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  1. With your concept, I think the only place to put red would be with where you suggested. Maybe red numbers with forest green outline, red outline on the buck logo on the front, red outline on the shorts pattern, and a red nameplate would be the most red could be added without negatively affecting the concept.
  2. Oh man, that is nice! Personally, I like the red and wish it was somewhere, but regardless this is really nice! Better coloring than the city edition last year imo. That brings up another kind of design idea... A mix of the statement and city where the jersey is the same as the statement, the shorts have the arrow stripe down the side but the "m" is from the city design with the rainbow inside the M, and then either white with all green irish rainbow and red outlining or red with green rainbow and white outlining.
  3. itsmb8

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Yeah i just saw the jersey now, definitely a statement recoloring. But that only strengthens my prediction.
  4. itsmb8

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    whered you find this?
  5. itsmb8

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    A lot are saying that its recolorings of the statement or city edition but OKC's is an adidas uniform that they're bringing back. Of course, a gray recoloring of our current city edition would be an abomination and i think both Nike and the Bucks execs know that because of the historical significance behind the coloring alone, so I think a gray recoloring of the "Fear The Deer" uniform is the most likely design.
  6. itsmb8

    2019 MLB Changes

    SOOOOO glad the MLB is going back to Diamond Mesh hats. By far my favorite hat material.
  7. itsmb8

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Cream was just the City last year, the leaked color list for all Earned and City uniforms said the Bucks' Earned will be gray.
  8. itsmb8

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    From what we know so far. Im willing to bet the Bucks’ earned jersey is their statement but in gray.
  9. itsmb8

    Vermont FC (Updated Jan. 3)

    I REALLY like the kit mockup, but the crest seems like almost a carbon copy of the Vancouver Whitecaps crest.
  10. itsmb8

    Bucky Badger Refresh

    I agree with this. Your current versions' stripes remind me too much of Indiana's basketball warmup pants.
  11. itsmb8

    Bucky Badger Refresh

    Oh yeah, much better. Bravo, well done!
  12. itsmb8

    Pelicans Mardi Gras Cream Themed Jerseys Concept

    No they werent. Milwaukee is nicknamed Cream City because of the color of the bricks used on the majority of buildings around the city, hence the color used on the uniform. Your concept is not bad at all though. Just please, know what youre talking about before saying it. Oh, and for reference, im talking about last year's city edition. This years city edition is inspired by the Mecca court from the 70s.
  13. What about a bi-colored buckle that gives the shape of the skyline?
  14. I've gotta agree. Making it based off of the Obama poster is fine i guess, but these really shouldnt have a political connection.
  15. WE WANT THE BUCKS! xD But really, these past two city concepts have been fire, nothing more to say.