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  1. Las Vegas 51s to Get New Name, New Everything in 2019

    If theyre not actual in Vegas, but in Summerlin instead, what about the Las Vegas Bighorns, or the Las Vegas Bighorns of Summerlin?
  2. MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    You know ive been a fan of this series! Just one request, how would a 70s Brewers style with the updated modern colors look? Either navy and gold or navy and yellow.
  3. Trying a MLB Hockey Uniform Series

    If you changed the Brewers concept to the barrelman or the modern "M," I think it would work perfectly for the NHL. The way it is now is fantastic, but it just looks weird seeing a ball-in-glove logo on a hockey jersey. Maybe a hockey version of the Barrelman.
  4. MLB by Under Armour

    Absolutely solid. Just one nit-pick though, Yelich is on my Brewers now
  5. MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    Not quite sure what youre asking, but I have a photoshop template for GIMP that I make the jerseys from. After I go to the modify colors and uniforms tab, tab over to jerseys, select the "select" button, and then move to the folder i saved the jersey in and select it.
  6. MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    Just a rough start to get us going, but I think it looks great! I'll add the seams to it later and fix it up a bit to make sure it looks perfect, but it looks great to start!
  7. MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    That Diamondbacks concept is pure gold! Do you mind if I use some of these for my 2019 Under Armour project for the Out Of The Park Baseball game?
  8. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    +1. Also, Loyola-Chicago.
  9. Biggest. Upset. EVER.
  11. March Madness by Nike (MSU and Gonzaga)

    This kinda makes me want to start my own NCAA series LOL. Great job with it so far!
  12. 2018-19 Utah Jazz "City" Uniforms concept

    A couple small suggestions for the court would be to make the gradient the length of the court, not the width (although i see why you made it that way), and add the wordmark in white to the baselines. Other than that, perfect concept!
  13. This year, to sum up the tournament and how it looks, is simply "Every team has an easy, but also very difficult, road to the Final Four."
  14. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I personally have a decent sized list of companies I'd like to see as Chicago's jersey ad, but I have a hunch that the Bulls jersey ad is going to look terrible (when they do inevitably get one).
  15. NBA Changes 2017-18

    You already know that DJ is gonna use that as his profile pic for his new favorite dating app.