being used as a complimentary color. It will NOT be a prominent color in the redesigned uniforms. Also, black is being added. The gray uniforms and the new black and gray basketball uniforms should be a good indicator of what the new uniforms will be.
  5. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    Sorry ive been getting a little heated about this topic guys, just that I was with the program (not anymore for personal reasons) and still friends with some guys in the program, and actually worked directly with this part of the program.
  6. Done. Finished. Final. Next. I may be saying this because I have a bit of a bias towards simple designs, but this already looks fantastic. If you were to do anything, maybe a hint of green. But it's already amazing.
  7. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    Iowa State is getting new football uniforms next season, it's been confirmed. Also, Campbell always wears black during practices and ever since he came in, they've worn gold as a main color in the uniform 3 times, all in 2016, as the pants color. Yellow is on the way out, and it'll be either eliminated or used sparingly.
  8. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    Okay, Im not trying to argue here, but I said, REPLACE yellow with black. So yellow is removed altogether, which would remove any resemblance to TTOE. Second, I know something you don't...
  9. City/State Color Identities

    Would love to see Milwaukee and Chicago!
  10. City/State Color Identities

    Thats how its gonna be once the season is over
  11. Rebuilding FBS College Football (2/10 ACC HELMETS DONE)

    Please change Iowa States colors... Replace yellow with black and/or make the anthracite/black/white combo more prominent.
  12. -In case you were wondering what the Jazz alternate would look like on players..
  13. Edit: Quoted wrong post.
  14. Leave it the way it is or flip the green and navy. Either is perfect!
  15. Cant wait to see what you have in mind for the Big 10 West! Im specifically looking forward to Wisconsin, even if there probably arent any major changes.